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Matt C. Abbott: "Health care: an alternative to 'no'"

Matt C. Abbott column
Health care: an alternative to 'no'

Matt C. Abbott
February 27, 2010

John F. Kippley, Catholic author and co-founder of Natural Family Planning International, Inc., offered the following commentary on the current health care debate.

In favor of a Personal Responsibility Insurance Act

By John F. Kippley

It certainly seems like a good idea to me that everyone should have access to health care via insurance, that health insurance should be portable, and that the wide community should share the costs of catastrophic diseases and injuries. These are the points on which the topic of health care reform solicits great sympathy on the part of many Americans. There are, however, five huge problems.

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Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic columnist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management from Triton College in River Grove, Ill. He has worked in the right-to-life movement and is a published writer focused on Catholic and social issues. He can be reached at

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Current Headlines

• Obama to Push Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill: If You Don't Like it Vote Us Out

• Abortion Practitioner in Frozen Babies Case Has More Violations, Problems

Abortion Practitioner on 40 Days for Life: Praying to End Abortion Doesn't Work
Pro-Abortion Group Endorses Obama Nominee Timothy Black for Federal Judge
Congressman Says Abortion Worse Than Slavery for Black Americans
United Nations Feminist Conference Expected to Have 6K Promoting Abortion
Washington Post Lauds Abortion Practitioner "Meeting Need" in South Dakota
Missouri House Panel OKs Bill for Waiting Period, Stopping Forced Abortions
Massachusetts State House Holds Hearing on Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Colorado Lawsuit Challenges $18 Million in Illegal Planned Parenthood Contracts
Center for Reproductive Rights Pushes Abortion on African Nations
Idaho State Senate Approves Bill to Protect Pro-Life Medical Conscience Rights

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Obama to Push Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill: If You Don't Like it Vote Us Out
Washington, DC ( -- After a health care summit that saw him hear how Americans don't want to pay for abortions annd had Nancy Pelosi misleading attendees about abortion funding, President Barack Obama plans to push the pro-abortion health care bill. And he has a message for Americans who don't like it: vote us out.

With Republicans and majorities of Americans in most polls saying they don't like the bill, Obama and top Democrats in Congress appear bent on using the controversial reconciliation process.

That would have Democrats attempting to railroad the bill through the House and Senate by misusing a rarely-used procedural tactic preventing a filibuster by opponents of the bill.

They intend to push for a vote by the end of March, when Congress takes its Easter recess.

"If we're unable to resolve differences over health care, we will need to move ahead on decisions," he said, alluding to using reconciliation.

For those who don't like that, Obama added: "that's what elections are for." Full story at

Abortion Practitioner in Frozen Dead Babies Case Has More Violations, Problems
Philadelphia, PA ( -- The abortion practitioner who received national attention recently when local officials found dozens of apparently late-term unborn children who were killed in abortions as long as 30 years ago isn't involved in an isolated case. Pro-life groups say abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell has a long history of problems.

As reported, the "Little Shop of Horrors" case saw local authorities investigating the Women's Medical Society abortion business after they learned Gosnell killed a woman in a botched abortion.

Massive amounts of drugs found in the victim's system led authorities to suspect Gosnell was illegally prescribing pain-killers.

What they found were dozens of unborn children killed in abortions who were frozen for decades.

Now, Operation Rescue spokeswoman Cheryl Sullenger has uncovered more about Gosnell's past and "deplorable and unsanitary" conditions at his abortion center in eastern Pennsylvania.

"Every time I go to the Internet, I find another horror story about this guy," she told today. "The story keeps getting worse, as we have found so many times doing our own investigations of abortionists across the nation." Full story at

Abortion Practitioner on 40 Days for Life: Praying to End Abortion Doesn't Work
Fayetteville, AR ( -- An Arkansas-based abortion practitioner's take on the international 40 Days for Life campaign is sure to draw guffaws from pro-life advocates. William Harrison says people engaging in the campaign to raise awareness of the problem of abortion centers is ineffective.

Harrison gave a local television an interesting insight into his mindset when asked about the pro-life people participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign in the northwest Arkansas college town.

"I think it's silly," he told the reporter. "Standing across the street and praying to end abortion -- that doesn't work."

The comment is somewhat surprising given Harrison's previous remarks that "abortion cancels souls."

He "thanked" vigil participants for pointing out his location, because he doesn't advertise and claims that people praying outside will help newcomers find his abortion business to schedule abortions. Harrison also advised local 40 Days for Life coordinators to look more serious and to bring a priest with them.

"You know, if they're going to be praying and fasting, they ought to take this job seriously," he said in a mocking tone.

Juliet Cassell, one of the local coordinators, responded and said local pro-life advocates are serious -- and they're praying for Harrison. Full story at

Pro-Abortion Group Endorses Obama Nominee Timothy Black for Federal Judge
Washington, DC ( -- The pro-abortion group NARAL has endorsed a nominee President Barack Obama put forward for a federal judgeship in Ohio. Obama has selected Timothy Black, a magistrate judge in the Southern District of Ohio since 2004, for the District Court Bench for the Southern District of Ohio.

Black previously sat as a Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge for 10 years and practiced as a civil litigator for 10 years before that.

Despite his record as a lawyer and judge, Black is a strong abortion advocate whose position earned him an endorsement from the prominent abortion advocacy organization.

"Today, we need your support of Timothy Black for a federal judgeship. Federal judges have the power to rule on cases related to the constitutional right to privacy, including the right to choose [abortion]," NARAL president Nancy Keenan told her members in an email this week that obtained.

"Judge Black has bipartisan support from both his home-state senators. He has demonstrated his respect for the right to privacy and a woman's right to choose in various cases relating to Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati," Keenan said. Full story at

Congressman Says Abortion More Devastating Than Slavery for Black Americans

Washington, DC ( -- A Republican member of Congress has released a new video showing him talking about the status of abortion in the United States. Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona republican, is generating controversy by saying that abortion has been more devastating for the black community than slavery.

Franks, who has sponsored legislation responding to the high rate of abortions in the African-American community, released his comments to liberal blogger Mike Stark.

"In this country, we had slavery for God knows how long," Frank says. Nowadays, he says Americans look back and ask about society for allowing it: "What was the matter with them? You know, I can't believe, you know, four million slaves. It is a crushing mark on America's soul."

"And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted," Franks continues.

"Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by policies of slavery. And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?" he adds. Full story at

United Nations Feminist Conference Expected to Have 6,0000 Promoting Abortion
New York, NY ( -- Next week, thousands of participants are expected to descend upon the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

In anticipation of the meeting, radical feminist groups have been preparing statements and refining messages to push on government delegations at the meeting.

This year s CSW is particularly significant because it marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Beijing Conference on Women.

At the original 1995 conference, advocates attempted to establish a right to abortion on demand but failed when governments specifically outlined that no new rights particularly, no new right to abortion were established at Beijing. Since then, however, abortion proponents have not given up their attempts to push abortion rights at CSW and during periodic reviews of the Beijing conference.

While governments gather in a conference room to discuss how they have helped the world's women progress, non-government organizations (NGOs) will be holding their own events to push their ideas. According to an official from the Division on the Advancement of Women (DAW), over 6,000 NGO representatives have registered to attend this year s CSW. Full story at

Washington Post Lauds Abortion Practitioner "Meeting Need" in South Dakota
by Sarah Knoploh
The Washington Post's Peter Slevin lauded abortion doctor Carol Ball on Feb. 26, for bravely traveling to perform elective abortions in South Dakota when no doctors in state will.

In his glowing tribute Minnesota Abortion Provider Helps Meet Need in South Dakota, Slevin not only turned Ball into a hero, but sympathized with her difficult situation. This is a difficult time for Ball and her colleagues, Slevin wrote before citing last year s murder of abortion provider George Tiller.

Slevin and Ball downplayed the controversial nature of her profession. Ball told the Post her decision to start performing abortions was easy. It was legal. It was right Why would anybody argue with that? Talking about pro-lifers upset with what she does in South Dakota Ball said: I think to myself, What century do we live in?

Even though we live in the 21st century, no doctor in South Dakota will performs elective abortions so four doctors take turns staffing the Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls.

Slevin quoted the clinic director, sympathizing further with the pro-abortion side of South Dakota s controversy. Full story at

Missouri House Panel OKs Bill for Waiting Period, Stopping Forced Abortions
Washington, DC ( -- A Missouri state House committee voted 7-5 on a party line vote yesterday for a bill that would stop forced abortions and put a 24-hour abortion waiting period in place. The measure is designed to provide women more information than they otherwise receive from abortion centers.

The Special Standing Committee on Children and Families signed off on House Bill 1327, sponsored by Republican Cynthia Davis of O'Fallon, and urged the full state House to support it.

The measure requires abortion businesses, orally and in writing, to provide women information 24 hours before an abortion on the development of the unborn child, and long-term medical and mental health problems women can expect from the abortion.

The measure also allows women to find out about abortion alternatives and to see an ultrasound of the unborn child, according to a Missouri Statehouse Examiner report.

HB 1327 also makes it unlawful for a woman's family, friends, workplace or school to coerce her into having an abortion and to require abortion centers to place posters in their waiting rooms informing women they have the right to not have an abortion.

In a post placed on her web site, Davis, who chairs the committee, said women should be given more information about abortion and its alternatives and problematic aftereffects. Full story at

Got $1? Help a pro-life activist take on a pro-choice Blue-Dog! Scott Folkens is a pro-life activist! Pregnancy Center Board Chairman, local coordinator for Life Chain and 40 Days for Life events and coordinator for Roe v. Wade Prayer vigil. Box 2102 San Bernardino, CA 92406.

Massachusetts State House Holds Hearing on Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
Boston, MA ( -- A bill in the Massachusetts legislature would make the state the fourth to legalize the practice of assisted suicide, following Oregon, Washington and Montana. Several groups and 10 individuals testified against the legislation in a hearing that hasn't drawn much national attention yet.

Marie Sturgis, the legislative director for Massachusetts Citizens for Life, told about her testimony at the legislative panel.

"I testified, on behalf of Mass. Citizens, against the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill at the hearing along with representatives from the Massachusetts Hospice Association, the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, and ten other citizens who had a personal interest in opposing the bill," she said.

Sturgis told she is worried that organizations are working overtime to try to get calls into the legislature to support the bill and that the media is pumping up the bill.

"It is worrisome, however, that the 'push calls' are being made, and that 'the upcoming euthanasia hearings' were featured on numerous news broadcasts the day before the hearings," she said. Full story at

Colorado Lawsuit Challenges $18 Million in Illegal Planned Parenthood Contracts
Denver, CO ( -- A lawsuit filed by a pro-life legal group is challenging $18 million in what the Alliance Defense Fund calls illegal contracts the Planned Parenthood abortion business entered into with the state of Colorado. ADF attorneys have appealed the decision of a Colorado court to dismiss the suit.

The contracts were awarded last year to Planned Parenthood affiliate and a Boulder abortion provider, Warren Hearn.

The democratic process and the rule of law should not be sacrificed for the sake of benefiting Planned Parenthood s bottom line, lead counsel Barry Arrington told today.

"The governor and other state officials are not at liberty to ignore the will of the people on this matter. Colorado voters amended the state constitution to prohibit tax dollar subsidies to abortion providers, so it s the right decision to take this to the court of appeals," Arrington added.

The lawsuit, filed in October 2008 on behalf of Colorado taxpayer Mark Hotaling contends that five contracts Gov. Bill Ritter and the director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Jim Martin, awarded to two abortion businesses unconstitutionally use taxpayer funds to subsidize abortion. Full story at

Center for Reproductive Rights Pushes Abortion on African Nations in New Paper
Washington, DC ( -- The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), a New York-based public interest law firm that seeks to expand abortion access globally, has issued a primer on "reproductive and sexual rights" jurisprudence in Africa, including abortion. Its launch comes at a time when largely western groups are increasing pressure on African nations to liberalize abortion laws.

The paper "Legal Grounds: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in African Commonwealth Courts, Volume II" surveys a number of "reproductive rights" issues in countries that inherited a common-law legal system, and includes a chapter on "Abortion and Fetal Interests."

It is intended as a tool for "women's rights advocates who seek to develop and strengthen litigation strategies at the national level."

While acknowledging that Africa as a region contains "some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world," CRR contends that there is "a growing trend towards liberalization of national laws," pointing to Africa's Maputo Protocol as evidence of a continental shift. Full story at

Idaho State Senate Approves Bill to Protect Pro-Life Medical Conscience Rights
Boise, ID ( -- The Idaho state Senate approved a bill today that would create statutory protections for health care professionals in specific areas of medical practice. Friday's 21-13 vote on SB 1353 came after the Senate State Affairs committee voted 6-3 to send the bill to the floor.

The legislation makes it so pro-life health care workers don't have to fear for their jobs if they decide they don't want to dispense drugs that could be used to cause abortions or kill patients at the end of their life.

According to an AP report, the debate was intense and emotional.

Sen. Chuck Winder, the Boise Republican sponsor, deflected charges from pro-abortion lawmakers that the bill is a "right-wing scheme" brought by a "bunch of religious fanatics," but rather an effort to legitimately protect medical workers.

We're not going to leave anybody in the lurch, he said. We're not going to take away the rights of a patient. Full story at


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Judie Brown: "The casualties of war"


Judie Brown
February 26, 2010
Frequently over the past 30 years, thanks to the wisdom of Pope John Paul II, we have examined the root causes of the culture of death. In Evangelium Vitae, he explained it quite clearly:

    12. In fact, while the climate of widespread moral uncertainty can in some way be explained by the multiplicity and gravity of today's social problems, and these can sometimes mitigate the subjective responsibility of individuals, it is no less true that we are confronted by an even larger reality, which can be described as a veritable structure of sin. This reality is characterized by the emergence of a culture which denies solidarity and in many cases takes the form of a veritable "culture of death." This culture is actively fostered by powerful cultural, economic and political currents which encourage an idea of society excessively concerned with efficiency. Looking at the situation from this point of view, it is possible to speak in a certain sense of a war of the powerful against the weak: a life which would require greater acceptance, love and care is considered useless, or held to be an intolerable burden, and is therefore rejected in one way or another. A person who, because of illness, handicap or, more simply, just by existing, compromises the well-being or life-style of those who are more favored tends to be looked upon as an enemy to be resisted or eliminated. In this way a kind of "conspiracy against life" is unleashed. This conspiracy involves not only individuals in their personal, family or group relationships, but goes far beyond, to the point of damaging and distorting, at the international level, relations between peoples and States.

Note that Pope John Paul II wisely described the evolving nature of this deadly attitude as a "conspiracy against life," which is precisely what we face today, not only in the United States but worldwide. You might call it a war of words designed to effectively dismiss people from their lives due to high costs, efficiency or simple selfishness. And the casualties in this war are everywhere though not acknowledged as such.

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News from the Trenches

"The back window had a decal for Cathedral Catholic High School"

Catholics show up at two San Diego abortion clinics, but ignore pro-lifers' pleas

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, San Diego, Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010

We were blessed with 14 prayer warriors, four of whom were children, and three sidewalk counselors. We observed 15 women entering the mill. Thanks be to God and Our Lady of Guadalupe, we were also blessed with one life saved!

Read the full story here:

Another Abortion Horror Story:

"He Left An Arm And A Leg Inside Me"- PA Abortion Horror Highlights Need For Greater Oversight

Shocking information on decades of abuses prompts call for greater oversight of troubled abortion industry nationwide. Read about what you can do below!

Philadelphia, PA – More details are emerging about Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose license was suspended Monday after authorities investigating an abortion death discovered dozens of fetal remains and "deplorable and unsanitary" conditions at his seedy abortion clinic.

"Every time I go to the Internet, I find another horror story about this guy," said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. "The story keeps getting worse, as we have found so many times doing our own investigations of abortionists across the nation. It is chilling to think of how many abortionists like Gosnell are out there that have not yet been exposed because of a general lack of oversight. The authorities just are not checking up on the abortion industry, unless something really bad happens to surface, as in this case. But what we do hear about is just the tip of the iceberg."

Gosnell's recent troubles began when he killed Karnamaya Mongar, 41, on November 20, 2009, after she was overdosed on painkillers during an abortion in her 18th or 19th week of pregnancy. Some of the medication was illegally administered by an unlicensed worker, according to Gosnell's suspension order. Mongar's brother, Dambher Ghalley, told reporters that Gosnell's abortion clinic was "dirty and bloody."

But Mongar's death was not the first for Gosnell. Semika Shirelle Shaw was killed in March, 2000; two days after Gosnell perforated her uterus during an abortion. She developed sepsis and died, leaving two children motherless. A lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount two years later.

Marie Smith is lucky to be alive after having had a botched abortion by Gosnell in 1999. She developed a high fever and slipped into unconsciousness a week after her abortion. She was rushed to the hospital where the source of her condition was confirmed.

"They showed me X-rays and said he [Gosnell] left an arm and a leg inside me," Smith told a reporter. "I almost died. I thought he knew what he was doing, but I guess I was wrong."

In fact, Gosnell has been named in over 40 lawsuits in the past twenty years.

One of those suits involved Dana Haynes, who had an abortion by Gosnell in November, 2006. Haynes alleges that Gosnell lacerated her uterus, cervix and her small bowel during the abortion.

Then there was the illegal abortion of 13-year old Malina Williams, who says she obtained an abortion by Gosnell without the required parental consent. Williams, now 32, told reporters that she could see bottles of jars filled with the remains of "little babies" and that after her abortion "she saw Gosnell cradling a bottle that contained the remains of her fetus."

But Gosnell's troubles actually reach back 38 years when he was involved in what became known as the "super coil fiasco." To make a statement about abortion, a California abortion activist named Harvey Karman assembled 15 low-income women in their second trimester of pregnancy, and put them on a bus from Chicago to Philadelphia on Mother's Day weekend, 1972, where Gosnell would conduct experimental "super coil" abortions on them. Gosnell, who was operating an illegal abortion mill at the time, inserted plastic coils invented by Karman into the uteri of the pregnant women. The experiment went awry, and nine of the fifteen women suffered serious complications, including hemorrhage, infections, retained fetal body parts, a perforated uterus, and one hysterectomy.

Instead of "revolutionizing" second trimester abortions, the botched experiment on unsuspecting women led to a Federal investigation that changed the protocols for testing future abortion devices. However, the investigation did not adequately remove Gosnell as a threat to women, and the reforms were shallow.

"How Gosnell has hung on to his license all these years with his history is a testament to how little abortion clinics are monitored by authorities," said Sullenger. "If abortion clinics were inspected half as often as the local McDonald's Restaurant, there would be no abortion clinics left open in the U.S. It really is that bad."

Even the National Abortion Federation's president, Vicki Saporta, has weighed in on Gosnell's house of horrors.

"There are places that operate in low-income areas and prey on low-income women, students, immigrant populations who may not even know that abortion is legal in this country. Women need to know that there's no reason, no matter their socioeconomic status, for them not to have access to the highest quality care," she said.

"If Ms. Saporta really believes that, she should close her NAF affiliated abortion clinics immediately," said Sullenger. "NAF clinics are among the worst offenders when it comes to filthy conditions and abortionists who do not keep the law, and are not better than Gosnell's mill. We know because we bought and closed an NAF abortion clinic in Wichita, and we had to gut the building down to the studs and cinder block to get rid of the filth."

It is groups like the NAF that fight abortion oversight and compliance with even the most basic safety standards that are responsible for today's shamefully dangerous abortion cartel that operates with a "can't touch me" above-the-law attitude to the detriment of women they pretend to serve.

"Saporta's crocodile tears cannot deflect the truth that deplorably filthy abortion clinics run by incompetent abortionists have created a health crisis in this country that is costing the lives and health of women and their pre-born babies," said Sullenger. "We pray that the exposure Gosnell has received will lead authorities to inspect and close every abortion clinic that presents a danger to the public – and that would mean all of them. "

Doing More:

  • Abortion Whistleblowers: If you have information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an abortionist that is breaking the law you could earn a $10,000 reward. Click here for more information.
  • Send Planned Parenthood to Court: Did you know that one Kansas abortion clinic is currently facing 107 criminal charges related to illegal late-term abortions yet continues business as usual? Click here to help send that case to trial.
  • Project Daniel 5:25: Operation Rescue encourages pro-lifers to maintain a regular prayer presence at their local abortion clinics. Click here to find an abortion clinic near you.
  • Information in articles from the Associated Press, Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Philadelphia Daily News were used in this report.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Day 9 of 40 Days for Life: The Difference You Can Make

    Commentary by David Bereit, National Coordinator, 40 Days for Life

    February 25, 2010 ( - Do you know how important your presence in front of  an abortion center can be? Here are a few reports  from local 40 Days for Life campaigns that just begin to tell the story.

    One of the prayer volunteers in Houston, Texas says a mom and her young son arrived to pray at their vigil in front of Planned Parenthood. The woman had aborted her first child at that very location.

    She HAD to be there to pray, she said. "I can't help but think that if some pro-lifers were here" when she had the abortion, "maybe I wouldn't have gone through it."

    Those sentiments were echoed by BJ, who posted a comment on the 40 Days for Life blog.

    If only there had been someone praying outside Planned Parenthood in her city, 19 years ago, "it would have made all the difference in the world to me and my boyfriend," she wrote. "I regret every day what occurred in that cold winter morning."

    Just BEING THERE can have a profound impact.

    Joanne tells of a mom who brought her children to the 40 Days for Life vigil in Cranston, Rhode Island. While they were praying, her son noticed a woman sitting in a car in the parking lot. He looked in her direction once, and then again.

    The woman looked at him, and their eyes locked.

    "The woman began sobbing," Joanne said. "Something in her heart moved."

    We pray that God's healing love will touch women contemplating abortion -- and all whose lives have been touched by past abortions. The suffering can go on for years.

    Dorothy, who left a note on the 40 Days for Life blog, said she still thinks of the "horrific decision" she made 26 years ago, when there was no one there to tell her she could choose life for her child.

    She had never healed from the pain of that abortion -- until recently.

    "When I stood and prayed in front of Planned Parenthood, I was flooded with emotion," she wrote. "Holding the sign that 'women regret abortion' empowered me, along with the wonderful people that surrounded me in prayer."

    Sadly, not all of the women who see her sign take heed.

    "A young woman leaving Planned Parenthood looked away in profound sadness after reading my sign," Dorothy said, "and I thought, 'Dear God. Her life will never be the same.' The impact on women is so understated."

    Still, she said, thanks to you and all 40 Days for Life participants, "I am now on the road to healing."

    Please pray for all those who seek healing -- and especially for those who would deny that abortion leaves a lasting impact.

    This article reprinted with permission from Pro-Life News Report 2/26/10 Pro-Life News Report

    Friday, February 26, 2010

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    Current Headlines

    Obama Told at White House Health Care Summit Americans Don't Want Abortion
    Nancy Pelosi Misleads Health Care Summit, Says Bill Has No Abortion Funding

    Americans Oppose Reconciliation, Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill
    Pro-Life Organizations React to White House Health Care Summit, Abortion Talk

    • Obama May Have Plan B, Backup Pro-Abortion Health Care Plan if Summit Fails
    • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Faces Abortion Lecture at Congress Hearing
    Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain Could Be Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Followup
    Focus on the Family Founder Dobson Leaves Pro-Life Group After 33 Years

    Pro-Life Group Says Campaign to Stop Abortion After George Tiller is Successful
    Pro-Life Movie Sarah's Choice Makes Television Debut Saturday on TBN
    Spain's Parliament Passes Law Expanding Abortion, No Parental Consent
    British Pro-Life Group Says Starmer Guidelines Weaken Assisted Suicide Law
    Alaska Court Hears Lawsuit Against Parental Notification on Abortion Ballot Prop

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    Obama Told at White House Health Care Summit Americans Don't Want Abortion
    Washington, DC ( -- It took almost the entire length of the debate at the White House health care summit for the issue of abortion to come up and, when it did, pro-life Rep. John Boehner told President Barack Obama that Americans don't want abortion funding in the health care bill Congress is considering.

    Boehner is the top Republican in the House who has been one of the leaders in the pressing the abortion case against the health care bill.

    He had hoped Obama would invite Rep. Bart Stupak, the leading pro-life Democrat whose amendment stopped abortion funding in the House version of the bill, that will likely be scrapped in favor of the pro-abortion Senate version.

    Boehner told Obama the House spoke and, on a lopsided bipartisan vote in approving the Stupak amendment, said it doesn't want abortion funding in the health care bill. "We have had this debate in the House. It was a very serious debate. But in the House, the House spoke. The House upheld the language we have had in law for 30 years that there will be no taxpayer funding of abortions," he said,

    He also called out Obama for not mentioning abortion and for including massive abortion funding -- and expanding it -- in his proposed changes to the Senate bill.

    "This bill that we have before us, and there was no reference to the issue in your outline, Mr. President, for the first time in 30 years allows the taxpayer funding of abortion," Boehner added.
    Full story at

    Nancy Pelosi Misleads Health Care Summit, Says Bill Has No Abortion Funding
    Washington, DC ( -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi misled participants at the White House health care summit today by making the false statement that the Senate health care bill she, President Barack Obama and Democrats are pushing through Congress contains no abortion funding.

    Pelosi's comments came in response to pro-life House Republican Leader John Boehner telling President Barack Obama that Americans don't want to be forced to finance abortions under the government-run health care bill.

    I think it s really important to note, though, and I want the record to show, because two statements were made here that were not factual in relationship to these bills,' Pelosi claimed.

    "My colleague, Leader Boehner, the law of the land is there is no public funding of abortion and there is no public funding of abortion in these bills and I don't want our listeners or viewers to get the wrong impression from what you said," Pelosi asserted.

    However, the Senate bill that is the basis of the reconciliation push in Congress contains massive abortion funding and has other pro-abortion problems.

    Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, emailed about Pelosi's error.

    "Speaker Pelosi has her own idiosyncratic dictionary, in which federal agencies can pay for abortion on demand without spending 'public funds' or 'taxpayer funds' for abortion," Johnson said. "In ordinary English, however, this is deceptive claptrap." Full story at

    Americans Oppose Reconciliation, Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill as Summit Begins
    Washington, DC ( -- With President Barack Obama and top Republicans and Democrats meeting at the White House health care summit, Americans have a clear attitude towards the pro-abortion health care bill and the attempt by Obama and his allies to use reconciliation to pass it: they oppose both.

    In a new CNN poll released today, just 25 percent of Americans say Congress should pass the Senate health care bill that contains massive abortion funding and other pro-abortion problems.

    Another 48 percent say Congress should start over on an entirely new bill while another 25 percent say Congress should stop working on the issue of health care altogether.

    A majority of Republicans questioned, 54 percent, want Congress to start from scratch while 40 percent say Congress shouldn't address health care and only 6 percent want the current pro-abortion health care bill. Among independents, 52 percent want a new bill, 27 percent say stop health care consideration, and just 18 percent favor the pro-abortion bill.

    Half of all Democrats want the pro-abortion health care bill while nearly 40 percent say Congress should start over and about 10 percent say Congress should punt on health care altogether. Full story at

    Pro-Life Organizations React to White House Health Care Summit, Abortion Talk
    Washington, DC ( -- Several pro-life organizations have provided with comment about today's White House Health Care summit. The event saw House GOP Leader John Boehner tell Barack Obama that abortion funding should be prohibited and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mislead attendees on the main bill.

    Charmaine Yoest; President, Americans United for Life:

    "The President s proposal was a pro-abortion health care plan before today s meeting and after six hours of political posturing, it s still a pro-abortion health care plan. Federal funding for abortion has become the deciding issue in this debate, and yet the issue was raised only briefly today.Remarkably when Minority Leader Boehner highlighted the abortion funding in the bill, the President did not respond.

    This has been his approach to the abortion issue throughout this debate: to evade the question or misrepresent the facts to the American people. Among other anti-life provisions, the President's plan creates a first-ever 'abortion tax' to be paid by individuals participating in the health Exchange. The plan also includes $11 billion dollars of new funding for community health centers, some of which are abortion providers. And yet Speaker Nancy Pelosi today claimed falsely that 'there is no public funding of abortions in this bill.' Full story at

    Obama May Have Plan B, Backup Pro-Abortion Health Care Plan if Summit Fails
    Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama is using today's White House health care summit as a last-ditch effort to win more support for the pro-abortion health care bill. Should that fail, and Democrats find themselves with too few votes to push the measure through, Obama has come up with a backup plan.

    Obama officials have prepared a more modest fallback proposal that is not as extensive as the current government-run health care bill.

    But, like the plan for changes to the Senate bill Obama unveiled earlier this week, the fallback bill would not likely include language banning abortion funding.

    Such a plan may lose Obama support form liberal Democrats who have been pushing for a pro-abortion health care bill since he won the 2008 presidential election, but it could help conservative and moderate Democrats who are concerned about losing their seats in Congress in the 2010 mid-term elections.

    But Republicans say it would be better to start over with a brand new measure and bipartisan debate on how to fix health care.

    "I hope that we can convince the president that we [should] go back to the beginning, and go step by step," said Sen. John McCain, according to the Wall St. Journal. Full story at

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Faces Abortion Lecture at Congressional Hearing
    Washington, DC ( -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before a Congressional committee on Thursday where two pro-life members of Congress presented her with a long lecture on abortion and how it hurts women. Clinton appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to talk about the International Affairs Budget.

    Congressmen Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican, and Jeff Fortenberry, a Nebraska Republican, both addressed pro-life issues during the hearing.

    Smith, who had frequently led the fight against abortion on an international scale, made his full remarks with Clinton sitting as the lone witness at the witness table.

    "Secretary Clinton, the most persecuted and at risk minority in the world today are unborn children," Smith said. "Pregnancy is not a disease. The child in the womb is neither a tumor nor a parasite to be destroyed."

    Smith said he is troubled by President Barack Obama's decision to overturn the Mexico City Policy and open the door forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in other nations. Full story at

    Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain Could Be Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Followup
    Washington, DC ( -- The ban on partial-birth abortions brought home the pro-life message that abortion kills an unborn child and was responsible for shifting public opinion on abortion squarely into the pro-life category. Now, Nebraska could pave the way for the next kind of abortion ban that could pique national interest.

    Ironically, Nebraska was the state whose partial-birth abortion ban first got the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue in 2000.

    Eventually, Congress approved, and President George W. Bush signed, a national partial-birth abortion ban that the high court upheld on a 5-4 vote.

    Now, Nebraska lawmakers are considering LB 1103, the Abortion Pain Prevention Act, that would ban abortions done on babies who are capable of feeling pain.

    Fetal pain is not a new concept and the leading national expert on the topic confirms unborn children definitely have the capacity to feel intense pain during an abortion.

    Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand of the University of Arkansas Medical Center has said he and other specialists in development of unborn children have shown that babies feel pain before birth as early as 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Full story at

    Focus on the Family Founder James Dobson Leaves Pro-Life Group After 33 Years
    Colorado Sprins, CO ( -- After three decades of leading one of the premier pro-life organizations in the country, Dr. James Dobson is saying goodbye to Focus on the Family. The psychologist turned the organization into one of the largest in the nation by focusing on moral values and helping families born and unborn.

    Focus on the Family CEO and President Jim Daly and Focus on the Family radio host John Fuller paid tribute to Dobson on the Tuesday program.

    "As many people know," Daly said, "this week marks the completion of a transition period that probably started more than 10 years ago."

    Dobson himself signaled the beginning of the end of his tenure last year as he moved towards retirement.

    "I have felt since the turn of the century," he wrote on Facebook, "that I needed to begin passing along the leadership of the ministry to a younger generation."

    Dobson stepped down as chairman of the board of directors early last year but continued hosting the popular radio show. Dobson will host his final radio program, which built up his popularity to hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide, on Friday.

    Dozens of Focus followers recorded emotional messages played during the broadcast -- thanking Dobson for his work and how he touched their lives. Full story at

    Got $1? Help a pro-life activist take on a pro-choice Blue-Dog! Scott Folkens is a pro-life activist! Pregnancy Center Board Chairman, local coordinator for Life Chain and 40 Days for Life events and coordinator for Roe v. Wade Prayer vigil. Box 2102 San Bernardino, CA 92406.

    Pro-Life Group Says Campaign to Stop Abortion After George Tiller is Successful
    Wichita, KS ( -- After the shooting death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller by a militia activist not affiliated with the pro-life movement, pro-life advocates were concerned that a new abortion business would open in or near Wichita, Kansas to take his abortion center's place.

    Operation Rescue officials say today that it's "Keep it Closed" campaign has been successful so far to prevent a new abortion business from opening.

    The main goal of the campaign has been to ensure Omaha, Nebraska-based abortion practitioner Leroy Carhart did not expand his business, and OR president Troy Newman says that hasn't happened so far.

    Operation Rescue launched the campaign in August, 2009, after Carhart, who also does late-term abortions, pledged last year to open an abortion clinic specializing in late second and third trimester abortions within 50 miles of Wichita to replace the now-closed Women's Health Care Services that Tiller ran.

    "This campaign has reached all of its goals and has now been successfully concluded," Newman told today. "As a result of our efforts to block the opening of another late-term abortion clinic, a huge region of the nation's heartland is now abortion-free." Full story at

    Pro-Life Movie Sarah's Choice Makes Television Debut Saturday on TBN
    Washington, DC ( -- The pro-life-themed movie Sarah's Choice, starring popular Christian pop singer Rebecca St. James, makes its television debut this weekend. The movie is slated to appear Saturday, February 27 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

    An important theme throughout Sarah s Choice is God s forgiveness and redemption for those who have had an abortion.

    The film will air uncut and commercial free at midnight EST and will reach TBN's global audience.

    Released this past November by Pure Flix Entertainment, Sarah s Choice has had a major national impact with its profound message in support of pro life.

    St. James herself recently promoted the film on Fox News and, throughout 2010, she is set to appear in a series of national speaking/performing events for CareNet and pregnancy centers that are showing the film in conjunction with St. James appearances. Full story at

    Spain's Parliament Passes Law Expanding Abortion, No Parental Consent for Teens
    Madrid, Spain ( -- The Spain Parliament on Wednesday approved the final version of a new law that expands abortions and provides no parental consent for teenagers wanting abortions. Strong opposition from pro-life advocates and the Catholic Church couldn't stop the bill, which receive a 132-126 vote in the Spain Senate.

    Under the bill, abortions are allowed for any reason to 14 weeks, they are allowed up to 22 weeks if an abortion practitioner certifies a serious threat to the health of the mother, or says the unborn child is disabled.

    Beyond 22 weeks, abortions are only allowed in serious cases of fetal disability and in cases where the pregnancy threatens the mother's life.

    The new bill received automatic approval when a majority of senators rejected three proposals by conservative parties to veto it, and then rejected 88 amendments to water it down.

    Abortion was officially allowed in 1985 but only for cases of rape or when a woman s life or health is in danger. Full story at

    British Pro-Life Group Says Starmer Guidelines Weaken Assisted Suicide Law
    London, England ( -- A British pro-life group says the new guidelines Britain's director of public prosecutions released on how cases of assisted suicide should be tried weakens the U.K. law against assisted suicide. The catalyst for the policy review was the case of Debbie Purdy, a 46-year-old multiple sclerosis patient.

    The House of Lords agreed Purdy deserved to know if her husband would be prosecuted if he took her to Switzerland to kill herself.

    Such suicide tourism technically violates the Britain assisted suicide law but DPP Keir Starmer, QC, has said people like him would not be prosecuted.

    Starmer released 16 reasons for prosecuting and six reasons for not prosecuting such cases and said the factors that will weigh in favor of, or against, prosecution are largely based on whether someone would gain financially or the intent of the assisted suicide.

    Starmer said, "The case of Purdy did not change the law, nor does this Policy, and suggestions to the contrary are simply wrong." Full story at

    Alaska Court Hears Lawsuit Against Parental Notification on Abortion Ballot Prop
    Juneau, AK ( -- An Alaska court on Wednesday held a hearing on a ballot initiative proposal that would allow parents to be informed when their minor daughter is considering an abortion. The Alaskans for Parental Rights submitted signatures in January to get the measure on the ballot but Planned Parenthood filed suit.

    If the measure makes it before voters and receives their approval, then abortion centers in the state would be required to tell the parents of a teenager before doing an abortion that they want one.

    This gives them a chance to guide their daughter towards positive alternatives.

    Planned Parenthood presented its case in court on Wednesday, saying the Lieutenant Governor should not allow Alaska voters to consider the measure to reduce abortions. Full story at


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    Abortion Über Alles

    by Steve Mosher
    Ignoring the polls and the House of Representatives, President Obama is pushing ahead with a health care bill that will force Americans to pay for abortions.
    He has proposed what he calls a "targeted set of changes" to the Senate-passed bill, which have the effect of making a bad bill for babies even worse. (An 11-page summary is available on the White House website here).
    Bear in mind that the Senate bill (H.R. 3590) already promotes abortion in multiple ways, making it the most pro-abortion legislation since Roe v. Wade. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), a cautious critic at best, posted a study of the anti-life provisions of the Senate bill that ran no fewer than thirteen (13) pages.
    Now comes Obama's version, ladling on $11 billion for "Community Health Centers." Planned Parenthood will be the beneficiary of much of this money, as the President helps his friends at the abortion organization get even richer off our tax dollars.
    Obama also wants to subsidize private health insurance that covers abortion, and to mandate that even non-subsidized plans to cover abortion, in effect forcing all of us to pay for someone else's abortion.
    The House bill (H.R. 3962), on the other hand, has no place in Obama's plan, patently because it was stripped of its abortion language by the Stupak-Pitts Amendment.
    There are plenty of other problems in Obamacare: Lifesaving medical treatment will be rationed, costs will be raised, and more bloated federal bureaucracies will be created, including a federal commission that will decide what kind of health care Americans are entitled to. Fines will be levied on those who do not join a government-approved plan.
    Next the government will order that we all eat arugula on Tuesdays—for our own good, of course.
    But for us, the Right to Life is the paramount issue. We cannot let the government of our beloved country get into the abortion business.
    We remain, after all, a democracy. We elected the men and women who are determined to promote and perform abortions using our tax dollars. We would all be complicit in the abortions that follow.
    Now would be an excellent time to contact your congressman and senators and tell them that you do not want to pay for someone else's abortion.
    They can all be reached through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

    Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute.

    Pro-Family Leaders from 35 Countries Oppose Institution of Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico City

    MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- In response to a move to institute same-sex marriage in the Federal District which includes Mexico City (on March 4), more than 120 pro-family/pro-life leaders from 35 countries have signed the "World Congress of Families Leadership Petition To Save Marriage In Mexico City."
    The Petition notes that "Mexico's Constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman." Further, that all social ills begin with the decline of the family. Also "marriage substitutes ... undermine marriage and the family." The Petition observes that "children need both a mother and a father" and that those raised by two men or two women are "psychologically and socially disadvantaged."
    The Petition calls on the government of Mexico City to refrain from implementing same-sex marriage and demands that the issue be decided at the national level, "with due regard to the nation's religious traditions, the wishes of the Mexican people and the needs of children and families, and consistent with Mexico's Constitution."  Click here ( wcf.mexpetsig.1002.pdf ) to access the full Petition along with a list of signers.
    U.S. signers (signing as individuals) include: Gary Bauer (American Values), Allan Carlson (World Congress of Families), Tom DeLay (former Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives),  Joseph Meaney (Human Life International), Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Michele Velasco (Priests for Life), Don Wildmon (American Family Association), Wendy Wright (Concerned Women for America), Maggie Gallagher (National Organization for Marriage), Dr. Paige Patterson (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary),Yuri Mantilla (Focus on the Family) and Dr. Jerry Newcombe (Coral Ridge Ministries).
    Outside the United States, signers include leaders of: the Free Synod of the Swedish Church, the Institute for Family Policies (Norway), the Association for the Defense of Life (Costa Rica), the Alliance of Romania's Families, the World Movement of Mothers, the Family Values Organizing Committee (United Kingdom), the Christian Legal Centre (U.K.), The Pro- Family Coalition of Moldavia, Action for the Family (Belgium), Forum for Life (Slovakia), Endeavor Forum (Australia), Foundation for Family and the Future (Ecuador), Trinity Foundation (Bolivia), Campaign Life Coalition (Canada), REAL Women of Canada,  the Forum of Polish Women, the Parents Forum (Switzerland), the National Association, Pro-Life and Pro-Family (Brazil), Gift of Life (Malta), Alliance for the Family (Latin America and Europe), the Institute of Politics and the Family (France), the Association for the Defense of Christian Values (Italy), the Fr. Peter Skarga Institute (Poland), the Zhin Life Center (Russia), the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (Nigeria), the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations, the Spanish Family Forum, Make Yourself Heard (Spain) and Pro-Life Aragon (Spain) among others.
    Larry Jacobs, Managing Director of the World Congress of Families, commented, "We are heartened that this broad, international coalition -- more than 125 leaders from 35 countries -- has come together to defend the family in Mexico, under the auspices of the World Congress of Families."
    Jacobs added: "The Petition, along with the list of signers, has been transmitted to Red Familia (the Family Network), the WCF Partner in Mexico -- which is leading the fight for the natural family and against same-sex marriage in Mexico City and will present the Petition to leaders in both the Mexico City and national governments."
    "In the future, wherever judges or bureaucrats attempt to force homosexual marriage on a people, the international pro-family movement will be engaged. A threat to the natural family anywhere is a threat to the family everywhere."
    Click here (   for the WCF press release of February 15, "World Congress of Families Dismayed by Mexico City's Attack on Children and Marriage." Individuals who would like to add their name to the petition can click here: (
    For more information on World Congress of Families, go to To schedule an interview with Larry Jacobs, contact Don Feder at 508- 405-1337, or
    The World Congress of Families (WCF) is an international network of pro-family organizations, scholars, leaders and people of goodwill from more than 60  countries that seek to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and the 'seedbed' of civil society (as found in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948).  The WCF was founded in 1997 by Allan Carlson and is a project of The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society in Rockford, Illinois (  To date, there have been five World Congresses of Families -- Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004) and Warsaw, Poland (2007).  The fifth World Congress of Families was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 10-12, 2009 ( and