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DAY 22: 'God won't forgive me'


Dear Deacon,

When you pray at the abortion facility you represent
the last hope for the baby scheduled to be aborted ...

... but you are also represent the first sign of mercy
as the woman leaves the facility after the abortion.

It's a sad fact that many of the women arriving for
abortion appointments today have already been there

Many of these women have had one or more abortions
previously. Many are still hurting. Others try to numb
themselves to the pain.

Whether they're ready to admit it or not, they need the
mercy and healing hand of Christ. Fortunately, that's
the message that YOU are bringing them through 40 Days
for Life.

Polk Theatre (Lakeland, Florida)

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------------------------------------------------------- LAKELAND, FLORIDA

"I know I'm going to hell," a woman told 40 Days for
Life vigil participants. "I had an abortion at this
very clinic."

Sherri, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Lakeland,
tried to reassure her that God’s grace can see us
through all situations, no matter how grave.

But she wasn't convinced. "God won't forgive me. I had
my abortion for all the wrong reasons."

When asked if she thought that God was incapable of
forgiving her, she said, "Of course not."

"We shared with her that if we refuse to ask God for
forgiveness," said Sherri, "we are in fact denying His
power to forgive."

The woman cast her eyes to the ground. After some
persuasion she agreed to take some information.

"I pray," said Sheri, "that she has the courage to go
to the feet of Jesus in order to save her own life."


A smartly-dressed woman drove up in a very nice car, got
out, and walked right up to the people praying at the
40 Days for Life vigil to thank them for being there.

She told of growing up in a radical pro-choice family
who forced her to have an abortion when she was 19. If
only there had been people outside praying, she said,
she could have been swayed into going against her
family's wishes.

Today, this woman has a 19-year-old daughter of her
own. Recalling her own experiences, she now wants to
know how she can help spread the truth so that others
won't have to go through what she did.


A woman driving past the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Pensacola let loose with a tirade of rude words and
gestures -- then pulled into a parking lot and stopped.

One of the vigil participants felt an impulse to go
over to ask if she was okay.

"What makes you think you can come out here and judge
people and hold up your abortion posters and make
people feel bad?" was the response.

When she realized that the prayer volunteer was truly
concerned about her, this young woman opened up. She
had an abortion when she was 17 -- and does not regret
it. But the way she was acting presented a different
picture altogether.

"I could tell that deep down inside, she did regret
her abortion," said the volunteer, "but wasn’t ready
to admit it to herself." Why else would she be so
disturbed by three women kneeling and praying, holding
up a "pray for an end to abortion" sign?

"Her heart was softened by my care for her, listening,
and explanation about our true sentiments and motives.
It was a planted seed," the 40 Days for Life participant
said. "I will continue to pray for her."

Today's devotional is from Carmen Pate, a member of
the 40 Days for Life board of directors.


Pray for fathers who participated in the decision to
abort their child, and for those who did not have a
voice, that they would find freedom and healing in


If indeed you have heard Him, as the truth is in
Jesus: that you put off, concerning your former
conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to
the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of
your mind, and that you put on the new man which was
created according to God, in true righteousness and

-- Ephesians 4: 21-23

REFLECTION by Carmen Pate, 40 Days for Life

According to the Guttmacher Institute, one-third of
American women will have had an abortion by age 45.
Seldom reported however is the fact that an equally
significant number of men have played a role in
terminating a pregnancy.

Some have participated through persuasion, or by
providing the financial means for the abortion. Still
others were against an abortion, but had no sway in
the decision to terminate their child.

Only in recent years have we realized that men suffer
from their loss, as more and more seek healing.

Warren Williams, founder of Fathers and Brothers
Ministries says he believes men are coming forward for
help because God instilled in men a desire to be a
protector of their lineage, a provider for their
families, to be a husband and father.

Men are suffering and grieving the loss of their
children, and though their grief may be expressed
differently than that of a woman, it is grief
nonetheless and they too need tender care and biblical
counseling to experience forgiveness and healing.

Intervention at the appropriate time in the
decision-making process may spare both the young man
and woman from the lifelong pain and trauma of
abortion. Biblical counseling for post-abortive men
and women is essential for them to heal and begin
their life anew in Christ.


Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for young men who
participated in the termination of their child and are
broken as You are over their loss.

Forgive their sin, Lord, and bring opportunity for
healing and renewal of their minds in Christ Jesus.

For those suffering from an abortion they did not
choose, restore their joy as they learn to forgive
others and trust You with their future. In the name of
Christ, who heals the brokenhearted, Amen.


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If you know someone who has experienced the pain of an
abortion, pray for them, and let them know that they
can find hope and healing.

Also, tell them about the incredibly helpful resources
available from:

 * Abortion Recovery InterNational

 * Rachel's Vineyard Ministries

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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post-abortion healing from your 40 Days for Life
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