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Australia: State Approves Sex Selection of Boys in IVF

Health authorities in Western Australia have become the first to approve sex selection in IVF to reduce the risk of autism. The Reproductive Technology Council has permitted the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in fertility clinics to determine gender, seeking to identify and eliminate males believed to have a greater likelihood of developing autism. Sperm may also be screened and only those with the "X" chromosome to ensure a girl would be used.

PGD is purposed for families who have more than one boy with autism, as males are four times more likely to have autism and families with one child with autism have a higher chance of future children having autism. Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr. Gary Geelhoed explained there is simple test to determine the sex stating, "In this case, the council considers those at risk of having another child, a boy with severe autism, they will use this technique to ensure a healthy girl is born."

However, the technique cannot guarantee the health of the baby girl as the development of autism varies in girls and boys and includes factors that have yet to be verified as triggers for autism.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) - "It seems to me clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime." - Gandhi.

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**************************************** Newsletter #654
November 17, 2013

1. Gene silencing technique offers hope for cure for Down syndrome
2. Gynecology before Roe v. Wade
3. Some Pastoral Reflections On The Duties Of Family Planning
4. Am I Pro-Life?
5. Three-Parent Families - the Gay Agenda's Trojan Horse - Legalized in California
6. The Couple Having Four Babies By Two Surrogates
7. Palliative Care Often Errantly Reduced To End-of-life Care
8. U.N. Report: Too Many Girls Too Young To Give Birth
9. China's Brutal One-Child Policy
10. Road to Designer Babies
11. Euthanasia puts the elderly at risk
12. Sweetening the pill

(Life): "Redefining Beauty to See Beyond the Disabilities"Rick Guidotti's life has been all about beauty and the power of images since he spent years as a fashion photographer. His life was changed forever while photographing a woman with Albinism. Those medical pictures changed his life forever and he now reserved his talent to the disabled.
(Life): First Officially Pro-Life High School" - St. Michael the Archangel High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the first officially pro-life high school in America. A truthful pro-life worldview is integrated into all subjects. SMAHS is an official project of American Life League.


ITEM #1: Gene silencing technique offers hope for cure for Down syndrome

Is it possible to "cure" Down syndrome? Jeanne Lawrence, of the University Massachusetts Medical School, believes that it could happen some day.


ITEM #2:
Gynecology before Roe v. Wade

Thanks largely to the efforts of one doctor, abortion was formally condemned.

ITEM #3: Creation of Human Embryos With Three Parents Facing Massive Opposition

The Catholic position on family planning is sometimes caricatured as if the Church intends the faithful not to discern their family size responsibly, but rather to have as many children as their fertility will allow, what Pope John Paul II referred to in 1994 as "an ideology of fertility at all costs." This is silly and anyone who believes it has not made a serious effort to find out the truth.


ITEM #4: Am I Pro-Life?

You may think that the answer to that question is pretty straightforward, a simple matter of opinions held or asserted, or not, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Many think that it's simply a question of whether you hold a certain political view or not: for or against the right to kill others in certain situations, like saying, "it's ok to kill a person who is in an embryonic, fetal or otherwise unborn state." Or, "it's ok to kill others who are just born, very old, very disabled, genetically-different, chronically-ill or who take up too much time in the hospital, who cost too much for the taxpayer-funded government services." Or not.

ITEM #5: Three-Parent Families - the Gay Agenda's Trojan Horse - Legalized in California

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, previously warned, "It's always a recipe for disaster to try and create children to order by artificial means to satisfy the desires of natural parents who are unrelated and lack a shared commitment to parenting."
ITEM #6: The Couple Having Four Babies By Two Surrogates
A British couple are to become parents of two sets of twin babies carried by two Indian surrogate women they have never met. Experts say twiblings - or children born to separate surrogates but created from the same batch of embryos - are not uncommon in India.


ITEM #7 Palliative Care Often Errantly Reduced To End-of-life Care
Palliative care, a specialized, multidisciplinary team approach to caring for seriously ill people and their families, is often errantly reduced to end-of-life care. This misconception has led to palliative care involvement being introduced late in an illness, often depriving patients and their families of comprehensive symptom control, support and assistance with complex decision-making throughout the course of their illness when it could provide the most benefit.

ITEM #8: U.N. Report: Too Many Girls Too Young To Give Birth
A 16-year-old girl pleads with her parents not to barter her into a marriage.

ITEM #9: China's Brutal One-Child Policy

Stubborn hard-liners will not willingly abandon population control measures that have provided the government with an estimated two trillion yuan in revenue from fines, according to the demographer He Yafu, while allowing it to maintain firm control over people's lives.
ITEM #10: Road to Designer Babies

Too often the ability to do something implies the justification to do it. But should we do everything that we can do?

ITEM #11: Euthanasia puts the elderly at risk
The current euthanasia debate in Quebec frightens me. As a woman of a certain age, I fear I am heading into a future where I may lose meaningful control of my life. Whether I live or die may hinge on the kindness of individuals unknown to me, perhaps nurses or doctors, who will be put in the position of determining my worth.
ITEM #12: Sweetening the pill
A young woman dissolves the sugar coating on the contraceptive pill and exposes its harmful, anti-woman core.



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