Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Spirit and Life: Putting the Family First


A pair of conservative authors writing in The Atlantic this week have highlighted the stark marriage statistics in middle-class America. “[D]ramatic increases in nonmarital childbearing, divorce, and family instability among the working class mean that only about 55 percent of children with working-class mothers will reach age 14 in a home headed by two biological parents,” they noted. Meanwhile, “only minorities of poor adults (26 percent) and working-class adults (39 percent) ages 18 to 55 are married.”

The numbers are somewhat healthier among America’s educated upper-class. But the weakening of marriage in middle-America means that the backbone of the country is weakening. For right behind these bleak marriage statistics, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted in a controversial recent monologue on his show, are “all the familiar disasters that inevitably follow...

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