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Newspaper Poll on Cardinal Pell and Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians:

Catholic University of Argentina: "right to abortion" non-existent

Mexican Cardinal Sandoval: promoters of abortion are "children of darkness"

Praise in Chile for pharmacies that refuse to sell morning-after pill

Bill Would Force Pharmacists to Dispense Plan B

Assisted Suicide Bill Dies Peacefully in California Assembly

Faithful Reason About Stem Cells

N.Y. Daily News Labeling Guide? 'Avoid Pro-Life Or Pro-Lifers...Avoid Pro-Abortion'

ACLU Pushing For State Funded Abortions

Thompson Surges Into Second Place

N.Y.Observer: Attacks on Thompson Begin in Earnest

Rudy Giuliani could be the death knell of the Reagan Coalition

Theologian says private faith, public policy of Democratic candidates don't jive

The founder and president of the Media Research Center says all of the national media "are in a meltdown."

The Problems of Pre-Term and Low Birth Weight Babies

Alaska Schools Discuss Whether Exempting Kids from Sex Ed is 'Unconstitutional' 'Unconstitutional'.htm

Study shows in dire situations, many would consider ending their lives if it were legal

Canada's carbon dioxide 'comedy of errors' a total capitulation to climate change dogma

Environmentalism may not be considered a religion by its adherents, but it's getting easier to make that comparison all the time

15-Year-Old Byrnes Outsmarts NASA's Global Warming Alarmist James Hansen

Tierney Takes on Rachel Carson and 'Silent Spring' DDT Ban

If you want to help the poor, promote marriage.

A.B. 374: Ding Dong the Bill is Dead!- Wesley Smith

Focus on gender politics: Seeing hate where there is none

Focus on gender politics: Campus youth betrayed

Media Censoring Same-Sex "Marriage" Defeat

Pro-homosexual bill rammed through Maine legislature

Zoo typifies how far society has fallen

Muhammad 2nd favorite name in UK

California Assembyman Proponent of physician-assisted suicide distressed by fate of euthanized cats and dogs

U.S. panel OKs contraceptive aid to international family planning groups promoting abortion

Congressional Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require pharmacies to offer emergency contraception

Irish government now subsidizes some abortions

Abortion Sometimes a Moral Issue, Say Austrians

Republicans should be talking about marriage and family.

G-8 Discuss Global Warming as South America Ends One of Coldest Mays in History

Science Organization Debunks Global Warming Claims of NASA's James Hansen

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"