Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The March for Marriage is Next Week! Here's How to Prepare!

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Dear Friends,

     The historic March for Marriage is almost upon us, but there's still time to reach out to our friends and family and ask them to join us on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, March 26. 

      You've no doubt seen that the mainstream media has focused intensely on marriage as a political issue as of late in attempts to divide the public. This March for Marriage is an opportunity like never before to show that the American people stand for marriage, for the rights of children to experience the love of both a mother and a father, and for the rights of voters not to have marriage redefined by out of control legislatures, activist judges, and those pushing an ideological agenda.

     But your help is needed in this effort.
     Here's what you can do today to help make the March a historic success:
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  • Organize a group to the March by planning a bus to Washington, D.C....
    • Create a Facebook "event" page that you and your local friends can share and invite people to join - this is a great way to begin getting people committed to joining a bus!
    • See if a local church or pro-family organization can help defray the cost of the trip, and contact the March for Marriage bus coordination team for help planning by sending an email to
    • Organizers of the March for Marriage are asking attendees to wear specific colors: Men = Blue; Women = Red; Children = White.

  • Mobilize and engage your local community in support of the Marriage March...
    • Post the Marriage March flier - available in English and Spanish - on a local community bulletin board and pass it out to your family and friends or at your place of worship.
    • Download more great resources from and send your friends to the page to find out more about the March and how they can participate.
  • Socialize our positive pro-family message by spreading this exciting news...
    • Use the social sharing buttons above to post this message to Facebook, on Twitter, or to forward via email to your contacts.
    • Read the March for Marriage talking points so you know how to share this message in a positive and upbeat way in conversation with friends and co-workers.
  • Pray in a group or on your own that marriage and religious freedom are protected...
    • If you can't join us physically, please join us spiritually in prayer on March 26 that the Supreme Court will uphold marriage between one man and one woman.
    • Gather together at your local church or with a community group to pray that hearts will be touched, and marriage and religious freedom will be defended.

     Your help is crucial to the success of this important endeavor. This is our time toMarch for Marriage, to stand up for the sacred institution of marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman, and for the rights of future generations to share in this beautiful and time-honored institution. The stakes are just too high to sit on the sidelines.

     With all of us doing our part, we will prevail - for marriage, for family, for God and country.

Sincerely yours in Christ, 

Fr Boquet Sig-transparent   
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International

P.S. An event like this always takes an investment of resources-of time, energy and money-to ensure a resounding success that will have an impact for generations to come. Please consider making a generous donation todayand standing with us as we make history!  
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