Monday, April 30, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday Apr 30 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

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The LifeSiteNews 15th Anniversary gala in Washington was a wonderful evening enjoyed by a high powered group of of 175 enthusiastic pro-life, pro-family leaders, activists and supporters. Everyone seemed to thoroughly the fellowship and listening to spunky keynote speaker Abby Johnson and several others who also briefly spoke during the evening. It truly was the LifeSiteNews family night we that we hoped it would be. We’ll tell you more about it later. 

The dramatic Pepsi turnaround is a good news story that sources have told us LifeSiteNews readers had a significant role in helping to bring about. We are also very pleased to report the Thomas More Society’s gloves off response to the Obama admin’s threat against Bishop Jenky. Thomas Brejcha and his legal team have been doing an amazing job over the years defending the freedom and conscience and religious rights of Americans.

Ok President Obama, what are you going to do now about brutally treated and ill Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng seeking asylum in the US embassy in Beijing? Will the abortion president hand Cheng over for more brutality and death because he opposes China’s ruthless one-child policy or will the president of the United States boldly act to defend freedom - as he should?

And then there is Canada’s pathetic, frightened “Conservative” government gradually sliding further and further into the pro-abortion camp as it seems utterly incapable of taking a principled stance on this human rights issue that dwarfs all others in the nation. Their rigid see no evil, hear no evil approach is one of the saddest in the entire free world. 

There are several very important stories today

* Diplomatic crisis: Chinese pro-life dissident flees to US Embassy – What will Obama do? - Jill Stanek
* Nine lawsuits filed against Obama’s mandate: A brief rundown of the arguments - Fr. Frank Pavone

VIDEO: ‘Anti-bullying’ leader slams Bible, harasses Christian high-school students who walk out

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 12:41 EST Homosexuality

A video has surfaced of Dan Savage at a high school journalism convention deriding the Bible and Christians present at length.

IRS faces ‘legal war’ if it investigates bishop after Hitler comments: pro-life law firm

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 30 12:37 EST Contraception

The bishop had said that President Obama’s attacks on religious freedom indicates he “seems intent on following a similar path” as past totalitarian dictators.

Boycott Ends: PepsiCo will not use aborted fetal cell lines for flavor enhancers Mon Apr 30 06:59 EST Abortion

The decision means an immediate end to the boycott that began in May 2011.

Ohio bishop tells Catholic college to disinvite pro-abortion speaker

Ben Johnson Mon Apr 30 17:47 EST Abortion

The bishop of Youngstown said State Representative Bob Hagan "consistently voted for pro-abortion legislation, policies, and funding.”

Bp. George V. Murry of Youngstown.

Minnesota governor rejects measure to ensure safety of state abortion facilities

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 30 13:43 EST Abortion

Gov. Dayton called the bill "inappropriate and unworkable" when he vetoed it. An attempt to override the veto is a few votes short.

Tory minister: Abortion ‘cannot be eliminated’ and is ‘part of the human condition’

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 30 14:31 EST Abortion

Chief Government Whip Gordon O’Connor shocked pundits, with one labeling his address the “most stridently pro-choice speech of the debate.”

‘Click it or Ticket,’ but feel free to kill your baby

Susan Michelle Mon Apr 30 16:58 EST Opinion

Recently I bought a new (used) car. Mercy is a bit fancier than her predecessor, Gracie, and has a loud seatbelt beep.

Dilemma? What dilemma? The U.S. must protect Chen Guangcheng. Period.

Marianna Trzeciak, Esq. Mon Apr 30 16:27 EST Opinion

The Old Media are describing it as a “dilemma” for the U.S. that Chen has escaped imprisonment and fled to a U.S. embassy in China.

Rwandan official denies abortion legalization after country liberalizes abortion law

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 30 16:18 EST Abortion

Legalizing abortion "amounts to killing Rwandans and killing the future of Rwanda," the government minister said.

Obama refuses comment as Chen Guangcheng’s fate hangs in the balance

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 15:13 EST Abortion

Meanwhile, Chen has released a video in which he details the abuses against himself and his wife during imprisonment.

23 years after the abortion that nearly cost me my life, I sought healing

Jewels Green Mon Apr 30 14:06 EST Opinion

Located atop a hill, surrounded by fields and trees, the retreat house was perfectly bucolic and remote.

UK pro-aborts enlist U.S. group to promote abortion training for physicians

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Apr 30 13:57 EST Abortion

A local pro-life activist says the decision “reflects the desperation of the abortion industry to recruit enough interest among medical students.”

Generation XXX: 13-year-old boy sexually abuses 5-year-old sister thanks to porn, says therapist

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 12:18 EST Family

Therapists now say we're only beginning to scratch the surface of the havoc wreaked on this "Generation XXX" as it freely surfs the Internet.

Priests must break confessional seal: Irish government introduces anticipated bill

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Apr 30 11:23 EST Faith

A statement from the Vatican last August made it clear that under no circumstances whatever may a priest reveal what he learns in confession.

Is nature sexist?: radical feminists’ fierce war against fertility

Mary Rose Somarriba Mon Apr 30 09:50 EST Opinion

Is a new book, radical pro-abort Merle Hoffman admits that "abortion stops a beating heart," but argues that taking life is necessary for "reproductive freedom."

Australian father of seven to spend 8 months in jail for protecting unborn

Jason Rushton, Australia correspondent Mon Apr 30 06:58 EST Abortion

Daughter Suzannah, 8, said “I will miss him every day till he comes home in December, five days before Christmas. I will pray for him every night.”

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