Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nation’s highest court won’t hear two religion-based appeals

Coercing churches to finance morally wrong conduct

The U.S, Supreme Court, in opening its new term on Oct. 1, refused to hear two religion-based appeals -- one involving Catholic Charities in Albany, New York, and the other a public library in Antioch, California, that refused to allow a religious group to use a meeting room for worship.

The New York case involving Catholic Charities is similar to one three years ago involving Catholic Charities in California. In both cases, the respective state legislatures passed laws requiring employee health insurance plans covering prescription drugs to include prescription contraceptives for women. Both the New York and California laws exempt "religious employers" -- defined as non-profit organizations inculcating "religious values" and employing "primarily" members of a particular religious faith. However, religious organizations that do not fit such criteria, such as hospitals, are not exempt.

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