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• Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms

• Senate Delays Vote on Obama Pro-Abortion Judge Pick Steve Six

New African-American Billboard Campaign: Abortion Enslaves Us
• Report: Illinois Clinics Hid Six Abortion Deaths, 4,000 Injuries

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• House Votes to De-Fund Abortion Drugs in Telemedicine
• Catholic Bishops: Oppose Assisted Suicide But Help Patients
• The Abortion Industry s War on Choice: Saving Babies Doesn t Pay
• House Panel Backs Bill With D.C. Tax-Funded Abortion Ban
• CNN Gives Platform to Planned Parenthood President in Interview
• Second Embryonic Derivative Trial Moves Ahead, Maybe Dangerous
• Polls: Romney Leads GOP Race After Debate; Bachmann, Palin Second
• New Hampshire Gov. Vetoes Parental Notification Abortion Bill
• North Carolina Senate OKs Ultrasound Before Abortion Billrtions

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Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the breast cancer awareness group, is coming under criticism again this time for referring women to the Planned Parenthood abortion business for mammograms Planned Parenthood doesn t provide.

In March, officials with Live Action conducted an undercover investigation by calling Planned Parenthood centers nationwide. They learned that Planned Parenthood doesn t have machines to perform mammograms and, despite advertising to women that they can contact the abortion business for them, it refers all women seeking mammograms to other health care providers.

We don t provide those services whatsoever, admitted a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona while a staffer at Planned Parenthood s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kansas tells a caller, We actually don t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.

In April, following criticism of Komen because it provides grants to Planned Parenthood that it has said are in part, to provide mammograms, Komen officials admitted Planned Parenthood doesn t do mammograms. Following up on the controversy, John Jansen of the Pro-Life Action League was curious to know whether Komen would continue to refer women to Planned Parenthood for mammograms.

I m looking for a clinic where my mom could go to get a free mammogram, Jansen wrote from his email account in late April. Someone told me that she can get one at Planned Parenthood, is that true?

Komen responded to the email with three referrals for Jansen: a listing of local Komen affiliates, a link to the Centers for Disease Control and links to Planned Parenthood.

Senate Delays Vote on Obama Pro-Abortion Judge Pick Steve Six
The Senate has again delayed a vote on pro-abortion federal appeals court nominee Steve Six after Republicans sought and received a week-long delay last week on President Barack Obama s latest pro-abortion nominee.

The delay followed statements by Six s two home state senators indicating they will not support the nominee. Although typically a one-week delay is all that minority members of the committee are allowed, Republicans received another delay because of the home state opposition and the desire, according to AP, for a debate on Six s nomination.

Frequently, opposition from home state lawmakers is enough to sink a nomination and such nominees eventually withdraw, have their nomination pulled by the presidential administration or find themselves the subject of a filibuster.

Opposition has built to Six as pro-life groups have ratcheted up the campaign against him due to his ties to the abortion industry and his efforts to delay or stop an investigation into potentially illegal late-term abortions at a Planned Parenthood facility in Kansas, where Six was the state attorney general. The abortion business was accused of making up illegitimate reasons for the abortions and doctoring paperwork to justify them.

Six, in his position as the leading attorney in the state, did everything possible to delay the investigation and tried to have the state Supreme Court deny prosecutors access to the patient files and other evidence they needed to prove their case.

Senator Jerry Moran issued a statement late Wednesday saying, After thoroughly reviewing Mr. Six s qualifications and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I will not be supporting President Obama s nominee to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

New African-American Billboard Campaign: Abortion Enslaves Us
A black pro-life activist responsible for creating earlier billboard campaigns that drew national attention is back with a new creative and a new message for how the abortion industry targets black Americans: Abortion Enslaves Us.

That s the message behind a series of billboards that will go up in the Atlanta, Georgia area sponsored by the Radiance Foundation and celebrating Juneteenth (June 19th) and the liberation of black Americans from the shackles of slavery. Ryan Bomberger, the head of the foundation says the billboards are meant to expose the epidemic of abortion and 50 of them will be place in metro and downtown Atlanta.

The billboards declare: The 13th Amendment Freed Us. Abortion Enslaves Us.

The campaign invokes the Reconstruction Amendments and the abortion industry s dependence upon certain persons being classified as property, Bomberger explains. The landmark Roe v. Wade decision relied upon the perversion of the 14th Amendment, which finally ascribed full humanity to African-Americans, to justify stripping humanity from another group of individuals the unborn.

In NYC, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered, this dehumanization results in the abortion of 60% of all black pregnancies. Here in Georgia, nearly 60% of all abortions are on African-Americans, Bomberger continued.

Report: Illinois Clinics Hid Six Abortion Deaths, 4,000 Injuries
The Chicago Tribune newspaper has released the details of a new investigative report revealing the umber of abortions in the state has been massively underreported. Those numbers include six women who have died from botched abortions and 4,000 who were injured.

Although state law on abortion that Illinois adopted in 1975 requires abortion centers to report numbers and complications to the Illinois Department of Public Health , the Tribune found the state system for tracking abortions is so broken that officials are likely missing as many as 7,000 abortions annually.

The newspaper found state officials documenting between 7,000 and 17,000 fewer abortions per year than the Guttmacher Institute, the former Planned Parenthood research arm that obtains numbers directly from abortion businesses. Although failure to report abortion figures or to do so properly is technically a criminal act, the Department of Public Health has never come down against an abortion business for violating the state law.

Kelly Jakubek, an agency spokeswoman, told the newspaper that it is the responsibility of abortion practitioners, not the state, to ensure they are complying with the law. She said the health department never responds to the reports because they are meant for statistics purposes only.

The Tribune also indicated that Illinois has no process other than the abortion statistics reporting to monitor whether abortion facilities or abortion practitioners have high rates of complications and may be killing or injuring women in abortions. Although Illinois currently tabulates abortions from 26 locations that do abortions in the state, Guttmacher lists 37 places as doing abortions in Illinois.

House Votes to De-Fund Abortion Drugs in Telemedicine
The House of Representatives today voted for an amendment to HR 2112, the Agriculture Appropriations bill, to ensure no funds authorized under the bill can be used to pay for the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug under a telemedicine grant section.

Congressman Steve King, an Iowa Republican, applauded the 240-176 vote to pass the amendment to prevents any funds within the legislation from being spent on the abortion drug RU-486 for any purpose, including use in telemed abortions.

Telemed, or webcam, abortions are those in which a woman gets the abortion drug only after a webcam conversation with the abortion practitioner, who may be out of state. The woman is denied the in-person consultation with a physician that the Food and Drug Administration recommends, especially due to the dangerous nature of the drug as it has killed dozens of women worldwide and injured 1,100 women in the United States alone as of 2006 FDA figures. The consultation helps determine whether or not the woman may suffer from an ectopic pregnancy as usage of the abortion drug RU 486 in such instances is life-threatening.

Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are the frequent recipient of federal telemedicine grants, and King s amendment makes it clear that telemedicine grants contained within the agriculture bill cannot be used to facilitate the use of RU-486 in telemed abortions. King said the issue is of particular importance in Iowa, as the telemed abortion technique was developed by the Des Moines-based abortion provider Planned Parenthood of the Heartland , and reports indicate that 1,900 abortions using this technology have been performed in Iowa alone.

Catholic Bishops: Oppose Assisted Suicide But Help Patients
In a new statement adopted today, the nation s Catholic bishops have a firm message for how the end-of-life debate should be handled: oppose assisted suicide but provide help and support for patients.

With the states of Oregon and Washington having legalized the practice and euthanasia supporters trying to do the same in Montana, the bishops the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) approved a policy statement on physician-assisted suicide at its Spring General Assembly in Seattle. The statement, To Live Each Day with Dignity, passed with a vote of 191-1 and it marks the first time the full body of bishops has issued a statement devoted to this pro-life issue.

The statement speaks of the hardships and fears of patients facing terminal illness and the importance of life-affirming palliative care. It cites the Church s concern for those who are tempted to commit suicide, its opposition to physician-assisted suicide, and the consistency of this stance with the principle of equal and inherent human rights and the ethical principles of the medical profession.

Countering two claims of the assisted suicide movement, that its agenda affirms patients choices and expresses compassion for their suffering, the statement says physician-assisted suicide does not promote compassion because its focus is not on eliminating suffering, but on eliminating the patient. True compassion, it states, dedicates itself to meeting patients needs and presupposes a commitment to their equal worth.

The Abortion Industry s War on Choice: Saving Babies Doesn t Pay
There is a new war on choice in this country, and the leaders are none other than the captains of the abortion industry. Their target: pregnancy care centers (PCCs). Their technique: Brand the centers with a scarlet letter and force them to advertise abortion. Their goal: disparage the centers and drive women to abortion clinics.

It s no wonder. Pregnancy care centers and the compassionate and nonjudgmental services they offer undercut the abortion industry s bottom line. If women hear the truth about abortion and understand that they truly have a life-affirming choice, the abortion industry s profits will decrease.

Take Megan, for example. When she found out she was pregnant, she felt scared and confused and believed everything she had been told: Having a baby will ruin your life. She made an appointment for a medical abortion, thinking that would ease her worries. But as the date approached, her anxiety only worsened that is, until she visited a pregnancy center in Pittsburgh.

House Panel Backs Bill With D.C. Tax-Funded Abortion Ban
A U.S. House Appropriations subcommittee today approved the spending bill for the nation s capital that contains language that would stop taxpayer funding of abortions in the District of Columbia.

CNN Gives Platform to Planned Parenthood President in Interview
Planned Parenthood is the nation s largest abortion provider, the controversial recipient of government funds, and is criticized by some for its lack of transparency and yet CNN s Eliot Spitzer gave president Cecile Richards a free pass in a Wednesday night interview.

Second Embryonic Derivative Trial Moves Ahead, Maybe Dangerous
Reuters is reporting that Advanced Cell Technology has enrolled the first two patients for its experiments on human eyes using injected embryonic stem cells.

Polls: Romney Leads GOP Race After Debate; Bachmann, Palin Second
Two new polls show former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with a comfortable lead over his Republican presidential opponents following Monday night s debate in New Hampshire, the site of the second primary election contest.

New Hampshire Gov. Vetoes Parental Notification Abortion Bill
New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has vetoed a bill that would allow parents to know when their minor daughter is considering an abortion, so they could help the young girls find better alternatives.

North Carolina Senate OKs Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill
On the heels of legislators making North Carolina the third state to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, North Carolina lawmakers have approved legislation to help women avoid abortions.


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