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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 2 of the new LifeSiteNews and improvements continue to be made.

Our apologies for not sending out yesterday’s news until late this morning. There were more technical hurdles to overcome than expected. The website design and development team from Transmodern Media have been incredible and very quick to resolve problems.

Readers are telling us they are amazed by the new website. “Wow!” is a common comment. We really appreciate the positive feedback, as well as the very helpful messages reporting problems that inevitably accompany the launch of such a dramatically improved website and emails. Thank you for communicating!

It’s great to see the comments readers are adding at the bottom of the LSN stories. Keep them coming. It’s your opportunity to add your insights and additional information.

It appears that the link to the website in yesterday’s email did not take readers to a normal page. Let’s try that again. Click here to see the new website, if you have not already visited it.

The “Print Article” format has been greatly improved since yesterday. View and Print “all stories on one page” is being fixed to present only the stories from the current date.

I realize of course that all this technical stuff is not why you read LifeSiteNews. And today’s news again highlights the need for our service.

Hilary White’s report on L’Osservatore Romano’s reckless leak of the Pope’s comments regarding the use of condoms is an astonishing read.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has never been one to shy away from frank comments on crucial issues. Peter Smith’s report on Scalia’s talk last week in Richmond, Virginia is a must read.

I have often referred to “Looney England,” but now Canada is rapidly becoming deserving of the same label.

Read on and become armed with the truth.

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Catherine DeCarlo

Catholic nurse can’t sue hospital that forced her to assist abortion: court

Administrators at Mt. Sinai Hospital had threatened DeCarlo with disciplinary measures in May 2009 if she did not honor a last-minute summons to assist in a scheduled late-term abortion. The hospital insisted on her participation in the procedure on the grounds that it was an “emergency.”

Justice Scalia slams high court for inventing ‘living constitution,’ right to abortion

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia slammed the modern U.S. judiciary and the high court for using the idea of a "living constitution" to invent new rules and meanings.

Catholics and journalists call for heads to roll at L’Osservatore Romano

Catholic commentators and mainstream journalists alike are denouncing L'Osservatore Romano for its "betrayal" of the Pope and of journalistic ethics.

Obama’s approval rating sinks lower

The poll also suggests that pro-life GOP figures Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and even Jeb Bush would beat Obama in a hypothetical matchup in 2012.

City council unanimously votes to stop Carhart late-term abortion plans

Pro-life supporters packed the meeting last night to voice opposition to the announced plans of Carhart.

C-SPAN will televise Prop. 8 opening arguments, says federal appeals court

Both sides in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case will present arguments during a two-hour hearing on December 6.

Pro-family activists concerned Canadian ‘transgender’ bill will increase bathroom attacks

If passed, the bill will add “gender identity” and “gender expression” as prohibited grounds for discrimination to the Canada Human Rights Act.

Young Canadian pro-lifer arrested outside Toronto abortion facility

Mary was acquitted in July of a previous arrest in April of this year at a different abortion clinic in Toronto.

Famous pro-abortion feminist calls unborn child a ‘tumor’

The well-known pro-abortion feminist and psychologist Florence Thomas has published an account of her illegal abortion at the age of 22.

Heroic Media: Saving Unborn Babies…One TV Commercial at a Time

Clarisse Martin learned late last year that she was pregnant - something she had not planned and absolutely did not want. She was determined to have an abortion.

How Dare You Compare Abortion to the Holocaust or Slavery?

I would go as far as saying, "How dare we not compare the Abortion Holocaust to the American Slave Trade, the Jewish Holocaust or any other catastrophic evil in history?"

#ihadanabortion and I hate myself

This week has been a complete hell.

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