Sunday, December 17, 2006


Holy Mother Church

As believers in a transcendent God, we hold that truth is distinct from and independent of circumstances. We further believe that truth is ultimately measured and, in fact, defined by the character and nature of the absolute, unchanging God of the universe. Each of us must individually consider how best to proclaim the measure of God's truth revealed to us. History teaches as certain, however, that the withholding of that truth creates a vacuum into which unrestrained men will place all manner of self-serving philosophies that ultimately promote the denigration of any truth and justice. We who are entrusted with the truth must raise it as a banner. In so doing we must be both circumspect and compassionate. Our banner must lift up Jesus who offers hope to the lost, comfort to the hurting and restoration to the broken. Only in Jesus Christ can we achieve compassionate solutions to society's problems without compromising the truth. May our efforts in His Name be also in His strength and direction. As we lift Him up, may we draw closer to Him, and draw others with us; only by this will we succeed.

[From 'A Resource Manual']

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