Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reason #15 to Defeat Obama: Gagging pro-life free speech


An unborn child is one of the only members of the human family who has no voice. He can’t speak up for himself. She can’t make the case for her own rights.

You and I have to do that.

But for some time now, pro-abortion politicians and journalists have done everything they can to silence the voice of the unborn and those who would speak up for them.

And Barack Obama has been in the forefront of these attacks on our free speech.

In his visit to American almost two hundred years ago, Alexis deTocqueville noted that one of America’s unique strengths was the habit of our citizens to band together in groups to work for the common good. When we formed associations, every citizen brought strengths that made the whole stronger than the sum of its parts. These associations did great things – expanding education, helping the poor, working to end slavery.

When citizens came together to form these associations, they didn’t lose their rights as citizens. They – and their fellow members – retained all their rights to freedom of assembly, of religion, of speech and of the press that they possess as individuals. It’s always been assumed that no one could take that away.

Until now.

In recent years, campaign “finance” laws have been passed at both the national and state levels that directly threaten the rights of modern-day associations of citizens – like your and my National Right to Life – to speak up on issues we think are important. But many of these laws don’t just regulate finance; they regulate speech – what you or an association you belong to can say about a candidate or an issue; or to whom we can say it; or how much we can say it.

Politicians and the media are usually exempt from these laws, meaning you and I associated together as National Right to Life might be restricted from writing or broadcasting certain information about candidates or legislative issues that theNew York Times and NBC News are allowed to “cover” from their point of view. Because the media tends to be pro-abortion, this gives supporters of the pro-abortion side powerful forums where their views can be heard, but gags the voices for the unborn like you and me.

Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the unfairness of such a double standard, and reaffirmed in the Citizens United case what we all knew: that the U.S. Constitution recognizes a virtually unlimited right to freedom of political speech for both individuals and groups of individuals. Without this, it wouldn’t be the America we know.

But Barack Obama isn’t satisfied with that expression of our rights. He offended some byopenly criticizing the Supreme Court ruling in his 2010 State of the Union message. He challenged Congress to find a way to overcome the Supreme Court’s broad protection of free speech in the Citizens United case.

So now Obama supports the “DISCLOSE Act,” which used a different tack to limit the free speech rights of Americans. Unable to directly ban certain kinds of political speech, the “DISCLOSE Act” uses the strategy of punishing those who want to participate with groups of fellow-minded Americans and help their groups spread a political message. It does this by going after the donors and members of groups, subjecting them to disclosure requirements others are allowed to ignore.

This is just one more reason why the National Right to Life Victory Fund needs your help to defeat Barack Obama in November. I hope you will share the information in these e-mails with your friends and please help us meet our fundraising goals by generously contributing to the NRL Victory Fund as you receive these messages.

The Court recognized our right to work together as associations for the common good –let’s do the very best we can between now and November and make America a place again where the voice of the unborn is heard loud and clear!


Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life

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