Thursday, June 15, 2017

"More babies will be saved"

Dear Deacon John,
The 40 Days for Life campaign started in Texas ... and the world came knocking. God has now used this effort to save lives and change hearts in 44 countries!
Leading a campaign is hard -- no matter where you live -- but some countries have extraordinary difficulties to overcome ... including Nigeria.
Nigeria faces many problems associated with refugees, unexpected pregnancies -- and abortions offered by what one brand-new 40 Days for Life leader calls "quack medical personnel."
This courageous volunteer writes, "I have saved two babies in these areas, and I believe with a coordinated campaign, more babies will be saved and many women and girls will chose life."
She does say that a vigil would have to be limited to daylight hours "due to the insecurity caused by Fulani herdsmen in these areas." Still, she says, "I am eager to lead the campaign in these troubled areas."
Now those are challenges that simply don't exist in most Western nations!
But this effort should serve as inspiration to others -- maybe you! -- to step up and lead 40 Days for Life vigils. The campaign runs September 27 to November 5 ... and applications are open until June 23:
The challenge of running 40 Days for Life campaigns in Mexico is the topic of our 40 Days for Life podcast interview with Lourdes Varela, who brought 40 Days for Life to Mexico City.
Lourdes shares her experiences in the podcast episode, "South of the Border," at:
40 Days for Life is also spreading very quickly in Croatia, which was formerly under Communist rule. Ante Caljkusic brought the first campaign to Zagreb, Croatia's capital city, and the effort has spread from there.
Ante and several volunteers recently visited Rome. The group included a Croatian mom who chose life for her child. In Rome, Pope Francis blessed this baby and told Ante and the others, "There is no more important work than this one. Be persistent!"
You can listen to the podcast episode featuring Ante, "From Communism to Hope," at:
Ready to try this in your town? Now's the time!
Again ... applications are open until June 23, and they're for local leaders only. No application is needed to come out and pray!
Shawn Carney
President, 40 Days for Life
PS: Want to see where campaigns are going to be happening? Here's the map of locations approved so far:
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