Friday, November 30, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Friday Nov 30 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Today’s blog posts:

Stay on your side of the womb!’ Video shows unborn twins kicking and shoving for space - John Jalsevac

Shame the Southern Poverty Law Center: Tell the truth - Bradlee Dean

Planned Parenthood chapter breaks ties over requirement all affiliates offer abortion on site

Ben Johnson Fri Nov 30 18:00 EST Abortion

Planned Parenthood of South Central New York will change its name in 2013 to avoid performing abortions.

Doctor admits starving or dehyrdrating 10 babies in UK neonatal unit; cancer care questioned

Hilary White Fri Nov 30 16:31 EST Euthanasia

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is being used on babies and cancer patients who might benefit from treatment.

An NHS hospital.

Rand Paul promotes bill to ‘end abortion on demand once and for all’

Kirsten Andersen Fri Nov 30 11:52 EST Abortion

The Kentucky senator says a federal Life at Conception Act would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Bishops and priests must confront sin of contraception to stop abortion: HLI President

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Nov 30 18:20 EST Contraception

"Once you have contraception and legalized or widespread abortion, birthrates fall; nations collapse; young people follow their parents in the abuse of sex; increasing numbers live together without the benefit of marriage," he said.

Fr. Shenan Bouquet of Human Life International.

Teacher plays pro-gay ‘marriage’ song for 8th grade class

Ben Johnson Fri Nov 30 17:28 EST Homosexuality

The ACLU has launched an investigation whether the Michigan school district wrongly suspended her.

Susan Johnson says she was teaching tolerance.

Prominent members of D&P accuse Cardinal Collins, pro-life bishops of ‘shameful blackmail’

John-Henry Westen Fri Nov 30 20:16 EST Abortion

One journalist has described the situation as a “virtually unprecedented” and an “open revolt against the Catholic hierarchy from within.”

Public school superintendent makes anti-gay slurs with school board’s approval (not really)

Regina Griggs Fri Nov 30 16:23 EST Opinion

Not really. He said ex-gays promoted a “really, really disgusting message.”

Chen Guangcheng’s nephew sentenced to three years in prison

John Jalsevac Fri Nov 30 15:30 EST Abortion

Chen Kegui reportedly defended himself and his family with a knife after government agents stormed his house searching for Chen Guangcheng in April.

The afternoon God introduced me to Israel outside a Planned Parenthood clinic

Natalie N. Brumfield Fri Nov 30 13:39 EST Opinion

I walked up to the strange boy I had never met before. “Hi," I said. "I came over to see you if I could pray with you.”

Ban children’s books depicting traditional families: ‘gender stereotyping’ says EU report

Hilary White Fri Nov 30 13:35 EST Family

The report would ban most traditional English children's literature including Paddington Bear, Peter Pan, and Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories.

Lawmakers: If you don’t want to be gay, too bad

Adam Cassandra Fri Nov 30 13:25 EST Freedom

A federal bill to ban reparative therapy puts politicians directly between patients and the medical care they are seeking.

HIV diagnoses in UK homosexual men at all-time high

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Nov 30 12:20 EST Homosexuality

Homosexual men have the highest rates of HIV infection, with nearly one-in-12 of all gay men in London HIV-positive.

Act two

Hilary White Fri Nov 30 11:45 EST Opinion

I have a lot of sympathy for the people who have been frightened into supporting the euthanasia movement, something that is very popular among the aging Boomer generation.

Planned Parenthood and the UNFPA: two peas in a pod

Rita Diller Fri Nov 30 10:10 EST Opinion

Is Planned Parenthood writing the playbook for the United Nations Population Fund? It sure looks that way.

Students at Kansas Catholic high school travel three hours - one way - to pray at Planned Parenthood

Rita Diller Fri Nov 30 10:58 EST Culture of Life

The students at St. John's Catholic School have boarded buses at least four times to travel an average of more than three hours.

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