Tuesday, December 5, 2006




* Whereas, it has been proven beyond reasonable scientific dispute that the union of a human sperm and human ovum produces a living human being; and

* Whereas, the humanity of each individual is not in any way affected by the circumstances surrounding human conception, location, state of genetic perfection (or imperfection), or stage of development: and

* Whereas, human life at every stage of biological development is deserving of respect and protection; and

* Whereas, it is documented that IVF programs include the objectionable practices of discarding, freezing and/or experimenting upon human embryos, and voluntary elimination of these basic human rights violations from the current programs by their administrators is not forthcoming; and

* Whereas, by its very nature IVF exposes the human embryo to extraordinary risks, hazards and rigors beyond its capacities for survival, as evidenced by the documented high rate of IVF embryo mortalities; and

* Whereas, IVF often involves continuous monitoring and testing, both before and after transfer of the developing embryo, thereby increasing the possibility of increased eugenic abortions either mandated or encouraged.

* Whereas, the National Right to Life Committee realizes the deep sorrow and frustration experienced by married infertile couples, and empathizes with their desire to become parents; now therefore

* BE IT RESOLVED that NRLC emphasizes the disturbing social, moral, and legal issues involved with this technique and urges further study and research into the causes and increasingly successful "in vivo" treatment to infertility; the promotion of public awareness of the findings of the above-mentioned study and research; and the dissemination of information of currently available alternatives to IVF for infertile married couples;

* BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NRLC condemns current IVF procedures and urges a halt to these practices.

Approved by the Board of Directors, National Right to Life Committee, Inc.
January 20, 1985, Washington, D. C.

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