Monday, October 27, 2008


Electoral College Analysis: John McCain Needs Three States to Tie, Four to Win
Washington, DC ( -- The latest analysis of the electoral college battle between John McCain and pro-abortion candidate Barack Obama shows McCain behind but a switch of three battleground states to the McCain column could yield a tie and a switch of a fourth would give McCain a victory. According to the analysis, based on the most recent polls from media outlets and respected polling firms, shows Obama with a 311 to 227 lead over McCain -- though the nearly 100 electoral vote lead is somewhat deceptive. The current analysis shows Obama carrying Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia while McCain will keep Florida, Montana, North Dakota, North Carolina and Indiana. The general consensus over the last three weeks hasn't changed much as McCain essentially needs a sweep of these 10 states to win the election. In order to move the electoral college math in his direction, McCain needs a win in Ohio, Virginia and Colorado to pull even with a 269-269 tie. To win, McCain must capture those three states and take either Nevada, New Mexico (more likely the former) or make a surprising comeback in Pennsylvania. Full story at

Pro-Life Group: Devastating Abortion Consequences if Obama Beats McCain
Washington, DC ( -- A pro-life group that works within the Republican Party to keep it pro-life says there are monumental pro-life reasons that have nothing to do with partisanship that make it imperative for the pro-life movement to make sure John McCain becomes the next president instead of Barack Obama. The Republican National Coalition for Life sent statement over the weekend supporting McCain and highlighting the ways in which abortion would be promoted endlessly under an Obama administration. "Any hope for a U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade will be lost," if Obama wins, the group said. "The Freedom of Choice Act will be signed into law eliminating 35 years of laws that have restricted and regulated the practice of abortion." The ability to render the Supreme Court pro-abortion for decades is exacerbated by abortion advocates controlling Congress in addition to potentially running the White House. "If the Democrats retain control of the U.S. Senate, a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court will no doubt be filled by a liberal who passes Obama's pro-abortion litmus test," the pro-life group explained. Full story at

Abortion and the Politics of Intimidation: Barry Lynn vs. The Catholic Church
by Dave Andrusko
I read Bishop Serratelli's column, which was posted on the Diocese of Paterson's web site and published in its weekly newspaper. Make no mistake, it was hard-hitting and uncompromising. Its primary focus was the "Freedom of Choice" (FOCA). But it endorsed no one, it told no one how to vote. Neither Sen. John McCain nor Barack Obama was mentioned by name. What it did was to layout in no uncertain terms what will happen if FOCA becomes the law of the land. This cut no ice with the president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Rev. Barry Lynn. (It is interesting that the organization ordinarily goes by "Americans United.") Lynn "said it is 'impossible to interpret this passage as anything but a command to vote against 'the present Democratic candidate' because of his promise to sign a certain piece of legislation disfavored by the Catholic Church's hierarchy.'" Just so we're clear. Rev. Lynn's position appears to be that no Catholic prelate, or anyone else in the faith community, should be allowed to criticize a candidate for his position on an issue of critical importance to that faith community because that is tantamount to "command[ing]" parishioners to vote against that candidate. Wow! Full story at

Bill to Condemn UN Pressuring Nations to Legalize Abortions Gains Support
Washington, DC ( -- A resolution asking Congress to condemn two United Nations committees for trying to pressure Ireland and other pro-life nations to legalize abortions is gaining support. Rep. Robert Aderholt, a Republican from Alabama, has signed his name onto the bill and is encouraging the House to move it forward. As previously reported, Rep. Thad McCotter, a Michigan Republican, is behind the resolution to rebuke the UN for coercing the Irish people on abortion. McCotter introduced the resolution along with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Chris Smith of New Jersey and now other members of the House are signing on to support it. "The rights of the unborn continue to be of the utmost concern to me," Aderholt said in a statement supporting the measure. "I have co-sponsored this resolution because I strongly disagree with the efforts of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in pressuring Ireland and other countries to reduce their restrictions on abortion. All life is precious and should be protected." Full story at

South Dakota Abortion Ban Gets Backing From Hundreds of Doctors, OBGYNs
Pierre, SD ( -- Hundreds of doctors, including specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, are endorsing Measure 11, the second effort to ban abortions in South Dakota. The ballot measure would prohibit most abortions, with the exception of those in cases of rape, incest or to directly save the life of the mother, and comes after the first attempt failed in 2006. The endorsement of the medical professionals comes at a time when abortion advocates in South Dakota are accused of misleading voters about the ramifications of the abortion ban. "It is unfortunate that the pro-abortion forces in America are determined to protect the abortion industry in South Dakota with lies and deceit," Brandi Gruis, a Vote Yes for Life representative, told "South Dakotans deserve better." Full story at

Florida’s Sarasota County Cuts Funding to Planned Parenthood Abortion Center
Sarasota, FL ( -- Sarasota County in Florida has cut the money it sends to a local Planned Parenthood abortion business. Officials, citing poor economic conditions and the need to better balance the city budget, removed the second $12,500 of the original $25,000 allocated for Planned Parenthood family planning programs. Though the county monies do not directly pay for abortions, local pro-life advocates say county residents should not be forced to fund Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida because it does abortions. The county’s Human Services Advisory Council had already cut the funding in half and the County Commission on Thursday voted to axe the second half out of the budget as well. Sarasota County has funded the abortion business for 10 years and the CEO of PPSCF, Barbara Zdravecky, was on hand during the meeting to question why Planned Parenthood was the only agency out of 45 the county funds to have its entire budget eliminated. ACTION: Thank the commission by going to Full story at

Minnesota School District Settles Lawsuit After Prohibiting Pro-Life T-Shirt
Hutchinson, MN ( -- A school district in Minnesota has settled a lawsuit with the family of a junior high school student prohibited from wearing a pro-life T-shirt that condemned abortion. The Hutchinson School District in Hutchinson, Minnesota agreed to pay the student $1 in damages and the legal fees for the pro-life lawsuit that represented him. In the settlement, filed in federal court on Wednesday, the school district did not admit violating the student’s First Amendment rights or state or local laws. Instead, school officials said they settled the suit because they wanted to avoid paying the legal expenses associated with fighting it in court. Attorneys with the Thomas More Law center, a pro-life legal firm based in Michigan, represented the unnamed student. Under the terms of the settlement, the student is allowed to wear his pro-life shirts as long as the district retained the right to make sure the shirts don't cause a disruption of the school process. Full story at