Friday, November 14, 2008 NewsBytes

"They mouthed 'Obama' at me, as if it were a curse" - Pro-lifers report strange day outside abortion clinic day after the election

Rev. Peterson: Black Preachers are Worshiping the Wrong Messiah

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Does the GOP 'Have to Be Anti-Abortion'?

The broadcast networks have failed to run even a single story mentioning the push for a new Fairness Doctrine.

Shuster Tries To Pick Palin-Jindal Fight

The Palin Factor - What the polls say about Sarah - she was a net vote-getter for the Republican ticket

The Emerging Majority - It's not Republican.

Last week the United States went left. A few days later New Zealand went right.

Brazilian government promotes abortion in standardized testing

10,000 Masses for Unborn Babies Scheduled for January 13-21, 2009
Double-minded bishops

Universal truth in an age of reason - A review of William Gairdner's defence of universal truth.

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Getting it right on contraception

California parental notification campaign was outspent 11 to 1
Girls as young as 12 are being exploited for sex in Portland, Ore., according to an NBC investigation

CWA Applauds the State Attorneys General Crackdown on Craigslist Erotic Ads

Hate Crimes Legislation: The Politically Correct Way to Silence People of Faith

"Trial Lawyers," the 111th Congress and the Next Presidency - A Possible Onslaught for "Justice"