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ALL Pro-Life Today: What the heck does homosexuality have to do with the pro-life movement?

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
What the heck does homosexuality have to do with the 
pro-life movement?
By Peter Baklinski
People often wonder why many people involved in the pro-life movement are also interested in homosexuality-related issues. They especially wonder if defending traditional marriage really has anything to do with being pro-life. The answer to this is simple: Being pro-life is much more than saving babies. It's also about fighting for the flourishing of the human person every step of the way, from conception, through birth, through childhood, through adulthood, till natural death. It's about promoting a "culture of life." That's why many pro-lifers aren't just concerned about abortion: They also tackle euthanasia, cloning, homosexuality, and other life and family issues, which, after a second glance, are found to be all interconnected. If you're a big-picture looker, it's easy to see that these are the hot-button items on a massive international scale, leaving no nation or locality unaffected.

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Autopsy photos released: Women killed in legal abortions to no longer be swept under the rug
Life Dynamics
Among national pro-life organizations, Life Dynamics has a reputation for pushing the envelope and their latest campaign is about to do it again. According to Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, "The pro-life movement has never had images to illustrate the unimaginable brutality and ugliness of women being killed in America's 'Safe and Legal' abortion clinics. But those days are over. We are going to show America what it looks like when women climb onto a table in one of these places and end up on an autopsy table a few hours later."

Shocking photos of closed Michigan abortion clinic show 'disgusting' conditions
A Michigan news station has obtained and published photos showing the inside of Women's Medical Services in Muskegon, which was closed by Fire Marshalls the day after Christmas. The conditions the photos show can be described as "downright disgusting," said the WOODTV reporter who presented the story. Dr. Robert Alexander, who has a history of trouble with the law, has denied any wrongdoing, and has repeatedly hinted that he believes pro-lifers may have broken into the building and created the unsanitary conditions. The Fire Marshall closed the clinic after police responded to a report of a broken window at the back of the facility.

Kansas abortion clinic remodeling to meet new regs
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The former Wichita clinic of slain abortion provider George Tiller is being remodeled to meet strict Kansas regulations as the abortion-rights group that bought the building prepares to open it for the first time since the doctor was gunned down in 2009 by an anti-abortion activist. The work is taking place amid growing public opposition by anti-abortion activists who mounted a petition drive Tuesday seeking to rezone the area in a desperate effort to block the opening of a family and women's health center that will offer abortions, among other services. The Wichita-based nonprofit Trust Women Foundation Inc. purchased the building in late August.