Friday, September 21, 2007 NewsBytes

Rotary Club criticized for supporting pro-abortion groups and promoting population control

Melbourne's 328 Catholic schools asked to cut ties with Amnesty

Planned Parenthood-friendly Catholic university loses big donor alumnus

Senator Brownback introduces Ultrasound Informed Consent Act

Pope Urges Slovakia To Ratify Treaty With 'Conscience Clause' That Critics Say Would Allow Physicians To Refuse Abortions

Pope says the crisis of the family and idea that abortion and euthanasia are "legitimate" are worrisome developments

China's 'perfect child' generation

China To Augment Fines For Couples Who Violate One-Child Policy According To Income Level

Toronto Catholic trustees vote to allow HPV vaccine in schools

Clinics to grow human eggs

Bauer disappointed by Dobson memo 'savaging' Fred Thompson

Global-warming scientist warned of freeze in 1971

Archbishop of Canterbury'accused of 'dehumanizing gays'

Leading porn purveyor struggles after merger

Christian Actors: No One Mocks Jesus

Unexpected: Rapper 'Ja Rule' Blasts MTV, Homosexuality

The Great Bourgeois Sexual Revolution

Iranians Flocking to Christian Television

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"