Sunday, May 31, 2020

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May 31, 2020
Choosing LIFE changes her life!
Watch what a difference a Pregnancy Resource Center can make in helping women like Gabi choose life. Check out PRCs that serve women and families in your county here.
Important Voting Information for June 2nd
The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee has issued its candidate ratings for the June 2nd Pennsylvania Primary. You can find the voter’s guide here . Don’t forget to vote Tuesday. It’s our sacred duty as Americans upholding the values of life and liberty!
Have you heard what
they’re saying about us?
From now until June 10, 2020, National Right to Life is bringing Viable: The Truth in One Act to living rooms across the country.

Many have seen the play when it was touring the United States, and more are seeing it now that it can be streamed on demand. And have you heard what they’re saying about it? “Thanks for being creative enough to find another way to share this message...." READ MORE
And the Winners Are...
The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is pleased to announce the winners in our annual pro-life essay contest. First place essays will be published in our Summer 2020 edition of LifeLines. We want to congratulate all the students who entered -- truly pro-life champions and the future of the pro-life movement! Keep speaking up for LIFE!

Senior High Division
First Place:   Alyssa Brandstetter, Defying The Chemistry of Love
Bethlehem Catholic High School, Grade 12
Second Place: Abigail Brown, A Galaxy Not So Far Away
Bethlehem Catholic High School, Grade 12
Third Place:  Lydia Cidor, Incompatible with Life
Great Commission School, Grade 11

Junior High Division
First Place:    Helena Sicree, "Almost Human?"
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Grade 8
Second Place: Camryn Bonner, Be Pro-Life
St. Andrew Apostle Catholic School, Grade 7
Third Place: Emily Alonge, The Right to Life
Bethlehem Catholic High School, Grade 9
Our Virtual Baby at Week 21
It's a GIRL!
About 12 ounces and the size of a large carrot, she often hiccups as a means to practice breathing and swallows amniotic fluid in order to practice eating. To stay warm, she is developing body fat and a thin layer of hair called lanugo. She is a miniature version of a fully formed baby who could fit into the palm of your hand.
(image and info from app Sprout)
Tragically, it is still legal to abort this baby in Pennsylvania for ANY reason.
Pro-Life Thought of the Week
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
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Friday, May 29, 2020

ALL's Pro-Life This Week 5/29/2020

Featured Commentary
Blue States, Red States, and Elderly Fates

When it comes to so-called red states and blue states, many stark differences exist. Some are economic; some are just disturbing.

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Week in Review

Our Lord told us that what we’ve heard in secret we need to shout from the rooftops. We begin our Week in Review today revealing some truths that were spoken quietly in California but need to be repeated loudly so everyone in America will know.

ALL in the News
Jim Sedlak has been interviewed multiple times since Fox News discovered that Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 million in federal stimulus money. Sedlak has appeared in multiple articles as an authority on the subject.

Pro-Life Social Media
Social media companies’ bias against pro-life organizations has been apparent for over a decade. We’ve seen our YouTube videos suspiciously yanked and reinstated, not to mention the shutting down of our Pinterest account.

Video of the Week
On this Re:Stream of Friday’s Instagram Live, Katie Brown lists five tips to keep in mind while discussing abortion violence and other sensitive topics.

Action Item of the Week

As abortion continues to take the lives of hundreds of thousands of preborn children of God, you are invited to join a truly holy activity that has brought many victories through the centuries and could end abortion here in the United States.