Thursday, October 4, 2007 NewsBytes

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"Are you guys really going to be out here for 40 days?"- An on-scene report of days 1 and 2 of Sacramento's "40 Days for Life"

Vatican official says controversy over death of John Paul II part of pro-euthanasia media blit

Abortion supporters disrupt Mass at Cathedral of Managua, attempt to receive Communion

If passed, ENDA would place all the power of the federal government in direct opposition to beliefs of all major faith groups in America

"Hate Crimes" Legislation: A License To Kill The First Amendment

Lawsuit argues 'conscientious objector' status includes pro-life pharmacists

New Stem-Cell Therapy Tackles Liver Disease

Chemist refused woman pill on religious grounds

Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien installed as leader of Archdiocese of Baltimore, vows to intensify fight against abortion,0,1707483.story

How We Die Today - Medicine and the End Of Life in the 21st Century

Serious Presidential Candidates Should Consider Recognizing Minority Communities -Paul M. Weyrich

Clarence Thomas to Bloggers: Wish You'd Been Around in 1991!

NPR Host Amazed Mrs. Thomas Wants Anita Hill's Apology

Democratic Party is the party of women says Ann Coulter

Canadian Prime Minister Harper's campaign team speeds up election plans

French Mosque and Catholic Univ to train imams

Schools must warn of Gore climate film bias but may show it in schools

Sun still main force in climate change

Christian teens stone 'whore' in CBS drama

Oprah's promotion of porn and adultery shameful, says Christian attorney

Supreme Court Lets Alabama Obscenity Ban Stand

Science, myths and same-sex parenting

Archbishop George Niederauer to celebrate Mass at San Francisco parish despite many pro-gay events there

In Holland, They're Inventing Their Own Mass – Copyrighted by the Dominicans

Norway Lutheran Church Votes In Favour Of Gay Pastors

Decades of declining birthrates causing rapid aging of many nation's populations - anti-family policies of many governments and international agencies set to bear bitter fruit in coming decades

UK Patients' 'living wills' will give legal 'right to die'

New Scottish commissioner pledges action on homosexual rights and equal pay for women

An Electronic Concentration Camp: Big Brother in the Sky

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"