Thursday, October 30, 2008

Renown Pro-Life Leader Expresses Desire to Vote Obama

This is a little confusing, but read the whole article for surprise ending! [Deacon John]

WASHINGTON, October 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- National Pro-Life leader Paul CB Schenck has issued the following statement. Schenck is co-founder of the National Pro-Life Action Center near the Supreme Court and National Pro-Life Radio.
The presidential election is closer than we think: national polls seem to show that Barack Obama has a commanding lead throughout the country. In almost every one, he is 3, 4, 5 some even 10 + points ahead of John McCain.

But there is s till a large number of "undecideds" out there - and they could well determine the outcome. I am among those "undecideds." Yes, I admit - with less than a week to go, I am not yet committed to a single candidate. Let me try to explain why -

I really want to be able to vote for Barack Obama. I want the long shadow of slavery, Jim Crowe and racial discrimination to be forever banished from our memory and experience. I want to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's color blind society by choosing the son of an Anglo mother and African father as my national leader. I want to tell my African-American family (I have 5 black nieces and nephews) and friends that I don't judge leadership qualities on the basis of skin color or ethnic identity. I want to lift up the poor and share the wealth. I want to show the world that America is not a prejudiced society and that we are the friends of the colored nations of the world. And yes, that we can elect a man by the name Hussein.

But I'm torn - truly tormented by Sen. Obama's baffling and inexplicable belief in victimizing the weakest, most vulnerable and voiceless members of our human community. I cannot comprehend his endorsement of dehumanizing the purest, most innocent and non-threatening persons, or his casual dismissal of our very nearest neighbors. Neither do I understand his unwillingness to extend the protection of the law to the people who hold forth the highest promise and greatest potential of any of the human race. It stupefies me that Barack wouldn't provide basic health care to the innocent victims of lethal violence. I am stumped that the son of a single mom raised by his grandparents wouldn't use his good offices to defend an abandoned child.

Senator Obama's support of abortion - which kills the pre-born child and forever scars her mother and father, is so confusing to me that I can't get past it to cast my vote for a man who otherwise promises to transform our national conscience. If I were to cast my vote for this man who in so many other ways fulfills my aspirations for our country - I feel that I would be selling out tomorrow's generation to assuage my own feelings of guilt over racism. So, I'm no longer undecided: I won't be voting for Barack Obama. 

Schenck is available for interveiws and response by calling Ms. Day Gardner at 202-834-0844.

Dr. Paul Schenck, Founding Director, National Pro-Life Action Center.