Tuesday, November 18, 2008


November 18, 2008

Exciting New Way to Help Terri's Foundation!

Dear friends,

Since Terri's death, we've had over 500 families contact us for help on how to save the life of their loved one when they felt powerless to do it themselves. Whether with issues of futile care or hospital ethics boards who are overreaching written directives in a person's life, there is no organization that is actively winning these battles on family's behalf except for Terri Foundation.

We can't continue to save lives if we are not adequately supported. But we do understand in today's tough economic environment it may be more difficult to support Terri's Foundation to the fullest extent that you want to.

That's the reason why we want you to become an active part of our new exciting association with Christian Values Network where you can contribute to Terri's Foundation through your everyday shopping.

Here's how it works....

All you have to do is begin all your online shopping at CVN.org and a percentage of your everyday shopping will go directly to Terri's Foundation. It's that simple!

Just like the millions of others that shop online - start paying the best price possible at your favorite major stores like Target, Best Buy, PetSmart, Macy's, Sports Authority and so many more! And you can do it all while never leaving the comforts of your home. When you shop through CVN.org, 3-7% of your purchase will go to support Terri's Foundation! This also includes purchasing your travel through CVN.org at Expedia or renting movies at Blockbuster or Netflix.

Click here to learn more about Christian Values Network and browse our list of well known, respected and trusted shopping partners and become a member today!

Membership is FREE! When you sign up you can begin saving lives through your financial support.

So we encourage you to
Join Today to do all of your Christmas and future online shopping at CVN.org and immediately begin helping Terri's Foundation!

Because to buy is to give!

Bobby Schindler