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Cardinal Pell likens parliamentary probe on comments to Stalinism

Traditional Values Coalition's Lou Sheldon backing Romney for president /06/tvcs_lou_sheldon_backing_romne.php

Fred Thompson Record on Abortion Scrutinized /ic/2007/6/17/214454.shtml?s=ic

'Today' Crowns Hillary as 'Unbeatable' /13540

Partisan politics have stranded Bush appellate court nominee in the Senate Judiciary Committee - "an outrage of the first order." /CLtopstories/A000004858.cfm

Stem Cells, God and Caesar -19902?l=english

Full Incriminating Interview Discussing Tiller Abortion Records /?page_id=664

British body backs inter-species clones /20070617/sc_nm/stemcells_chimeras_dc_1

Behind Closed Doors: Planned Parenthood's Cover-ups and Lies _514.shtml

The DEA's Big Chill Against Aggressive Pain Control /blog/2007/06/deas-big-chill-against-aggressive-pain.htm

Colorado Pro-Life Group Joins National Right to Life /CLNews/A000004849.cfm

Report Critical of Comprehensive Sex Ed /CLNews/A000004857.cfm

Newspaper says Oakland's new cathedral will be costliest ever built in U.S. /news/newsArticle.aspx?id=66e60ca5-8d46-4e6e-822d-f4dee81b6769

Climate Change Carbon Trading Called High price for load of hot air ail/story/0,23739,21920043-27197,00.html

Father of scientific climatology, considers global warming a bunch of hooey. /topstories/197613

U.S. Oil Industry Scales Back Crucially Needed Refinery Plans /article.php?id=D8PQOFP00&show_article=1

Young Norwegian teens may get free birth control pills /english/local/article1171684.ece

Psychiatrist Asserts Marijuana Is 1st Step to Other Drugs -19900?l=english

Catholic apostolate formed to help people overcome addiction to pornography - Catholic clergy said to be in state of denial /news/newsArticle.aspx?id=e24cc798-0a95-4430-9c7d-febdc4bcf492

America: A Theocracy? =PV07F05&f=WX06L01

Homeschooling and Christian Duty /onthesquare/?p=773

The Muslim Diplomats Go to School – With the Jesuits

Weakened Public Education and Student "Rights" /commentaries/2007/070614.aspx

Authentic Freedom and the Homosexual Person /features2007/mlowery_homosexuality1_jun07.asp

Why Do Gays Hate Religious Freedom? /columnists/HarryRJacksonJr/2007/06/18/why_do_gays_hate_religious_freedom

260 reports of abuse yearly in Protestant churches /lifestyles/religion/429030,CST-NWS-prot15.article

Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring /article.php?id=D8PR9N3O0&show_article=1

Dallas falls short of being largest city in U.S. to elect openly gay mayor /nation/article/0,8599,1634076,00.html

Pentagon advisor says military's homosexual ban should stand /06/pentagon_advisor_says_military.php

Legal group wants elite summer school free of sexual indoctrination: In 2005, school held homosexual indoctrination seminar /06/legal_group_wants_elite_nc_sum.php

Scottish Catholic exposing gay priests because of "unprecedented moral crisis" in Catholic Church" which bishops not dealing with /tol/comment/faith/article1945860.ece

'Dolly' Scientist: Make Human Stem Cells From Animal Eggs /livescience/20070612/sc_livescience/dollyscientistmakehumanstemcellsfromanimaleggs;_ylt=AtlFIF6I9.YcWU8q4v18j_8PLBIF

Why a "pro-life" tag no longer dooms politicians /articles/why_a_pro_life_tag_no_longer_dooms_politicians/

After years of urging the public and governments to support the destruction of embryos, scientists may have led them up a blind alley /articles/is_therapeutic_cloning_obsolete/

A palliative care physician remembers an unexpected request from the husband of a dying patient /articles/cant_you_give_her_a_needle/'s Upside-Down View of Marriage /13479

Forget warming - beware the new ice age ost/financialpost/comment/story.html?id=bdc24964-7f82 -4f7a-863c-f0ff43010278

I'M CRUSHED BY ABORTION GUILT /showbiz/yourlife/drmiriam/tm_headline=i-m-crushed-by-abortion-guilt&method=full&objectid=19282232&siteid=89520-name_page.html

Kenya Human Rights Commission calls for legalization of abortion /news/newsarticle.asp?newsid=2354&newscategoryid=1

Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk Debating the embryo's fate /articleopinion.asp?ID=4769

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"