Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ALL Pro-Life Today: American Life League's 2011 MOLOCH AWARDS

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
American Life League's 2011 MOLOCH AWARDS   

Moloch was a false god that Israel would worship during its periods of apostasy. Followers that worshipped this counterfeit deity would sacrifice their children to it by heating up this idol with fire until it was glowing hot and then place their newborn babies into the arms of the idol.


What better way to honor the modern day version of misguided leaders that sacrifice our children and culture to political correctness and false beliefs than with awards named for the phony philosophy of Moloch.



Click here to view the MOLOCH AWARDS as a web page.

Millstone Award
Winner - Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood 

Did you do your part in 2011 to help debase America's next generation? No worry; the recipient of this year's Millstone Award was pretty much a lock! Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood in Albany, New York, hired teens for $75 biweekly to "peer-educate" other teens on the benefits of unfettered sex and abortion. As part of the interview process for its STARS (Seriously Talking about Responsible Sex) program, applicants were required to attend a homosexual parade. And he icing on the cake? The program was paid for with taxpayer dollars!


Source - Life Site News


St. Thomas Less Award
Winner - Nancy Pelosi

Granted only to high-profile politicians who outrival all others at checking their Catholic faith at the door. The competition for 2011 was stiff, but former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi still has the edge, due to her unmatched capacity to proclaim her staunch devotion to Catholicism, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality simultaneously. We hope this DVD of A Man for all Seasons will teach Ms. Pelosi how to get More into her faith.  


Source - The Blaze 


Syllabus of Errors Award
Winner - National Catholic Reporter

Condemned by the local bishop for its "poisonous character" and "disregard and denial of the most sacred values of our Catholic faith," the National Catholic Reporter has reached new journalistic heights when it comes to insisting that it has a Catholic identity even while it works assiduously to undermine established Catholic teaching. We're confident the Reporter will find this trove of heresies an indispensable resource for being wrong about the faith and distorting Church teachings well into the future.


Source - National Catholic Reporter 


Detective Monkey Award
Winner - John Carr, Catholic Campaign for Human Development

And the winner is ... John Carr, whose office at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. No, the CCHD didn't find monkeys, but it was able to meticulously combine the investigative skills of Inspector Clouseau and the observational acumen of Mizaru, the See No Evil monkey. Voila! Despite its reformed screening process, the CCHD continued funneling millions of dollars to groups that directly or indirectly support Marxism, abortion, homosexual marriage, and other activities that are anathema to faithful Catholics.


Source - Life Site News 


Fuzzy Math Award
Winner - Planned Parenthood

For advancements in the art of lying with statistics, Planned Parenthood Federation of America wins this award, hands down. PPFA distinguished itself by boldly claiming that committing abortions comprises only 3% of its business, although 1/3 of its "clinic" revenues are generated by making sure only 2-3 of 100 pregnant patients ever leave a PP clinic with their preborn baby still alive. And just for extra credit, PPFA also assured poor women they can rely on PP facilities for mammograms that, in fact, PP doesn't provide.


Source - Life News 


Hemlock Yuk Award
Winner - Rachel Maddow

This award goes to MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow, for her rant against ALL's "The Pill Kills" seminar. We're not sure if she's just a pill or just ignorant of the harmful side effects of the pill. In any case, we hope her Hemlock Yuk Award (which includes Mr. Yuk stickers) will teach her that THESE PILLS ARE BAD-DO NOT EAT THEM.



Source - VideoSurf 


"BFF" Award

Winner - Planned Parenthood and Kathleen Sebelius

This award is shared by Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, and her best fiend for life, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. Whether imposing federal power on states that have defunded PP, shredding evidence needed for a criminal investigation, or handing out the morning-after pill as if it were candy, rumor has it that BFFs Sebelius and Richards are so in bed together they need only one twin sheet for abortion- themed sleepovers. Like love lockets, the award's two matching part remind each recipient of how much they mean to each other in promoting abortion fun-whether those dumb ole taxpayers like it or not!


Source - The Kansas City Star, YouTube



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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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John-Henry Westen Tue Jan 31 16:52 EST Abortion

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has shut the door on funding the abortion giant after seven years of pressure from pro-life Americans.

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“Is sex a good or a bad thing?” I asked my stunned children recently. After the shock wore off, they were confident of the correct answer.

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Ben Johnson Tue Jan 31 12:05 EST Abortion

As polls show Mitt Romney poised to win the Florida primary, some are questioning his wisdom in seeking the advice of a climate scientist who wrote in favor of compulsory abortion for American women.

Obama appointee will be ‘one of the strongest pro-abortion justices’ on nation’s most liberal court

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Hurwitz has boasted of playing a role in laying the groundwork for Roe v. Wade, and has praised Roe as a "landmark" decision.

Feds: housing programs must accept transgender, homosexual applicants

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The ACLU on Saturday celebrated the fact that the new rules will require Christian groups involved in HUD housing to comply with the mores against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Showdown: Ontario gvmt tells Catholic schools gay clubs policy is non-negotiable

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jan 31 13:24 EST Faith

Education Minister Laurel Broten says the Catholic schools must allow clubs focused on homosexuality. "That is the end of it. ... We are watching closely what is happening in communities across the province," she told Xtra.

Catholic principal accused of professional misconduct after denying gay-straight alliance

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jan 31 12:30 EST Faith

Frances Jacques had refused to allow gay activist Leanne Iskander and other teens to form the controversial club at St. Joseph's Catholic High School.

Hell, health insurance, and a man’s soul

Arland Nichols Tue Jan 31 18:14 EST Opinion

This much is certain: It does not profit a man to gain health insurance, and to lose his soul. So, let us unite with our Bishops for fellowship and for Truth.

South African condom failures result in massive recall

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Jan 31 17:25 EST

“We poured water into the condoms and they were leaking, not just in one place, they were leaking like a sieve,” a AIDS Treatment spokesman said.

Taiwan’s crackdown on sex-selective abortion showing marginally positive results

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Jan 31 14:55 EST Abortion

Taiwanese health authorities say that a crackdown on illegal sex-selective abortions prevented the deaths of nearly 1,000 female unborn babies in 2011.

Abortion enslaves women in order to free men from responsibility

The Editors Tue Jan 31 14:30 EST Opinion

Abortion does not free women; it holds them in bondage to a society that teaches women that killing their child is a form of love and mercy.

University motion orders pro-life groups to invite pro-abort speakers, declares campus ‘pro-choice’

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jan 31 12:57 EST Abortion

Absurdly, the motion assures pro-life students that the Union will not attempt to force or pressure pro-life students to have abortions.

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