Monday, February 27, 2012

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Monday, February 27, 2012

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‘Choosing Joy’: Baby Abby was only given a ‘slim chance’ of survival, but abortion wasn’t an option

Peter Baklinski Mon Feb 27 14:51 EST Culture of Life

Julie Leach could not shake off that uneasy feeling. After the ultrasound, she felt that something must surely be wrong.

Cardinal George: All Catholic hospitals will close in two years under HHS mandate

Ben Johnson Mon Feb 27 11:45 EST Faith

The Catholic Church is being “despoiled of her institutions” through Obama's health care mandate, which represents “a form of theft” similar to that of the Soviet era.

Hi, my name is Kristen, and I’m abstinent

Kristen Walker Mon Feb 27 08:57 EST Opinion

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is going to be an intensely personal blog post...

Indiana senator refuses to honor Girl Scouts because of Planned Parenthood connection

Christine Dhanagom Mon Feb 27 17:47 EST Abortion

State Sen. Bob Morris circulated a letter to colleagues earlier this month explaining why he would not sign a resolution honoring the Girl Scout’s 100th anniversary.

Catholic hospitals in seven states conducted 20,073 sterilizations in three years: study

Ben Johnson Mon Feb 27 17:42 EST Contraception

Dr. Sandra Hapenney warns this could undermine Catholic health institutions' ability to invoke conscience clause protections to opt out of performing sterilizations.

California govt. mailing condoms to teenagers at home in unmarked envelopes

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Feb 27 13:21 EST Abortion

Teenagers can have a free package of ten condoms along with lubricant and sex-ed literature mailed to their home addresses in a plain yellow envelope.

Pro-abort group blasts poll showing Canadians want abortion restrictions: pollster shoots back

Peter Baklinski Mon Feb 27 17:33 EST Abortion

“Canadians have consistently told us that they are not satisfied with the fact that there are no laws on abortion in this country," said Mario Canseco, vice president of Angus Reid Public Opinion.

Evidence shows notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller did iIlegal abortions for years

Cheryl Sullenger Mon Feb 27 18:25 EST Opinion

Tiller was performing the lucrative late-term abortionist based upon bogus "mental health" diagnoses rubber-stamped by his associate abortionist.

Confessions of a pro-life atheist – what gives me the passion to actively oppose abortion

Bryan Kemper Mon Feb 27 16:34 EST Opinion

My pro-life beliefs belong to the discoveries in science. While I am sympathetic to women’s rights, the right to life outweighs our personal discomforts.

Pope rejects ‘arrogant’ IVF: Marital love the only ‘worthy’ way to conceive

John-Henry Westen Mon Feb 27 16:09 EST Bioethics

"The union of a man and a woman ... represents the only worthy 'place' for a new human being to be called into existence,” the pope said.

Stop Catholic schools from distributing ‘homophobic’ literature: leader of UK’s largest union

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Feb 27 15:44 EST Freedom

“Schools now have a legal duty to challenge all forms of prejudice," said Brendan Barber, head of the powerful Trades Union Congress.

‘She left with tears of joy, rather than sorrow’: 65 babies saved during 40 Days campaign

Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life Campaign Director Mon Feb 27 09:55 EST Opinion

In just these first few days, there have already been … 65 babies saved — that we know of. Praise God!

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