Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes, It’s Getting That Bad

Yes, It’s Getting That Bad

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As bad as Carter was, he came across as a stumbling, bumbling incompetent fool that was in over his head. Obama comes across as a wannabe dictator who wants to “fundamentally transform” this country from the United States of America into the United American Socialist Republics (with himself as leader for life).

Obama already thinks that he is above the other branches of government. Congress won’t pass Cap and Tax? Obama’s “solution” is to have it implemented by the EPA. Congress won’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens? Obama’s “solution” is to grant backdoor amnesty through Homeland Security.

Obama’s administration was found in contempt of court for continuing the Gulf oil drilling moratorium months after a federal judge struck it down. Obama simply ignored this. Different federal judges have ruled against ObamaCare saying that the individual mandate or the entire law is unconstitutional. Obama simply ignored the rulings.

Obama declared that he has the power to declare a law to be unconstitutional (the Defense of Marriage Act) no matter what congress or the courts have to say about it. And it’s clear he also believes that he can unilaterally declare a law to be constitutional when you see him ignore rulings from federal judges on ObamaCare.

And Persephone is right. If Obama gets a second term (and no longer has to worry about getting reelected) things will get much worse. 


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