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A New (Unconstitutional) Religious Test for a Presidential Appointee? - By Paul M. Weyrich

Will it now be necessary for a nominee to deny the teachings of his or her own church in order to be confirmed by the United States Senate?

Only four countries in Europe offer gynecology degrees without requiring abortion

Kansas AG Morrison Clears Planned Parenthood in Abortion Records Investigation

Incidents Show Abortions Out of Control in Kansas

Pushing for Assisted Suicide on Demand

Supreme Court Abortion Decision - Fr. Frank Pavone

Amnesty's Fall

Prime Minister Harper handpicks his (theoretical) successors

AP Uses Democrat Talking Points in Fred Thompson Hit Piece

Hardball host Chris Matthews Criticizes Catholic Church for Applying Doctrine to Politicians

The Darfur Genocide and Global Warming By Fred Thompson

Bloomberg Candidacy Could Shake Up '08 Race, Analysts Say

Seoul court grants asylum to Chinese dissident who exposed illegal organ trade

Al Gore Has Not Responded to Professor's Global Warming Wager, Media Mum

IPCC Scientist: IPCC 'Not in Business of Climate Prediction'

Glaciers Growing in France, Switzerland, and Washington: Will Media Care?

NYC Councilman Wants to Overturn School Nativity Scene Ban

China preparing reaction against Pope's message?

The U.S. Catholic Church Is Sinking Fast

US Senate to open with Hindu prayers

NOW endorses pro-homosexual military bill

Broadcasters Deny Connection Between Societal Violence, Violent Media

Pro-Homosexual Bill Advances in California

Self-described homosexual priest - "I don't need a priest or a bishop or a pope to tell me who I am"

Rival conferences explore appropriate Catholic response to homosexuality

North Carolina Public School Official Labels Homeschool Illegal

USA Today endorses 'gay marriage,' school says some people born 'gay'

Angry Mob Assaults Peaceful Christian Witness at Chicago "Pride" Parade

Celebrities grow rich off climate change alarmism, even as once devout 'global warmists' cool to the theory

Is Fred Phelps Funded By NAMBLA? - Who funds his frequent trips across US?

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