Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your prayers today could save an entire country from legalized abortion.

Hello, Friends of HLI

Rarely have your prayers been more urgently needed to save lives. The South American nation of Uruguay faces a crucial turning point on Sunday, November 29, 2009.

If the people vote for the Frente Amplio or Broad Front candidate for president, he has promised to legalize abortion-on-demand in Uruguay and will have the votes to do it. If the National Party candidate wins, abortion will be blocked. Currently the opinion polls show almost 50% on each side.

It is a thousand times easier to prevent legal abortion than it is to reverse it once it has taken root. Spain recently had their second rally for life with over 1 million people on the streets in Madrid and their socialist government still insists on keeping abortion-on-demand.

Human Life International's Uruguayan affiliates are working day and night to educate and mobilize their fellow citizens to defend innocent human life. The picture above is from a march for life they organized on Monday in the capital of Montevideo and other cities.

Please join with us in praying for a pro-life outcome to this election by adding this important intention to your Mass and Rosary prayers for the next few days. Even a single Hail Mary and Our Father will be valuable contributions. We need an outpouring of grace on Uruguay as we all collaborate prayerfully to stop the global advance of death that threatens to overtake our entire world. This Thanksgiving holiday in the USA and Sunday let us storm Heaven for life.

Thank you for your concern for God's precious children. Please forward this to friends and contact convents to ask for their prayers.

Human Life International