Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pope Saint John Paul II feast day

We remember our
 beloved Pope Saint John Paul II
on his feast day, and pray
for his intercession.

Official Vatican Prayer to Saint John Paul II

Oh, Saint John Paul, from the window of heaven, grant us your blessing! Bless the church that you loved and served and guided, courageously leading it along the paths of the world in order to bring Jesus to everyone and everyone to Jesus. 

Bless the young, who were your great passion.
 Help them dream again, 
help them look up high again to find the light 
that illuminates the paths of life here on earth.

May you bless families, bless each family! You warned of Satan's assault against this precious and indispensable divine spark that God lit on earth. Saint John Paul, with your prayer, may you protect the family 
and every life that blossoms from the family.

Pray for the whole world, which is still marked by tensions, wars and injustice. You tackled war by invoking dialogue and planting the seeds of love: 
pray for us so that we may be tireless sowers of peace.

Oh Saint John Paul, from heaven's window, 
where we see you next to Mary, 
send God's blessing down upon us all. Amen.