Monday, May 11, 2009

[MaryVitamin] Working for Our Lady

the artist at work, with a smile

Artist smiling at her work.                                   Image by ehoyer via Flickr

Mary Vitamin for May  11th
Topic: Working for Our Lady with a Smile

"Strive therefore, above all, to do your duty and to do it out of love for her: your duty, great or small, easy or painful, interesting or monotonous, glorious or obscure."
Father Emil Neubert, SM, My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, (Tan Books),   27.

"With a view to pleasing your Mother, be more docile toward your superiors, more amiable toward your equals, more gentle with your inferiors, more kind to all. Be more punctual in your obedience, more conscientious in your work, more patient in your trials. But accomplish all this with a maximum of love and with a pleasant smile. Look cheerfully at your painful task, your prosaic occupations, the monotonous succession of your obligations; or rather, look with a smile at your Mother who asks you to accomplish your duty in high spirits that you may prove your love for her."
 Father Emil Neubert, SM, My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, (Tan Books)  27.

Today I will look for my Mother in monotonous or painful tasks. I will try to do my duty well and in particular, I will try to remember to smile.
"Mother [Teresa] tell us something to make us better husband and wife.' Mother Teresa replied with her wit, 'Smile at each other.' The wife thought for a moment and asked, 'Are you married?' Mother Teresa replied, 'Yes, and sometimes I find it very difficult to smile at Jesus, my husband, because he can be very demanding.'"
Angelo D. Scolozzi, M.C. III. O, ed., Thirsting for God,  (Servant Publications), 173.

Marian Vow:
My work is for my Mother. Those who take the Marian vow have given over everything they possess to Her. I have no work of my own. This should be reason enough to smile.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.



Deacon John

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