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Pro-Life Democrats Tell Nancy Pelosi: No Health Care Reform With Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- A group of 19 pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives have joined together to craft a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The letter contained a non-perfunctory request that the House not advance any health care bill that doesn't specifically prohibit abortion coverage or funding. Rep. Dan Boren, a pro-life congressman from Oklahoma, organized the letter and is the lead signer of it. "As the debate on health care reform continues and legislation is produced, it is imperative that the issue of abortion not be overlooked," they write. "Plans to mandate coverage for abortions, either directly or indirectly, are unacceptable." "We cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan," the lawmakers say. "We believe that a government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan should not be used to fund abortion." The pro-life Democrats also want Pelosi to ensure that the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, a government panel the health care bills would establish, can't recommend that abortions be included in the covered benefits. The lawmakers agree with pro-life groups like National Right to Life, which have communicated to Congress that it will ask for opposition to any bill that does not specifically exclude abortion. Otherwise, abortions can be included at a later date. Full story at

Pro-Life Group Wants Justice Department to Investigate Death Threats, Gets Refusal
Wichita, KS ( -- A pro-life group is asking the Justice Department to review several death threats it has received in the wake of the shooting of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller. However, Operation Rescue officials say the Obama administration has not responded. The pro-life group has released the copies of audio recordings of calls it has received from abortion advocates who threatened the pro-life organization after Tiller's death. One caller says it's "time to start killing Bible-thumping morons" while another says "I hope somebody comes and kills you all" and a third caller says "One of you is going to die." "Would you want some protection after receiving these kinds of threats?" asked Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. "Too bad. The current government isn't interested in protecting your life... unless you happen to be pro-abortion." In an email to, Newman says there is a dichotomy in how the Obama administration has responded -- with Attorney General Eric Holder offering protection to abortion centers and staffers but pledging no support for pro-life groups that feared retaliation. Full story at

Sarah Palin Leads Republicans in Ratings as Obama Keeps Promoting Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- With President Barack Obama aggressively promoting abortion, pro-life voters long for 2012 and the opportunity to replace him with a pro-life president. A new Pew poll finds Sarah Paling leading four Republicans who could be seen as presidential candidate, though not all potential candidates are included. The Pew poll finds Americans have positive rating of Paling, the Alaska governor, for the first time since the presidential elections. Palin continues to be a controversial figure among the general public, with about as many saying they have a favorable impression (45 percent) as saying they have an unfavorable one (44 percent) of her. However, that rating is an improvement on her 42-48 percent negative rating she held in the Pew poll in late October, just before the presidential election. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has also seen his favorable ratings improve and now enjoys a positive balance of opinion among the general public: 40% rate him favorably, 28% unfavorably. Full story at

Respected Pro-Life Physician: International Abortion-Maternal Death Data Wrong
Washington, DC ( -- In a new interview, a respected pro-life physician says the data used by abortion advocates and United Nations agencies concerning abortion and maternal deaths is wrong. The misuse of the figures is important because they are used to persuade some national governments to legalize or expand abortions. Donna J Harrison, MD, a diplomat for the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and president of the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, interviewed with the web site Question: There are several direct causes of maternal death in the developing world. A New York Times article, for example, listed the five leading ones in this order: bleeding, infection, high blood pressure, prolonged labor and botched abortions. Why single out abortion for analysis? Donna Harrison: Each of the other causes of maternal death has clear definitions, and is not in itself connected to a political agenda. However, the international politics pushing worldwide legalization of elective induced abortion does not foster clear thinking about the maternal deaths and injuries which accompany that legalization. In order to understand the policy implications of a decision, one must be able to assess the effects of that decision. In common with many of the other causes, however, the incidence of induced abortion in developing countries, along with the number of maternal deaths and complications from them is not accurately known, despite estimates that are published from time to time. Full story at

Study Finds Adult Stem Cells, Not Embryonic, Best Suited for Repairing Muscle
Washington, DC ( -- A new study involving researchers from Maryland and Indiana finds that adult stem cells, not embryonic, are best suited for damaged and diseased muscle. The new research, published in the medial journal Nature, involved experiments in mice. The scientists found the genes involved in muscle development are turned off soon after birth, and are not used by adult stem cells that repair muscle. The researchers, at the Carnegie Institute’s Department of Embryology in Baltimore, learned that a different set of genes active in adult muscle stem cells take over to repair muscle damage. This suggests that adult stem cells are best suited for repairing muscle in muscular dystrophy and other muscle injuries. Lead author Christoph Lepper said “I thought that if they are so important in the embryo, they must be important for adult muscle stem cells. I was totally surprised to find that the muscle stem cells are normal without them.” 
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First Hearing for Alleged Shooter of Abortion Practitioner George Tiller Delayed
Wichita, KS ( -- The preliminary hearing for Scott Roeder, the Kansas man accused of shooting late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller, has been delayed. Sedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert on Friday said he wanted to allow attorneys for Roeder and prosecutors to have another month to prepare. Judge Wilbert set a date on Friday of July 28 for the hearing. Should he find probable cause that Roeder shot Tiller, an arraignment to enter a plea could occur on the same day. Roeder, who has no affiliation with any pro-life groups, has been charged with first-degree murder in Tiller's death and also been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly waving a gun at two members of Tiller's church, where he was shot. The judge also told prosecutors that they must provide a evidence to defense lawyers by July 10 so they can prepare Roeder's case in time for the hearing. Previously, Judge Wilbert set Roeder's bond at $5 million, reversing a previous decision to jail Roeder without bail. Full story at

New UNFPA Annual Report Prioritizes "Reproductive Health," Meaning Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- Last week, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its annual report for 2008, highlighting the organization's work on maternal health and its "continued efforts to ensure the universal access to reproductive health and the right of all people to decide the number and timing of their children." Though UNFPA refuses to subject its books to an independent audit and also refuses to share specific budget reporting to its board of directors, its annual report asserts that in 2008, almost half of UNFPA's program expenses went to "reproductive health" programs, at a cost of $165.1 million, up from $146.6 million the previous year. In all five regions, more funds were spent on reproductive health initiatives than any other program. UNFPA's 2008 activities to help achieve "universal access to reproductive health" include family planning promotion, particularly through "securing reproductive health commodities" such as condoms. UNFPA’s report claims that its work has resulted in 80 countries having national budget lines for contraceptives and other reproductive health supplies. Full story at

Abortion Advocate Nearly Runs Over Pro-Life Planned Parenthood Protestor
Chico, CA ( -- An abortion advocate nearly ran over a pro-life person protesting outside a local Planned Parenthood center with his vehicle. Matthew Reid Haver, a 40-year-old from this northern California city, was arrested by police on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Witnesses at the scene say Haver attempted to hit 60-year-old pro-life advocate James Canfield, who was outside the Planned Parenthood office on Vallombrosa Avenue. They say Canfield was able to move out of the way in time and was not seriously injured, but he was clearly shaken by the incident. The Paradise Post newspaper indicated Officer Brian Miller conducted an investigation after witnesses provided the license plate of Haver's vehicle. Police took Haver to a local police station where he eventually had an undisclosed medical emergency that required treatment at a local hospital. Haver will have a future court date set at the Butte County Superior Court and his case will be sent to county prosecutors to file an official criminal complaint. Full story at

University of Minnesota Still Questioned About Concerns Over Its Human Cloning
A newspaper report earlier this month on the accusations of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life against the University of Minnesota's Stem Cell Institute badly confuses MCCL's two charges: that the university is pursuing human cloning and that its embryo-destructive research violates Minnesota law. Let me explain our dispute with the university in order to clarify MCCL's concerns and set the record straight. 
On May 26 the U's Wendy Burt, Academic Health Center director of public and community affairs, wrote a letter to MCCL denouncing as "absolutely false" our assertion that the university "is believed to be pursuing human cloning for research purposes." She asked that we remove that claim from our literature and issue a retraction visible to our members and the community. In MCCL's May 29 response to Burt, we made two distinct points. First, we showed that our claim about the university's interest in human cloning is fully warranted, and in fact understated. The U's own Dr. Frank Cerra, senior vice president for health sciences, told the Higher Education Conference Committee on May 4 that "therapeutic cloning ... is really at the core of much of what we do." Indeed, in her letter Burt said only that the university "is opposed to reproductive cloning," never mentioning the so-called "therapeutic cloning" that is at issue. Full story at

Texas Pregnancy Center Network Earns Seal of Excellence From Ratings Group
Austin, TX ( -- To hear abortion advocates tell the story, the thousands of pregnancy centers that offer women abortion alternatives and practical pregnancy resources are misleading and biased. But a national institute that monitors government and nonprofit groups gave a Texas network of pregnancy centers its highest rating. The Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN) has earned the prestigious Seal of Excellence for meeting the highest standards of ethics and accountability. The Standards for Excellence Institute, a Maryland-based initiative that promotes the highest standards of ethics and accountability in nonprofit governance, management, operations, and facilities, issued the rating. A national peer review team of nonprofit experts evaluated TPCN for compliance with 55 standards. The Institute found named TPCN a the first nonprofit organization in Texas to earn the Seal of Excellence distinction. Vincent Friedewald, the director of the pregnancy center network, told he's elated by the seal of approval. 
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El Paso, Texas Planned Parenthood Center Closes for Economic Reasons
El Paso, Texas ( -- The northeastern portion of El Paso, Texas is without a Planned Parenthood center thanks to the poor economy requiring it to shut down. The national abortion business appeared to shut down the facility without notifying any of its customer base, but area pregnancy help centers are women to help women. Anyone going to the closed center is greeted with a note on the door telling them to go to one of the other Planned Parenthood officers on the other side of the west Texas city. Staff at nearby businesses told the local ABC affiliate that the Planned Parenthood center appears to have been closed for about two week, although customers are still coming in and finding it closed. They also said a local rental truck came weeks ago and Planned Parenthood staff appeared to load the truck with property from the office. Annalinda Moreno, the interim CEO of Planned Parenthood in El Paso, told ABC 7 that the poor economy resulted in the closing of the branch office. "We are right now re-assessing all of our clinics and their productivity...Our lease was ending and we thought it was prudent at this time to close the clinic," Moreno said. 
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