Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Hotels Profiting Off Late-Term Abortion in Albuquerque

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Live Action has released a second investigative video, highlighting what President Lila Rose has coined "room-service abortions" – and the hotels that profit off such sinister arrangements.

"Albuquerque residents going to the polls on Tuesday need to be really clear about what's going on here," Rose said.  "Albuquerque is the late-term abortion capital of the world.  We see late-term abortionists doing 'fly-ins' to perform these procedures – dangerous for mothers, fatal for children – and local hotels providing free shuttle service to and from the rooms where many of these women get holed up to finish out the gruesome destruction of their babies." Read more...

Another "mommy blog" posts an article supporting abortion

Today, I have another “mommy blog” post to share with you. This one, too, sadly supports abortion as a viable choice for women. What’s possibly even more sad is that, for these parenting sites to write about abortion, they must be realizing an important truth: abortion is a choice that a parent makes. As soon as a baby begins to exist in her mother’s womb, her mother is just that – a mother.
This time, the post supporting abortion comes from Blunt Moms. A large picture heading accompanies the short post. Read more...

Ad for ObamaCare promotes promiscuity
A sexually suggestive ad supporting ObamaCare has left plenty of Americans disturbed. The ad, released by the Thanks ObamaCare campaign (who is partnered with ProgressNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative), has been railed at by multiple news outlets.

While the ad (in a small note at the bottom) qualifies that birth control pills don’t protect against STDs and states that “condoms and common sense do that,” it still celebrates – and encourages – reckless behavior. If the creators of this ad truly wanted young women and men to be healthy, one would assume they would wage a campaign on preventing STDs. Instead, they create an ad that could instead encourage behavior that will promote STDs – not exactly a healthy result. Read more...
Seventh Circuit rules against Obama's abortion pill mandate Last Friday the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Obama’s abortion mandate could be challenged by employers who feel that the mandate burdens their right to freely exercise their religious beliefs:
The plaintiffs are two Catholic families and their closely held corporations—one a construction company in Illinois and the other a manufacturing firm in Indiana. The businesses are secular and for profit, but they operate in conformity with the faith commitments of the families that own and manage them. The plaintiffs object for religious reasons to providing the mandated coverage. They sued for an exemption on constitutional and statutory grounds. Read more...
Abortion doctors and admitting privileges – are clinics being treated unfairly?
Pro-choice activists are up in arms over the new law in Texas that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Because so few abortionists in Texas are able to get these admitting privileges, abortion clinics are suspending operations.
So – the question is, is requiring admitting privileges for abortion doctors specifically targeting them? Is mandating that abortionists get admitting privileges before they can do invasive surgery on women’s bodies unfairly imposing unnecessary medical standards? Well, let’s take a look. Read more...

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