Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bridge to Life: Please Join Us in Prayer

The Word Among Us Partners
Join Us in Prayer

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for the love you have poured out on women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy or those who have chosen abortion. You are making it possible for Partners to send 6,500 of these women The Word Among Us magazine every month!

Every January the March for Life helps us refocus our awareness of the sanctity of life. But every day of the year, thousands of pregnant women need God's help to make the decision for life. And if a woman has already had an abortion, she needs to know God's healing and forgiveness.

So once again this year, I invite you to join Partners praying today and through out the year for them:

    Heavenly Father, cover your pregnant daughters with your amazing love:

  • Protect their sons and daughters in the womb from all harm.
  • Guide women struggling with issues of their pregnancy to caring counselors.
  • Comfort women lacking family support and close friends.
  • Provide women prenatal care, safe delivery, affordable housing, and financial resources.
  • Fill your daughters with joy on choosing the gift of life for their child.
  • Bless your daughters with a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for all women and for an end of abortion.

And in 2012, Partners again needs your help in sending The Word Among Us magazine to another 2,500 women. Please donate online. You can also call 1-800-775-9673 or mail a check to:

The Word Among Us Partners
7115 Guilford Dr., Suite 100
Frederick, MD 21704 God bless you,

Angela and Bryan

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Our mission is to share God’s love and boundless mercy with Catholics in challenging circumstances through The Word Among Us magazine. Our desire is to foster ongoing conversion, leading to a deeper relationship with Christ, a growing life of prayer and Scripture reading, and more active participation in the sacraments.

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