Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heroic News: “Fight the good fight” plus 6 more


Fight the good fight


Posted: 07 Nov 2012 11:34 AM PST

"Dear pro-life warriors, we have woken up this morning feeling defeated. Romney lost the election, but it is the unborn who have lost the most."

Washington, Maryland vote to 'redefine' marriage

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 10:48 AM PST

According to early poll results, supporters of same-sex “marriage” are set to win in three states where the issue was put before voters in Tuesday’s election – spelling the end of an unbroken winning streak for traditional marriage when put to a popular vote.

Nevada family fights for disabled daughter's unborn child


Posted: 07 Nov 2012 10:24 AM PST

A judge in Reno, Nev. is holding hearings about the pregnancy of a 32-year-old mentally disabled woman, amid fears that he will mandate that her child be aborted.

Same-sex 'marriage' ban defeated in Minnesota


Posted: 07 Nov 2012 09:54 AM PST

The proposed marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution fell short of passage early Wednesday morning. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the amendment had the support of only 48 percent of voters.

Four More Years of Radical Anti-Life Policies


Posted: 07 Nov 2012 07:32 AM PST

As Barack Obama prepares for another term as America's president, Human Life International President Father Shenan J. Boquet is calling on pro-lifers around the world to stay vigilant, to pray, and not to give up hope.

France crams gay 'marriage' down nation's throat


Posted: 07 Nov 2012 07:01 AM PST

President Francois Hollande's Cabinet pushed ahead with a controversial French bill Wednesday that could see gay marriage legalized early next year, defying vocal opposition in the majority Catholic country from religious leaders.

Collision Course Between Obama, Church Now Assured

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 06:56 AM PST

"The  collision course of the Obama Administration with the Catholic Church could have been averted yesterday, but now it is assured instead.