Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Website saved this baby!

Care Net Option Line Heidi found herself pregnant, scared and alone. An abortion seemed the only way out. Then she found the Option line Website. Heidi realized she wasn't alone, that she had life-saving options and that there was someone out there who cared. Heidi made an appointment and chose life for her baby!

We have learned that one of the most cost effective ways to reach pregnant women is through the Internet. And we can use the Internet to lead women to a secure place where they can learn their options, talk to loving counselors, and find a local Pregnancy Counseling Center in their area.

With the help of current donors to the LifeDonor Network, Care Net's website for women in crisis was able to directly communicate to over 80,000 women in the past few months because of internet advertising.

That's why AFA has joined hands with the pro-life ministry of Care Net in supporting the LifeDonor Network. Please consider joining the LifeDonor Network. You can help keep Option-line online in serving women and give them hope. Hope that can save lives.

It only takes a small monthly contribution and your support WILL save lives!

Please go here to learn more about this exciting outreach.


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