Tuesday, December 5, 2017

From CMMB: No Child Should Ever Have to be Lost — Your Donation Doubled

Stephanie, our volunteer in front of Mwandi Mission Hospital
Dear Friend,
Just two weeks ago, a sudden scream shocked staff at the Mwandi Mission Hospital in rural Zambia. Our volunteer physician assistant, Stephanie, was on duty and heard the terrible sound.
“It was a cry that pierced your heart and stopped your breath. I knew immediately that somebody had just lost someone they loved dearly.”
Stephanie quickly headed to the children’s ward.
“I saw a small, still bundle on Nawa’s bed. You’d expect a two-year-old to be running around, speaking, and causing mischief. When Nawa was admitted, he weighed less than 18 pounds and showed signs of severe malnutrition: an enlarged belly, irritability, and limited energy. We started treatment, but discovered a suspicious abdominal mass. Within days, the little boy was gone.”
This is the heartbreak that our work forces us to face every day. Bronchitis, gastritis, malnutrition, and pneumonia are all highly treatable illnesses in young children. But in marginalized communities like Mwandi, without access to life-saving medicines, skilled care, safe water, or sanitation, they are often deadly. You can change that.We believe that every child deserves the chance to live.  Stephanie says:
“Every time I walked past the ward, Nawa’s mother was holding him, feeding him, or smothering his oversized belly with kisses. She suffered the worst that morning. This poor, sobbing woman had lost one of her most treasured possessions. Her beautiful son. If we had been in the U.S., this would not have happened. Nawa would have had better food and frequent visits with a pediatrician who would have caught his symptoms earlier. Nawa’s malnutrition could have been prevented, and his abdominal mass tested and removed by a surgeon. But Nawa didn’t have access to any of these resources and because of this, he lost his life, and a mother lost her child.”
Our faith tells us that Nawa is in a better place, but his mother is still suffering.Your gift can support mission hospitals like Mwandi with the essential medicines, equipment, and highly skilled staff necessary to save lives. During our Advent match campaign, your gift of health will be DOUBLED.

As we approach Christmas, I like to think that Nawa is happy, running through Heaven without pain. No mother should ever lose her child to a condition that’s preventable. And no child should ever have to be lost. Please be as generous as you can, donate now, and remember Nawa in your prayers.
Gratefully yours,
Bruce Wilkinson

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

PS – No mother should suffer the pain of losing a child from a preventable illness. Give the gift of health today and we’ll double it. Your $100 = $200 during our match campaign.
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