Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sitting senators get six times as much money from pro-abortion forces than from pro-lifers

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(The following is an excerpt from a Dec. 9 item published on, the website of the Center for Responsive Politics. describes itself as "the nation's premier independent website tracking the influence of money on U.S. politics, and how that money affects policy and citizens' lives." The article appeared after senators killed language in their version of healthcare legislation that would have been nearly identical to the Stupak Amendment adopted by the House.) 

"Senators Backed By Pro-Choice Interests Block New Abortion Restrictions" 

Published by Michael Beckel on December 9, 2009 

As the U.S. Senate weighs contentious changes to federal abortion policy, the Center for Responsive Politics has also found that pro-choice interests have given sitting senators roughly six times as much as pro-life interests have contributed to them. 

Overall, individuals and political action committees classified by the Center as part of the abortion rights lobby have contributed about $3.4 million to current senators since 1989. By contrast, individuals and PACs classified by the Center as part of the anti-abortion lobby have contributed just $559,000 to current senators during the same period… 

Unlike other policy areas where donations may hold some sway in influencing lawmakers, supporters and opponents of abortion rights typically donate money to politicians who already agree with them on the issue. 

After supporters of abortion rights suffered a setback during the House's health care reform debate, they defeated an attempt to add new restrictions regarding abortion to the Senate's health insurance reform bill Tuesday. 

By a 54-45 vote, senators tabled an amendment offered by Sens. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.)… and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). The Center for Responsive Politics has found that senators who voted in favor of tabling the amendment received an average of nearly $60,000 from abortion rights supporters and an average of just $80 from anti-abortion interests over the past 20 years. 

Senators who voted against tabling the Nelson-Hatch amendment, meanwhile, received an average of $12,300 from pro-life interests and an average of $3,700 from pro-choice interests over the past 20 years, CRP found. 

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