Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Unborn Life Saved by Radio Prayers

Radio Prayers

Family Planning Associates/San Diego, Saturday October 31

The life of the unborn sometimes hinge on seemingly minor details. Such was the case Saturday morning when a new sidewalk counselor named Selena encountered a young Hispanic couple leaving the killing center. The counselor asked the young woman "C" if she had an abortion. The mother, who spoke Spanish, said that she did not have the abortion because there was something wrong with the ( Medi-Cal?) paperwork that would take a couple of days to fix. The counselor asked why she wanted to abort. The woman said that her husband is unemployed and they already have a couple of children. The husband interjected that he was against this abortion. The counselor told the couple that she had a contact at a Spanish-speaking radio station that would ask people in the radio audience to pray for the couple and their situation. The counselor asked if this would be all right and the couple responded that it was. The counselor called the radio station on her cel phone and explained the situation. The program host told the radio audience to pray for the unborn child and the parents. The couple was moved by this outpouring of prayer, and the woman said that she would not abort her baby. They had taken a taxi to the killing center so the counselor offered to drive them home. When they arrived at the couple's home the counselor was invited in to meet the couple's small children. 

Earlier that morning Selena witnessed an older woman angrily scolding a girl, perhaps her daughter. As they exited the clinic the older woman told the girl that it was inconceivable that she had considered an abortion. So by God's grace a second baby was spared from slaughter.