Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Bronx Pregnancy Center Destroyed in Brazen Robbery

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Chris Slattery, founder and president of Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers has long been a leading "frontline" pro-life activist.


EMC has served over 110,000 clients since 1985, with over 40,000 certain saves from abortion over the past 26 years, and was the first full-time pregnancy resource center in New York City with 12 locations in four NYC boroughs.


Saving Lives in NYC-How and Why EMC FrontLine Opposes NY's Bill #371

Saving Lives in NYC-How and Why EMC FrontLine Opposes NY's Bill #371



Dear John,


We are in a major crisis, and I need you to do just three things to help our life saving operation in New York City continue.


The last five months, we have been fighting for our very lives here in New York City.  The bill signed by Mayor Bloomberg last week threatens to put our 12 pregnancy care centers out of business for good.  New York is the abortion capital of America, and they are threatening to shut down our centers which have helped save over 40,000 babies during the past 26 years.  We have hired Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice.  They are one of the best public interest law firms in the world, and we know the Hand of God will move through their efforts to save our centers.  We will have a major announcement tomorrow about our fight to save the life centers in New York.


Today, another major tragedy has struck!  Our main office in the South Bronx was burglarized again.  This is the second time this has happened in the past 12 months.  They broke into our facility through the second story window, stole over $5,000 worth of equipment, and virtually destroyed the office.


Front Picture  


Can you imagine coming to work to find the center where we are trying to do God's work broken into and destroyed by vicious thieves?  The pictures of the damage speak for themselves.





The rampage of these heartless criminals shattered windows, stole all of our audio visual equipment, destroyed displays and supplies, tore up the ceiling, doors, and floor.   They even broke into our supply closet and stole our Pampers.






The staff in our Bronx office is heartbroken, but they have all pulled together to put together the pieces and try to reopen the office.  Each day we are closed puts innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers at risk.  We desperately need your help!




Can we count on you to do just three things? 


  1. Pray for Expectant Mother Care / Frontline Pregnancy Care Centers!
  2. Pray for Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice!
  3. Make a $25, $50, $100, or $250 donation to help us reopen our South Bronx Center!

Your support and prayers over the past five months have been incredible.  I realize many of you have come to our events, written letters, forwarded emails, and prayed for our survival.  Now we need you more than ever.


Our very existence in the Bronx depends on you and God!


Thank you for all you do for God's most innocent.


Yours for Life,


Chris Slattery


PS - I know many of you will be moved to help us reopen our center in the South Bronx.  Please give as generously as you can, innocent babies are depending on you.  If you can afford to give more than $250, we desperately need your help.



Please click on the donation button on the left side of this email to make a credit card donation or you can check or money order donation to:

Expectant Mother Care / EMC Frontline Pregnancy Care  Centers
PO Box 134
Bronx, NY  10470