Thursday, May 5, 2016

Praying for Life: What Is Authentic Love?

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Praying for Life: May 2016
May Our Lady’s example inspire us to authentic love graced with generosity & respect.


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be

Authentic love includes respecting each other and seeking each other’s good. Though at times challenging in its self-sacrificial nature, it helps us become more fully who we are created to be and leads to our ultimate happiness.

God’s call to love encompasses all relationships and helps us understand the importance of chastity. Although often an “unpopular word,” Pope Francis reminds us of its true essence: “[I]t is in fact the way of genuine love… which does not seek to use the other for one’s own pleasure. It is a love that considers the life of the other person sacred: ‘I respect you, I don’t want to use you.’”*

Pray for us, Blessed Mother, that we may follow your example of authentic love.

 *Address during Meeting with Children and Young People, Pastoral Visit to Turin (June 21, 2015)  
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One Step Further 
Discover reasons for and benefits of chastity from the perspective of a young woman committed to the Church’s vision of human sexuality in “Love 101: Back to Basics,” a light-hearted, but informative, article.

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