Monday, April 20, 2015

The abortion industry and human traffickers: partners in crime

The abortion industry and human traffickers: partners in crime

Lawmakers have bitterly sparred over human trafficking legislation — Democrats say Republicans tucked abortion restrictions into the measure, while GOP Senators note that the Hyde Amendment has long been on the books as a provision to prevent abortion funding. A vote was scheduled for Friday the 17th but it was delayed until at least next week.

The measure sparked intense lobbying from Planned Parenthood, which joined Senate Democrats in filibustering the bill. Planned Parenthood has been under great scrutiny after a Live Action investigation found the organization willing to aid sex traffickers in securing secret abortions for minors sex slaves.

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Miracle baby with rare medical condition celebrates first birthday

Baby Jude Peters, or the “brave little warrior,” as his parents call him, has turned one! His first birthday is worthy of great celebration because Jude is living with a disease that only 53 people in the world have.

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Pro-choice writer visits abortion clinic, finds out it’s not like she imagined

Pro-choice writer Hannah Selinger describes her visit to an abortion clinic: "In the press, the issue of the right to choose will be reduced to the terminology of precedent and privacy. But the visceral reality of abortion–the grimy clinic, the sobbing and hapless young woman…cannot be understood by such desensitized vocabulary."

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Why taxpayer funded abortion must end

April 15 is Tax Day — the day that Americans know and dread. For many Americans, it’s the day that tax returns are due to the government, but what the government does with that tax money has long bothered many pro-lifers.

Specifically, it’s the fact that Planned Parenthood receives $1.44 million every day in taxpayer funding. It adds up to over half a billion dollars each year.

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Oklahoma becomes second state to ban dismemberment abortions

Last week, Kansas passed a ban on dismemberment abortion —this week, its neighbor to the south, Oklahoma, followed suit.

On Monday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, which passed the state House 84 to 2, and the state Senate 37 to 4. The law takes effect November 1.

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Life of the Week: Band comprised of men with Down syndrome headed to Eurovision finals

This year, for the first time ever, a punk rock band will be featured on stage at Europe’s Eurovision, a hugely popular song competition celebrating its 60th year. But that’s not the only first.

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Teenager, whose girlfriend had abortion, wants fathers to have rights

Joshua Checksfield is a grieving father on a mission. At just 17 years old, he’s felt the devastating effects of abortion and is taking steps to do something about it in honor of his child.

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Facebook lifts ban on photos of baby without a nose

Facebook has lifted a ban on pictures of baby Eli, who was born without a nose, after deeming the photos “shocking” and inappropriate for viewers. In addition, the social media giant will allow Live Action News stories of Eli to be promoted, after banning the images for over 10 days.

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‘Dear Abby’ tells teenage girl scared of forced abortion to go to Planned Parenthood

A recent “Dear Abby” column featured a question from a teenage girl, scared because she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby.

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‘Bully Bill’ hits CA State Assembly; would force pregnancy centers to promote abortion

California is a pro-abortion dream and a preborn baby’s nightmare. Now the Golden State wants to force Pregnancy Care Centers (PCCs) to advertise abortion.

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5 amazing things preborn children can do inside the womb

Preborn children may not be at the same developmental stage as us, but there are many things that they can still do! They have beating hearts at only 21 days gestation, detectable brain waves at roughly 42 days, and can suck their thumbs and yawn.

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