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Current Headlines

Senate Resumes Debate on Pro-Abortion Health Care, Support Drops in Poll
Hatch Expected to File Amdt to Cut Abortion Funds in Senate Health Care Bill
Pro-Life Group Files Complaint Against Hodari in Forced Abortion Case
Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren Challenges President Obama on Abortion
Harvard Study: Planned Parenthood is an Abortion Biz, Business is Bad
Mike Huckabee: "Less Thank Likely" He Will Challenge Obama in 2012
New York Times Highlights Divide Between Old, Young Abortion Advocates
Poll Shows Canadians More Concerned About Killing Animals Than Unborn
Northern Ireland Court OKs Pro-Life Group's Challenge of Abortion Rules
Austin Texas' Travis County to Consider Spending $450K on Abortions at Mtg
Vermont Assault Bill Fails to Give Women, Unborn Children Proper Justice

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Senate Resumes Debate on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, Support Drops in Poll
Washington, DC ( -- The Senate resumes debate today on a health care restructuring bill that contains massive abortion funding, rationing and promotion of assisted suicide. As the debate renews following the Thanksgiving break, the White House, congressional Republicans and pro-life advocates are renewing their efforts.

One Obama administration official told CNN today that the White House is "geared up to go on offense" in favor of the pro-abortion health care bill despite Obama's promise that he doesn't want abortion funding. The official said President Barack Obama and his team are planning to "push back on the distortions and misinformation... being circulated by interest groups and opponents."

The new offensive includes a video featuring Vice President Joe Biden and the presidents of the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Family Physicians.

The efforts come as a new Gallup poll shows Americans currently tilt against Congress' pro-abortion health care bill.

The poll found 49% saying they would advise their member to vote against a bill (or they lean that way) and 44% saying they would advocate a vote in favor of the bill (or lean toward advising a yes vote).

"Since Gallup began tracking Americans' preferences for healthcare legislation earlier this year, there has never been a strong public mandate in favor of passing a law this year," the polling firm indicated. Full story at

Hatch Expected to File Stupak Amdt to Cut Abortion Funds in Senate Health Care Bill
Washington, DC ( -- The Senate resumes debate today on its version of the government-run health care bill that contains massive abortion funding. As the debate continues, pro-life advocates are still holding out hope that a Stupak-type amendment can be added to the bill to remove it.

Before the Thanksgiving recess, Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who has long been associated with efforts to stop abortion, said he would propose an amendment to strike the abortion funding from the bill. The amendment will likely mirror the language of the Stupak amendment that the House added to its version of the government-run plan prior to passing its legislation.

"The sanctity of life is not an issue that can be traded away for political expediency," Hatch said recently on the Senate floor.

Before the break, Hatch joined Republican Sens. Sam Brownback of Kansas and Mike Johanns of Nebraska in complaining about the abortion funding in the bill Senate leader Harry Reid introduced.

"The House provisions, in contrast to the terribly flawed provisions in the Reid bill, contained language that would not only safeguard the rights of the unborn but also would prevent medical providers from being coerced into performing procedures that violate their conscience," Hatch said. Full story at

Pro-Life Group Files Complaint Against Alberto Hodari in Forced Abortion Case
Flint, MI ( -- Michigan-based abortion practitioner Alberto Hodari is already the subject of a lawsuit from a woman who says he subjected her to a forced abortion. Now, a pro-life group that monitors the illegal and unethical actions of abortion practitioners has filed a formal complaint with the state attorney general.

Caitlin Bruce is the victim of a forced abortion that saw Hodari and a staffer forcibly restrain her as she screamed "no."

She filed a lawsuit against Hodari in June saying she withdrew her consent for an abortion and accusing Hodari and his assistant of holding her down and covering her mouth to muffle her screams while Hodari viciously forced an abortion upon her. Bruce told WJRT-TV last week about the lawsuit she has filed against Hodari and said that she changed her mind and withdrew her consent for the abortion after seeing an ultrasound of the unborn baby.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman has been following Bruce's case and has exposed Hodari's shoddy practices over the years.

He informed today that his group has filed formal complaints against Hodari with the Michigan Attorney General's office and with the Michigan Department of Community Health. The complaints ask for investigations into possible criminal misconduct in the alleged forced abortion that took place last year.

"We have filed the appropriate complaints to insure that the correct authorities are also investigating possible criminal charges and causes for discipline against Hodari's medical license," Newman said. Full story at

Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren Challenges President Barack Obama on Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- Evangelical pastor Rick Warren, author of the best-selling "A Purpose Driven Life," and the spiritual leader of the mega-Saddleback Church in California, challenged President Barack Obama during an interview on Sunday. Warren says Obama is hypocritical for saying he wants abortions to be rare.

In the context of abortion and Obama, Warren is best known as the pastor to whom Obama said assessing when human life begins is "above my pay grade."

Warren said on NBC's "Meet the Press" program that Obama is taking an abortion stance that contains a false juxtaposition by saying he wants abortions to be rare but not believing human life begins at conception. For Warren, the admission that abortions should be rare acknowledges there is something wrong with abortion. And if there is something wrong with abortion, why won't Obama take the position they should be prohibited.

"We've had 46 million Americans who aren't here. Those who could be here since Roe v. Wade, who are not voting. I think that innocence is a holocaust. I really do," Warren said.

"Now, I don't understand the idea of it should be rare and less. Well, either you believe it's life or you don't....why would you believe it should be rare?....If a baby, a fetus is not a life, then why restrict it?" he continued. Full story at

Harvard Study: Planned Parenthood is an Abortion Business and Business is Bad
by Mauricio Roman
Despite profits of $85 million in 2008, Planned Parenthood is facing serious financial difficulties.

According to a recent Harvard Business School case study, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with multiple affiliates, each of which is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The national entity lobbies on national policy, sets affiliation standards, and leases its "Planned Parenthood" brand to affiliates, each of which has its own independent board and management structure, and so enjoys independence in its day-to-day operations.

Internally, Planned Parenthood's difficulties stem from the uneven strength of its affiliates, and President Cecile Richards is worried.

According to the Harvard case, her organization faces "tough economic times, a hostile political environment, and limited ability to raise philanthropic dollars in a resource constrained area of the country."

What does a "hostile political environment" entail?

For one thing, past government funding of crisis pregnancy centers and abstinence-only sex education programs. No industry likes a product that can become a substitute for the one it sells. From this perspective, abstinence is a substitute for contraception, and adoption is a substitute for abortion. Unable to grasp that these are morally superior options to abortion, Planned Parenthood sees them only as threats to their established position. Full story at

Mike Huckabee: "Less Thank Likely" He Will Challenge President Obama in 2012
Washington, DC ( -- Former Republican presidential candidate and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said over the weekend that it is "less than likely" that he will challenge pro-abortion President Barack Obama in 2012. His comments come as recent polls show him with the most support among Republican voters.

Huckabee, who has his own show on the Fox News network, told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" that a 2012 presidential depends in part on whether Fox News head Roger Ailes keeps his show going.

"The reason I wouldn't is that this Fox gig I've got is really wonderful, " he said.

Huckabee also said he is concerned about the lack of financial and organizational support for another bid for the GOP nomination. He noted that he did not get enough support in 2008 to make his candidacy as effective as he would have liked, although he would likely receive more support this time around as one of the top candidates.

"It's easy to say, 'Oh gee, don't you just want to jump back in it?' But jumping into the pool, you gotta make sure there is some water in it," he said. Pressed about the specific chances of him running, Huckabee said, "It's hard to say." Full story at

New York Times Highlights Divide Between Older and Young Abortion Advocates
by Matthew Balan
Sheryl Gay Stolberg devoted most of her article in Sunday's New York Times detailing the concerns of radical feminists over the future of legalized abortion, specifically its support among the younger generations.

Stolberg tried to downplay the larger opposition to abortion in the 18-30 year old demographic, and only one of the pro-abortion activists that she quoted in her article belonged to this group.

The New York Times correspondent began her article, "In Support of Abortion, It's Personal vs. Political," with a sympathetic personal anecdote from one of the aging radicals, Representative Louise Slaughter of New York: "In the early 1950s, a coal miner's daughter from rural Kentucky named Louise McIntosh encountered the shadowy world of illegal abortion. A friend was pregnant...and Ms. McIntosh was keeper of a secret that, if spilled, could have led to family disgrace. The turmoil ended quietly in a doctor's office... Today, Louise McIntosh is Representative Louise M. Slaughter, Democrat of New York. At 80, she is co-chairwoman of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus — a member of what Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, calls 'the menopausal militia.'"

This so-called militia, and the wider "abortion rights movement," according to Stolberg, has been " turn inward, raising questions about how to carry their agenda forward in a complex, 21st-century world." Full story at

Poll Shows Canadians More Concerned About Killing Animals Than Unborn Children
Ottawa, Canada ( -- A new Canadian poll finds a tremendous incongruency in the thinking of Canadians on key social and political issues. The new survey finds Canadians are more outraged with the killing of animals or their medical testing than the destruction of unborn children and using them for scientific study.

A new national survey conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion and published in Maclean's magazine finds practices pro-life advocates find objectionable are morally acceptable. The poll asked: "Regardless of whether or not you think each of the following issues should be legal, please indicate whether you personally believe they are morally acceptable or morally wrong."

In 2007, 61 percent of Canadians found abortion morally okay and that number has increased to 66 percent today. On the other hand, a lower 53 percent of Canadians say buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur is morally all right.

While a minority of 44 percent of Canadians are morally fine with medical testing on animals, some 69 percent of Canadians have no trouble with medical research that uses stem cells obtained from human embryos -- which can only be obtained by destroying days-old unborn children.

The only issue on which Canadians place human beings above animals comes on cloning -- where 27 percent say they are all right with animal cloning compared with 11 percent who say human cloning is morally permissible. Full story at

Northern Ireland Court OKs Pro-Life Group's Challenge of Govt's Abortion Rules
Belfast, Northern Ireland ( -- The Belfast high court has approved a pro-life group's challenge of the rules for when abortion can be done in Northern Ireland. The abortion guidelines the health department released in March drew a challenge from the British pro-life group SPUC.

The organization says the guidelines, which explain the rare circumstances when abortions can be legally done, could be used to legalize abortions through the back door. Northern Ireland, unlike the rest of Great Britain, does not allow abortions and makes them available only when the life of the mother is at risk.

The new document says abortions can be done for two reasons: to "preserve the life of the woman" or if a physician determines continuing the pregnancy will impose "a risk of real and serious adverse effect on her physical or mental health which is either long-term or permanent."

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, a pro-life group that operates in Great Britain, challenged the guidelines in court and, today, Lord Justice Girvan ruled in favor of SPUC's challenge on two grounds. Full story at

Austin Texas' Travis County to Consider Spending $450K on Abortions at Meeting
Austin, TX ( -- Travis County officials in Austin, Texas are set to discuss, at a December 10 meeting, whether or not they will spend $450,000 to directly pay for abortions. The county has paid for abortions in prior budgets and the Texas Alliance for Life pro-life organization hopes to stop officials this time around.

The Travis County Healthcare District (TCHD) Board of Managers will decide whether to continue to fund abortions with property taxes.

"The TCHD will consider proposed contracts totaling $450,000 for approximately 1,000 abortions a year with one or more abortion facilities," TAL president Joe Pojman told over the weekend. "Despite repeated requests, the TCHD has so far refused to make available the proposed contracts."

The TCHD is a taxing authority that collects property tax dollars and spends those dollars by contracting for health care for low-income residents of Travis County. Pojman says the abortion funding issue is nothing new, but he hopes to raise new interest this year. Full story at

ACTION: Contact TCHD officials at

Vermont Assault Bill Fails to Give Women, Unborn Children Proper Justice
Montpelier, VT ( -- A state legislator plans to introduce a new bill in the Vermont legislature in response to an automobile wreck that claimed the lives of two unborn children. However, the bill fails to give women and unborn children proper justice when they are victims of such violent crimes.

Patricia Blair was injured when another automobile struck her car in August and that crash resulted in the deaths of her twin six-month-old unborn children.

Kelly Cook of Pownal, the other driver who was high at the time of the crash, faces felony charges related to the injuries Blair and her husband suffered.

But Cook will not be held accountable for killing the unborn children because Vermont is one of just 15 states that have no unborn victims law allowing prosecutors to bring charges in these kind of cases where someone is responsible for the death of a baby before birth. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard Sears, a Democrat, has sponsored a bill that, for Blair, adds insult to injury.

The legislation doesn't hold criminals accountable for killing unborn children but calls their death an additional attack on pregnant women and merely enhances the penalties for assaulting them. Full story at


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Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz explains why there was no CCHD collection in his diocese this year:

"A little bit too dismissive"

LINCOLN, Nebraska, November 24, 2009 ( --Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska explained in an interview with today his reasons for dropping the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) collection in his diocese, saying that CCHD head Bishop Roger Morin was "a little bit too dismissive" of concerns brought against the organization. 

Bishop Bruskewitz is one of five bishops confirmed so far to have chosen not to take up the collection this year for the national CCHD, the USCCB's domestic anti-poverty arm. The others included Bishop Victor Galeone of St. Augustine, Florida; Bishop John O. Barres of Allentown, Pennsylvania; Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin; and Bishop Robert J. Baker of Birmingham, Alabama. In addition, at least three other U.S. bishops have called for reform of the CCHD. 

"We question the ideology of [CCHD]," the bishop explained in the interview, "and ... we are shocked at the scandalous participation with the ACORN organization and also the participation with other organizations of questionable moral values or standards." 

The organization came under fire in the months leading up to this past weekend's national collection due to reports documenting how numerous grantees have promoted or are promoting activities contrary to Church teaching, including abortion, contraception, and same-sex "marriage." In fact, the Reform CCHD Now coalition announced last week that $1.3 million is allocated to questionable groups. Additionally, critics have charged CCHD with favoring "left-leaning" groups in the spirit of infamous community organizer Saul Alinksy. 

CCHD ceased funding ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), a liberal network of community activism groups, last year due to concerns about "financial management" and "political partisanship." CCHD had given ACORN over $7 million in grants during the previous ten years. ACORN came under renewed scrutiny this year after sting operations caught several ACORN offices condoning child prostitution and sex trafficking. 

"It's so extremely controversial," the bishop said about CCHD. There have been "many negative resonances about it from people throughout the diocese and beyond the diocese," he said, adding that the "controversial character made it appear that [CCHD] was not effective" in meeting its purposes. 
His diocese doesn't "rule [CCHD] out entirely," he said, but he would only reconsider the collection if there were "some changes in the organization itself, or its purposes, or its goals." 

The collection "served very little purpose for us," he said, noting that the Lincoln diocese has not received funds from CCHD. "We do have a very extensive Catholic Social Services, St. Vincent de Paul activity here in the diocese," he said, "which supplies the needs of those who are impoverished, of those who need assistance to come out of poverty." 

Bishop Roger Morin, chairman of the USCCB's subcommittee on the CCHD, delivered a passionate plea in defense of the organization at last week's USCCB plenary meeting. While pledging their commitment to ensure grantees' respect for Catholic teaching, he decried the "outrageous" allegations made by CCHD's critics that it funds pro-abortion or anti-family organizations. 

But Bishop Bruskewitz expressed displeasure with Bishop Morin's report, saying the bishop did not adequately consider the criticisms brought against the CCHD. 

"I didn't think [the report] took into account sufficiently the negatives that have been bantered about with regard to the organization," he said. He said Bishop Morin was "obviously defending the organization he had been involved in different areas," and now for which he's the chairman. 

The report, further, "lacked some of the interests" that concerned people "have brought to the fore," he said. "I think he was perhaps a little bit too dismissive of them." 

Nevertheless, he maintained that he has "no objection" to people supporting CCHD should they choose. If "people [who] like this organization ... want to send money to it, even from my diocese, they can," he said. "But I'm not going to take up the collection."


Formal Complaints Ask Michigan AG for Criminal Investigation of Abortionist Hodari

LANSING, Mich., Nov. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Operation Rescue has filed formal complaints against abortionist Alberto Hodari with the Michigan Attorney General's office and with the Michigan Department of Community Health, asking for investigations in to criminal misconduct in the alleged forced abortion of Caitlin Bruce last year.

Ms. Bruce filed a civil suit against Hodari in June. In her suit, she says she withdrew her consent for an abortion after seeing her baby on an ultrasound. She accuses Hodari and his assistant of holding her down and covering her mouth to muffle her screams while Hodari viciously forced an abortion upon her.

"We have filed the appropriate complaints to insure that the correct authorities are also investigating possible criminal charges and causes for discipline against Hodari's medical license," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Judy Climer, director of Flint Right to Life, has also filed a separate, similar complaint with the Michigan Attorney General.

Bruce never filed her own criminal complaint because "she was young and knew it wouldn't bring her baby back," according to a story that appeared Sunday in the Flint Journal.

"While these complaints are too late to help Ms. Bruce, they may serve to prevent this horror from being inflicted upon other women," said Newman. "In fact, evidence shows that Hodari has likely forced abortions on women for at least two decades."

The Flint Journal article indicated that an abortion clinic employee present during Bruce's abortion said in a statement that was filed with the suit that Hodari told Bruce that he would not do her abortion and was sending her home, but instead forced the abortion on her. He then grinned as he completed the abortion.

Another woman recently told of a similar experience with Hodari in 1988. Jennifer McCoy never considered abortion and had been taken to Hodari's clinic at age 16 under the pretence of receiving a routine obstetrical examination. Hodari assured her that he was only examining her to determine how far along she was, when suddenly Jennifer felt the sharp pain of the abortion.

"These two accounts are far too similar to be a coincidence," said Newman. "Even though Hodari denies any wrongdoing, he has also made it clear that he believes abortionists have a 'license to lie.' We are convinced that he lied to Mrs. McCoy, he lied to Ms. Bruce, and now he's lying about his culpability in these horrific crimes. Hodari's behavior is that of a maniac that has likely been abusing women for at least 20 years. It is time that the legal system brings his reign of terror to an end."

Read the Flint Journal article.

Watch video showing Hodari saying abortionists have a "license to lie."

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre- born in obedience to biblical mandates.


Tis the Season of 'The Gospel of Life'

When you think about it - the Church has two special times of the year when it asks Christians to set a time aside for prayer and reflection (and fasting) -Advent and Lent-.

Why Advent?


As John Paul tells us in Dominum Et Vivificantem:

  • " Creation is thus completed by the Incarnation and since that moment is permeated by the powers of the Redemption, powers which fill humanity and all creation." #52

  • "The mystery of the  Incarnation constitutes the climax of this (God's) giving, this divine self-communication" #50

  • "What was accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit "in the fullness of time" can only through the Spirit's power now emerge from the memory of the Church. By his power it can be made present in the new phase of man's history on earth: the year 2000 from the birth of Christ." #51

  • "But it must also be remembered that for us Christians this event (the Incarnation) indicates, as St. Paul says, the 'fullness of time', because in it human history has been wholly permeated by the 'measurement' of God himself: a transcendent presence of the 'eternal now.' " #49

Advent is that time to get in touch with that " divine self-communication", to become aware of  "human history that is permeated by the measurement of God himself" and the "powers of the Redemption, powers which fill humanity and all creation". Right now in our world's history we desperately need this power of the Incarnation to " be made present in this new phase of man's history on earth".

We must realize that Advent and Christmas is a time where God is prepared to pour out anew many graces upon his children. Pro-lifers: in a special way this is our season. We who are pro-life should use this time when Christ came to our world first in a womb and then in a manger  to renew ourselves to go out and build a 'culture of life'.

LOS ALTOS, CA - JANUARY 23:  Pro-life demonstr...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

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Sunday, November 29, 2009 Pro-Life News Report 11/29/09 Pro-Life News Report

Monday, November 29, 2009

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Current Headlines

• Bishop: Pro-Abortion Catholic Pols Should Worry About Souls, Not Job

Pregnant Pro-Life Advocate Attacked by Abortion Ctr Worker in Kansas City
• CDC Task Force Promoting Sex Ed Over Abstinence Won't Release Report
• National Night of Prayer for Life Will See Pro-Life Advocates Offer Prayers

Court: No Review of Order of Canada Award for Abortionist Morgentaler
The Rationing Commission: Unelected Body Will Make Medical Decisions
• Mexico Sees Another State Protect Human Life, Wants Natl Abortion Ban

• European Pro-Life Group Submits Papers Supporting Ireland Abortion Ban
• France Parliament Rejects Legislation Allowing Legalization of Euthanasia
• South Korea Will Enforce Abortion Ban, Response to Population Decline
• Uruguay Could Elect Jose Mujica President, Open Door for Legal Abortions
• Minnesota Woman's Unborn Baby Has Surgery While Still in the Womb

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Bishop Tobin: Pro-Abortion Catholic Pols Should Worry About Their Souls, Not Job
Washington, DC ( --
Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island, who has been involved in an exchange on abortion and communion with pro-abortion Congressman Patrick Kennedy, gave an interview this week to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. On the program, he said pro-abortion Catholic politicians need to be more worried about their souls than their jobs. "The most important commitment we can make is our faith, because that defines our relationship with God. Nothing is more important than that. And if your job, your profession, your vocation gets in the way of that, you have to quit your job and save your soul," Tobin said. Tobin also said on the show that his 2007 decision to ask Kennedy to voluntarily stop receiving communion because of his pro-abortion stance was not a "punishment." "Every Catholic has certain obligations, it means something to say you are a Catholic. No one is forced to be a Catholic," he said. "If you choose freely to be a Catholic it means you do certain things, and you believe certain things, and I think all I'm trying to say to Congressman Kennedy and others who might be involved, say: if you're a Catholic, live up to your faith. Understand what the Church teaches, accept those teachings, and live that faith. If the church, not just the Catholic Church, but the religious community - if we don't bring these values, this spiritual vision to these discussions, who else will do that?"

Pregnant Pro-Life Advocate Attacked by Abortion Center Worker in Kansas City
Kansas City, KS ( --
An abortion center employee attacked a pregnant pro-life volunteer outside the Central Family Medicine abortion business in Kansas City, Kansas, while she was outside it. On November 14, 2009, an unidentified abortion center employee came out of the Central Family Medicine abortion facility and began to taunt the pro-lifers who had gathered outside. Her verbal abuse escalated into violence as she rammed her shoulder into sidewalk counselor Jennifer McCoy, who is noticeably six months pregnant. A photograph taken by protest leader Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life shows McCoy recoiling and bracing for the hard impact that occurred a split second later. Police were summoned, but the abortion worker attempted to flee the scene before they could arrive. McCoy followed the woman to keep her from evading the police. After realizing that she could not get away, the worker returned to the abortion center where she hid behind locked doors. Police attempted to enter the abortion center to arrest the woman for battery, but they were denied access by another worker who demanded that the police get a search warrant, then lied to them saying that the woman was not there. McCoy has since been in contact with police, who are pursuing the case. There remains the possibility that the second abortion worker could face criminal charges for impeding a police investigation. "This is yet another example of abortion workers engaging in violent or criminal acts, then acting as if the laws don't apply to them," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "We look forward to this woman's impending arrest and conviction with the hope it will serve as a lesson that abortionists and their collaborators are not above the law."

CDC Task Force Promoting Sex Ed Over Abortion Won't Release Report Details
Washington, DC ( --
An independent task force gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that recently issued a report favoring sex education over abstinence is not publicly releasing the data used to generate its conclusion. According to a new CNS News report, a list of the studies the task force examined is available on the CDC web site but the analysis of the studies is not. Irene Ericksen, a member of the review team and researcher with the Institute for Research and Evaluation who issued her own minority report disagreeing with the task force, told the news web site the analysis should be made public. "The Task Force has made public its recommendation statements without also making available to the public the full set of study findings upon which the recommendations are based – both supporting and otherwise," she said. "This prevents the public from scrutinizing the body of evidence underlying the CDC Task Force Recommendations in the same time frame in which the CDC recommendations will influence the decisions of policymakers and public health professionals." They reviewed an analysis of 83 studies of sexual education programs run between 1980 and 2007 and, according to CDC official Randy Elder, determined there "was insufficient evidence" about whether abstinence programs work. Two members of the panel of consultants for the analysis reported that the abstinence education programs in the study produced a statistically significant reduction in teen sexual activity for periods averaging about one year. They produced a minority report saying the majority of the panel dismissed these studies showing positive results for abstinence education.

National Night of Prayer for Life Will See Pro-Life Advocates Offer Abortion Prayers
Washington, DC ( --
Thousands of people in hundreds of locations throughout the nation will unite in prayers for life on December 8 as part of the National Night of Prayer for Life, an effort that is marking its 20th year. Through these pro-life prayers, participants hope to help bring about a conversion of hearts from a pro-abortion to a pro-life mindset. Larry Walsh, a member of the spiritual life committee at Trinity Heights Catholic Church in Sioux City, Iowa, is one of the local coordinators of the event. "The prayers are needed this year more than ever," said Walsh, who cited the call of the U.S. bishops to remove abortion funding and mandates from all health care reform plans. "As our bishops say, 'Abortion is murder. Abortion is not healthcare.' We are not only joining our bishops in their call to end abortion, especially in our healthcare bill, but we are joining with convents, monasteries and parishes – over 700 across the United States - in prayers for life." Walsh continued: "Aborting a child in the womb is wrong. It's murder. We are praying for a change in this culture of death that exists in this nation of ours. Our nation has abundance and prosperity like none other and with that prosperity we have an obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. Who has less of a voice than a child within the womb? I believe the only way we can truly help these innocent, pre-born children is through prayer."

Federal Court: No Review of Order of Canada Award for Abortionist Morgentaler
Ottawa, Canada ( -- The Federal Court issued a decision this past week striking the application of Frank Chauvin for judicial review of the decision awarding the Order of Canada to abortion practitioner Henry Morgentaler in 2008. Chauvin won the award in 1987 and he took issue with the secretive process by which Morgentaler had been recommended by the Order's Advisory Council. Morgentaler's appointment led to numerous previous recipients returning their honors, several petitions against his conferral, and a national outcry. He pointed out that Morgentaler won the award on a majority vote on the council rather than a unanimous one as is typically the case and that the chair, Justice Beverley McLauchlin, did not recuse herself even thought a Morgentaler lawsuit to make New Brunswick pay for abortions at his center is before her court. Federal Court Prothonotary Kevin Aalto, in the written decision, overturned the lawsuit. "I have been quoted in the media as intending to return my award," said Mr. Chauvin. "I may yet do so, but I first wanted Canadians to have a chance to take a close look at what can happen when an Advisory Council abandons a consensus model and uses the award to advance a highly divisive view, in this case the effective promotion of the tragedy of abortion in Canada." He has not yet decided on whether to appeal.

The Rationing Commission: The Unelected Body That Will Make Medical Decisions
Washington, DC ( -- The following is an excerpt from a November 15 Wall St. Journal editorial on the rationing problems with the Senate health care bill: As usual, the most dangerous parts of ObamaCare aren't receiving the scrutiny they deserve—and one of the least examined is a new commission to tell Congress how to control health spending. Democrats are quietly attempting to impose a "global budget" on Medicare, with radical implications for U.S. medicine. Like most of Europe, the various health bills stipulate that Congress will arbitrarily decide how much to spend on health care for seniors every year—and then invest an unelected board with extraordinary powers to dictate what is covered and how it will be paid for. White House budget director Peter Orszag calls this Medicare commission "critical to our fiscal future" and "one of the most potent reforms." On that last score, he's right. Prominent health economist Alain Enthoven has likened a global budget to "bombing from 35,000 feet, where you don't see the faces of the people you kill." As envisioned by the Senate Finance Committee, the commission—all 15 members appointed by the President—would have to meet certain budget targets each year. Starting in 2015, Medicare could not grow more rapidly on a per capita basis than by a measure of inflation. After 2019, it could only grow at the same rate as GDP, plus one percentage point. The theory is to let technocrats set Medicare payments free from political pressure, as with the military base closing commissions. But that process presented recommendations to Congress for an up-or-down vote. Here, the commission's decisions would go into effect automatically if Congress couldn't agree within six months on different cuts that met the same target. The board's decisions would not be subject to ordinary notice-and-comment rule-making, or even judicial review. Read the full editorial here.

Mexico Sees Another State Protect Human Life, Wants National Abortion Ban
Veracruz, Mexico ( --
Another Mexican state has adopted language to protect unborn human life as a response to the Mexico City legislature approving legal abortions in the nation's capital city. Veracruz, Mexico, on Wednesday became the 17th of the country's 32 states to enact a law defining human life beginning at conception. States began adopting such laws -- most of which make abortion a crime -- in 2008 after Mexico City enacted a law legalizing abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Veracruz lawmakers also adopted a proposal requiring the Mexican Congress to consider a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion that could trump the Mexico City federal district law. Mexico allows any of its states' legislatures to propose a constitutional amendment. If the bicameral Congress and a majority of states support the measure, the amendment is added to the national constitution. Abortion supporters said Wednesday that the amendment stands a good chance of passing because both the majority National Action Party and the Institutional Revolutionary Party supported the state law. The Roman Catholic Church is expected to lobby heavily for the amendment. Noemi Ramirez, director of the Mexican Academy of Human Rights, said that "it is quite probable" that Congress will support the measure. The Veracruz law includes a clause that allows alternative sentencing options, such as mandatory "education programs" rather than jail time, for women convicted of violating the abortion ban.

European Pro-Life Group Submits Legal Papers Supporting Ireland Abortion Ban
Strasbourg, France ( --
The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) is providing a legal analysis defending the sanctity of human life as the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights prepares to hold a hearing on December 9th in a very closely-watched case (A.B.C. v. Ireland). In this case, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will have to decide whether the Irish Constitutional ban of abortion respects the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. Beyond this issue, the Court will have to decide whether an "easy" and "legal" access to abortion can be considered as a "human right" in the Council of Europe's 47 Member States. The ECLJ, which is a third party in this case, filed an amicus brief in November 2008 along with two other pro-life organizations. In October 2009, the ECLJ published a new legal analysis urging the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to protect the rights of the unborn. In this new analysis, the ECLJ insists on the primacy of the right to life within human rights and on the need of respect for national sovereignty. The analysis demonstrates that member States have the sovereign authority to prohibit abortion as a competency stemming from their original responsibility to protect the right to life. The ECLJ contends that it is the natural purpose and duty of the State to protect the life of its people; the people, consequently, hold the right to have their lives protected by the State. Finally, the ECLJ analysis invites the ECHR to consider the protection of the life of the unborn under the fundamental and objective "right to life" perspective, and not within a subjective and varying concept of "privacy."

France Parliament Rejects Legislation Allowing Legalization of Euthanasia
Paris, France ( --
French parliamentarians rejected the draft of law to make euthanasia legal. Some 326 French deputies voted against the draft and 202 – for. The recommended draft of law defines that any adult having serious health conditions can apply to medical service to having a euthanasia death with a doctor's help. Currently few European states have adopted assisted suicide or euthanasia laws, including Benelux countries, Switzerland; while France, Italy and the UK allow sick people to refuse medical service. The Alliance for Human Life released a statement applauding the vote. The French do not want aggressive treatment. When they understand that aggressive treatment does not include euthanasia, most of our citizens are reassured. We therefore ask that the Leonetti law be known and more fully implemented, which requires a more proactive promotion of palliative care," it said.

South Korea Will Begin Enforcing Abortion Ban in Response to Population Decline
Seoul, South Korea ( --
South Korean officials may begin to enforce the nation's ban on abortions thanks to a significant population decline taking place there and in other Asian nations like Japan. A demographic implosion now threatens the country's economic stability and is producing worker shortages and concerns that elderly Koreans will not be able to be supported. On Wednesday, the Presidential Council for Future and Vision announced new efforts to increase births "We have been a society that promoted abortion," Kwak Seung-jun of the Presidential Council said. "There are few people who realize abortion is illegal. We must work to create a mood where abortion is discouraged." The government plans to encourage fathers to take child care leave, campaigning against abortion and providing incentives to families with three or more children. The council is focusing on reducing child-rearing expenses, broadening society's acceptance of working and single mothers and increasing the number of people who can become Korean citizens. Korea posted the second-lowest fertility rate in the world, according to the 2009 report by the United Nations Population Fund. The rate was 1.22, just behind Bosnia and Herzegovina's 1.21. Health Minister Jeon Jae-hee talked about the educational campaign that may be undertaken against abortion. "As a minister in charge of the matter, we will sternly crack down on illegal abortions after a grace period," the official said.

Uruguay Could Elect Jose Mujica President, Would Open Door for Legal Abortions
Montevideo, Uruguay ( --
The people of the South American nation of Uruguay are heading to the polling booths on Sunday to elect a new president and polls show that former radical Jose Mujica is the leading candidate. That's bad news for pro-life advocates in this Catholic nation because Mujica has promised not to veto legislation in Congress that would legalize abortions. The situation is so desperate for pro-life campaigners there that Uruguayan affiliates of Human Life International are asking for prayers before the election and support for his rival Luis A. Lacalle, a former president with the center-right National Party who has been unable to convince voters of the problem. The country's current center-left president, Tabare Vazquez, pleased pro-life advocates by vetoing a bill that would have legalized abortions. Vázquez defied the votes of his party in the Uruguay Congress to expand the nation's abortion law, which currently only allows abortions in cases of protecting the mother's life, rape or extreme poverty. Shortly after his election in 2005, the president said he would veto a bill to legalize abortion despite the fact that members of his own party are the ones behind it. The Senate initially tied on a 15-15 vote in approving the bill but eventually approved it on an 18-13 vote. HLI sent the following earlier this week, "If the people vote for the Frente Amplio or Broad Front candidate for president, he has promised to legalize abortion-on-demand in Uruguay and will have the votes to do it. If the National Party candidate wins, abortion will be blocked. It is a thousand times easier to prevent legal abortion than it is to reverse it once it has taken root."

Minnesota Woman's Unborn Baby Has Surgery While Still in the Womb
St. Paul, MN ( --
A Minnesota woman's baby is recovering after doctors performed a rare surgery while the baby was still half in the womb. Jennifer Kuklok calls her daughter Lilyana "a trouper." Lilyana is now 6 weeks old. When her mother had an ultrasound at 20 weeks, doctors discovered a tumor that could kill the baby. The noncancerous tumor stretched through the mouth and connected to the skull base. Once the baby was full-term, doctors partially delivered Lilyana, only pulling her head and shoulders out of the womb. Doctors kept Lilyana attached to the umbilical cord, allowing her to breathe during the procedure. Doctors later did a tracheotomy, so the baby could continue to breathe. They also removed the tumor a couple days later. Lilyana spent another four weeks in the hospital before going home.


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Friday, November 27, 2009 Pro-Life News Report 11/27/09 Pro-Life News Report

Friday, November 27, 2009

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Current Headlines

Barack Obama's Thanksgiving Message Emulates Bush's, Ditches Pro-Life Words

Democrat Bob Casey Will Work to Remove Abortion Funding From Senate Bill
Pro-Life Advocate Threatened With Knife by Woman Seeking Abortion Speaks Out
Planned Parenthood Drops Lawsuit Against Former Abortion Center Director

Spain Bill to Expand Abortions Moves Ahead, Govt May Compromise on Teens

Italy Govt of Silvio Berlusconi Blocks Deadly Abortion Drug, Seeks Safety Review
CEDAW Treaty Committee, Which Bashed Pro-Life Nations, Releases New Report
U.S. Pressured to OK UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Abortion Concerns
Maryland Pregnancy Center Attack Earns Washington Post, Pro-Life Condemnation
President Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation

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Barack Obama's Thanksgiving Message Emulates Bush's, Ditches Pro-Life Words
Washington, DC ( -- The Thanksgiving proclamation the White House issued on behalf of President Barack Obama is creating a bit of a controversy. The dustup doesn't concern what the traditional holiday message from the president says, but rather what it doesn't say.

The proclamation has already raised eyebrows for its brevity -- coming in at just over 400 words and failing to note any accomplishments during Obama's administration to this point.

Given that, for the pro-life community, Obama's main accomplishment is aggressively promoting abortion funding at American taxpayers' expense, there is another facet of the Thanksgiving message that is noteworthy.

Blogger Jill Stanek noticed the difference, primarily because her daughter had a hand in writing the final proclamation President George W. Bush issued last year.

Stanek compared the 2008 and 2009 proclamations and found that Obama's speechwriters essentially followed the Bush template.

Bush's Thanksgiving message last year read: "We recognize that all of these blessings, and life itself, come not from the hand of man but from Almighty God.... Having arrived in the New World, these early settlers gave thanks to the Author of Life." "Today, as we look back on the beginnings of our democracy, Americans recall that we live in a land of many blessings where every person has the right to live, work, and worship in freedom," it added.

Stanek concludes, "Of course, Obama's pro-death team scrubbed all that." Full story at

Democrat Bob Casey Will Work to Remove Abortion Funding From Senate Bill
Washington, DC ( -- As one of just two Democrats in the Senate who call themselves pro-life, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is in a position to become the leader within his party on efforts to remove abortion funding from the health care bill. On Tuesday, Casey said he would do just that.

Casey confirmed he will work to try to remove the massive abortion funding in the bill that comes through the insurance plans offered in the proposed health insurance exchange via the public option and affordability credits.

The House bill includes an amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak that removed the abortion funding and Casey told Congressional Quarterly he will push for something similar, but would not say he would oppose the Senate health care bill if abortion funding remains.

Casey said there is "work to be done" on the issue of abortion funding, adding, There's an obvious difference on where the House came down and where the Senate is."

Casey hinted that he may promote adding his Pregnant Women Support Act as an amendment to the legislation. That is a bill spearheaded by Democrats for Life of America as a way to put more abortion limits in place as well as funding for social service programs and pregnancy centers that help women with unplanned pregnancies.

"The only other way to reduce the number of abortions ... is to help pregnant women so if they choose to have a child they can get the help and support they need," he said. "I don't know what vehicle that will take, whether that will be one amendment or more than one amendment." Full story at

Pro-Life Advocate Threatened With Knife by Woman Seeking Abortion Speaks Out
Duluth, MN ( -- One of the pro-life sidewalk counselors at a Minnesota abortion center who was attacked on Tuesday at knifepoint by a woman considering an abortion is sharing her story. Leah Winandy and her mother found themselves on the receiving end of a woman who held a knife to their throats.

As reported Wednesday, the woman brandished a knife after Leah urged her to reconsider her decision to have an abortion. Her mother met the same fate and the woman was eventually apprehended by police inside the Building for Women abortion center and found the knife in her purse.

Now, in an email has obtained, Winandy shares more about what happened.

Winandy says Duluth has one abortion center that does approximately 600 abortions annually and she and her family have been helping women find positive alternatives for more than four years. On Tuesday, Winandy was present at the abortion center with her mother and Jim Tuttle of Pro-Life Ministries of Duluth.

"I saw a lady walking toward the building, who I figured must be a client," she relates. "Before I could talk to her or approach her with literature, she snapped open a knife. She waved the point at me saying, 'Don't come near me,'" Winandy explained. "I stayed where I was and said, 'Please don't kill your baby, fear God.'"

"She walked past into the courtyard, so I moved to the fence corner to continue counseling. She then turned around, came up to me and held the point of the knife at my throat," the pro-life advocate continued. Winandy said she had a momentary fear of what would happen to her if she were a victim of a stabbing but said her Christian faith helped her overcome it. Full story at

Planned Parenthood Drops Lawsuit Against Former Abortion Center Director
Bryan, TX ( -- After losing its initial battle in court in its attempt to silence its former director, a Texas Planned Parenthood has dropped its lawsuit. The abortion business targeted former director Abby Johnson, who recently quit and became pro-life, and the local pro-life group that helped her conversion.

Johnson had been the director of the Planned Parenthood center in this southeast Texas city but turned in her resignation on October 6 after years of a local pro-life group helping her see the problem with abortion. Johnson quit after seeing an ultrasound of an abortion.

Planned Parenthood officials hit both Johnson and the Coalition for Life with
restraining orders requiring them not to disclose information about the abortions done at its facility.
But, District Judge J.D. Langley issued a ruling earlier this month saying Planned Parenthood did not provide sufficient evidence that Johnson breached a confidentiality agreement concerning identity of an abortion practitioner who works at Planned Parenthood.

Now, the Alliance Defense Fund, which has provided legal help to Johnson and the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, tells Planned Parenthood has dropped its lawsuit.

Planned Parenthood falsely claimed she violated a confidentiality agreement and breached an employment contract, though she never had one with the abortion center, ADF legal counsel Steven Aden explained. Full story at

Spain Bill to Expand Abortions Moves Ahead, Govt May Compromise on Teens
Madrid, Spain ( -- Legislation in the Spain parliament that would expand the nation's laws allowing abortions has cleared another hurdle. Meanwhile, the government indicates it may compromise on the issue of parental notification for abortions for teenagers in order to win enough votes to pass it.

The cabinet of the Spain government, headed by President Rodriguez Zapatero, has proposed a bill that would expand abortions and legalize them up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy.

The measure has upset pro-life advocates, but the government made it worse by saying parental involvement won't be allowed. That means teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 who can get abortions will not have to either inform their parents about their abortion nor obtain their consent.

Today, the pro-abortion proposal was approved in its first stage as ruling party Socialist Party was joined by five smaller parties to back the abortion expansion on a narrow majority of 180 to 163. The vote total was enough to stall any amendments from pro-life advocates supported by the Catholic Church and the Popular Party that could be used to severely weaken the bill. The bill now moves to a parliamentary committee for further work.

Meanwhile, to help win support for the bill among MPs, Equality Minister Bibiana Aido told them that the government would negotiate on the part of the measure that forbids parental involvement. Full story at

Italy Govt of Silvio Berlusconi Blocks Deadly Abortion Drug, Seeks Safety Review
Rome, Italy ( -- The government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has blocked the sale of the dangerous abortion drug in Italy. The drug had been approved by the AIFA, the Italian pharmaceutical authority similar to the FDA in the U.S., but Berlusconi's center-right government wants to review its safety.

With the drug killing at least 13 women worldwide and injured more than 1,100 women in the United States alone as of 2006, mifepristone kills unborn children and kills or injures women as well.

The RU 486 abortion drug has been approved for use to up seven weeks into pregnancy and only in hospitals.

But, today, the London Times indicates the Senate health commission suspended its used and asked the government's health ministry for a review of its safety. The commission said the drug could harm women and may violate the nation's abortion laws.

When Italy legalized abortion in 1978, its decision only included surgical abortions, not the kind that can be done with the controversial mifepristone pill. Full story at

CEDAW Treaty Committee, Which Bashed Pro-Life Nations, Releases New Report
New York, NY ( -- The committee responsible for monitoring state compliance with the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) says it increased its activism in the last two years by working more closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop its agenda, and with select parliamentarians and jurists to enforce it across the globe.

On the other hand, according to the report, many nations are simply ignoring the committee and refusing to send in their reports.

In its "Report to the Secretary General" the committee said that it is working assiduously to enforce its interpretations of the treaty by creating new "rapporteurs" to "follow-up" on country reports, using UN agencies to implement their agenda, and working with individual parliamentarians and judges to influence national laws and policies.

It has also increased the amount of "pre-session" time that allows activists to sway the committee, mostly from US-based NGOs among which it has "attract[ed] wide followership."

The report says that 30% of states parties to convention are choosing not to participate in the controversial country reviews at all. Full story at

U.S. Pressured to OK UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Abortion Concerns
New York, NY ( -- Last week in New York, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) with the release of a special report on the impact of the treaty.

While many used the anniversary to celebrate the CRC, some expressed concern about the growing pressure on the United States to ratify the treaty, saying that the treaty's rights-based emphasis touted by UNICEF is fundamentally flawed.

UNICEF's special edition State of the World's Children entitled "Celebrating 20 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child" highlights developments made in the child rights arena. The UNICEF report described the CRC as "not only a historic document" but "a moral compass" that guides people all over the world.

The report boasts that the CRC "has already altered the landscape of children's rights" but that it is still far from being realized.

The report uses anecdotal evidence from CRC proponents to detail the "success" of the convention in the last two decades. According to UNICEF, the CRC has resulted "in the increased usage of 'child rights' language in the vernacular of national and international legal documents, policies, programs and advocacy." Full story at

Maryland Pregnancy Center Attack Earns Washington Post, Pro-Life Condemnation
Baltimore, MD ( -- A new measure the Montgomery County government is considering that attacks pregnancy centers is so outrageous that the Washington Post editorial board, known for its consistently pro-abortion bent, is joining pro-life advocates in condemning it. Council member Duchy Trachtenberg is behind the proposal.

The new measure, similar to one the Baltimore City council approved that is awaiting the potential signature or veto from the pro-abortion major, would fine centers that don't post signs saying they don't do abortions.

The idea is to punish pregnancy center for attracting women considering abortions and providing them with the kind of information, alternatives and tangible pregnancy help abortion centers don't provide.

In a Monday editorial, the Post described the proposed local ordinance as "flawed" and said it "should be rejected" next month when the county votes on it.

The liberal newspaper labels the measure "too cryptic" and notes the hypocrisy that it "is suspect because it singles out pregnancy centers while absolving abortion clinics of any disclosure requirements regarding adoption or parenting options." Full story at

President Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation
Washington, DC ( -- The following is a compilation of bill signings, speeches, appointments and other actions that President Barack Obama has engaged in that have promoted abortion before and during his presidency. While Obama has promised to reduce abortions and some of his supporters believe that will happen, this long list proves his only agenda is promoting more abortions.
Full story at


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