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News from the Trenches: “Something is telling me it isn't right"

Outside two Sacramento Planned Parenthood centers


(Republished with permission from "Blessings from the Sidewalk," Helpers of God's Precious Infants, Sacramento.) 

July 22, 2010, Planned Parenthood, 29th & B, Sacramento 

I typically do not pray on Thursdays at the abortion center, but today while at home I felt a gentle prompting to go out and pray. I discerned that I would report to PP at 3 p.m. and pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy. 

Within a short time at the sidewalk, "Starflower" passed by me and I offered her my alternative pro-life material. Although initially very cautious, she eventually accepted my information after dialoging with me about its contents. Amazingly, she physically resembled my own biological daughter and offered me a gift of tiny flowers wrapped in a napkin. 

I accepted her impromptu gift. I immediately began discussing the sanctity of life from the moment of conception, as well as explaining the practical help available to women facing an abortion. I continued, "Even if a mom is considering aborting her baby, she will still remain a mom forever because you just can't erase motherhood!" She began sharing her personal interest in Mother Earth, preserving the environment and protecting animal rights. Interjecting, I said, "Yes, human beings do play the most important role in this ecosystem by continuing the cycle of Life designed by God." 

At this point, she began confiding that she was pregnant and then slowly began displaying the small paper sack that held the contents of her RU-40 pills. She suddenly acknowledged, "I really just can't do this, I mean take them. Something is telling me it isn't right." I listened. 

We continued dialoguing for over thirty minutes, allowing ample time for developing rapport with each other, and at this point her heart began opening up to seek alternative help. She asked me for my telephone number in case she had further questions about the alternative services. She admitted, "It was only a one night stand." As she continued gazing at the little photo of the eleven week baby, she began confessing, "I have already done this once before." 

I continued offering her support and explaining the additional health risks of breast cancer and suicide. I also emphasized, "This is the fruit of the womb. Only you can decide to give your baby life it's in your hands." 

She asked once again for information about the alternative life center, and I pulled out the Life Center pamphlet and wrote these words on it: "God bless you and may you have the courage to choose life." 

At this point she needed to catch her bus, so we both hugged each other briefly before she departed as I whispered into her ear, "May God bless you." She responded, "God bless you, too." 

July 17, 2010, Planned Parenthood, 5385 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento 

Today a group of eight regular Helpers came out and prayed the Holy Rosary in the hot, summer heat. I served as the sidewalk counselor and attempted to distribute pro-life materials to people entering and exiting the parking lot. 

Near departing time, two unrelated individuals came over and joined our group in prayer, bringing the total to 10 Helpers. The new female Helper disclosed to me that she had ten children ranging from 22 to 10 years old. She confided that she had not been to church in many years and had never learned to pray the Holy Rosary. 

She asked, "Would you teach me and my children to pray the rosary and go to church with me?" I agreed, we exchanged phone numbers and will set a date to meet with her and her ten children and make arrangements for her and her children to attend Holy Mass with me at my church someday.

Friday, July 30, 2010 Pro-Life News Report 7/31/10 Pro-Life News Report

Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Current Headlines

Democrats Plan Vote on Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Next Week, May Limit Debate
Pro-Abortion Groups Play Defense After Obama Health Care Abortion $ Exposed
FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns
Medical Board Pursues Case Against Practitioner in Botched Abortion Death
Florida Poll Has Pro-Abortion Crist Leading Pro-Life Rubio in Key Senate Race
Democrats' DISCLOSE Act Furthers, Not Stops, Political Culture of Corruption
Hip Hope Helps Hares Hop: Adult Stem Cells Regrow Joints for Rabbits
Pro-Life News: Abortion, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Missouri, Illinois

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Democrats Plan Vote on Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Next Week, May Limit Debate
Washington, DC ( -- Senate Democrats plan a vote next week on the nomination of abortion advocate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. They also plan to severely limit the amount of debate and discussion about Kagan's nomination on the Senate floor, which is prompting an outcry from Republicans.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and his top allies plan to open the debate on the Kagan nomination late Tuesday or Wednesday and will bring the debate to a close with a vote at the end of Thursday.

The short debate time compared with past nominees is seen by political observers as payback for Republicans blocking the DISCLOSE Act, a restrictive campaign finance bill pro-life groups opposed because it would place restrictions on their ability to discuss legislative and political issues and potentially expose their donors.

The move is also seen as a way to close up shop earlier than expected so endangered pro-abortion Democratic senators can get on the campaign trail and defend their seats in what is shaping up to be an election that will see a pro-life landslide.

Senate GOP Whip Jon Kyl, a pro-life Arizona senator, told The Hill the compacted debate time is not appropriate for a Supreme Court nominee.

It s not a good idea, he said. [Chief Justice John] Roberts and [Justice Samuel] Alito took four and five days on the floor, and Sotomayor was three. It s pretty hard to do a nominee in less than three full days if everyone is going to have a right to speak. I don't know how you shut senators up and say they don't have a right to speak. That would not be a good thing." Full story at

Pro-Abortion Groups Play Defense After Obama Health Care Abortion $ Exposed
Washington, DC ( -- In new interviews today with the web site Politico, leaders of pro-abortion groups admit they're playing defense now that pro-life groups exposed the way in which the Obama administration had planned to fund abortions in health care until they forced officials to back down from the plans.

The National Right to Life Committee exposed the abortion funding in the high risk health insurance pools the new ObamaCare law created. Obama officials allowed three states to fund abortions in the newly-created program.

The Obama administration authorized abortion funding in three states before backing down and issuing proposed guidelines limiting the funding -- although they will only apply to the high risk pools and pro-life groups will still have to ferret out abortion funding in other programs.

Reacting to the developments, pro-abortion groups admit they were caught off-guard but now promise to watch the Obama administration closely on future abortion funding aspects of the health care law.

This is not the outcome we expected, Laurie Rubiner, Planned Parenthood vice president for public policy, told Politico. We now know we need to be vigilant to make sure there aren't other areas of the law where there is silence. There is a whole host of areas that we're going to be watching like a hawk. Full story at

FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns
Washington, DC ( -- The Obama administration has approved the bid by cloning company Geron to undertake the first trial involving the use of embryonic stem cells in humans. They have never been used before in people because the cells cause tumors and have immune system rejection issues when tried in animals.

Scientists and pro-life advocates say human embryonic stem cells are not ready for trial because problems associated with the cells in animals haven't been solved. The embryonic stem cells still cause tumors and have issues with the immune system rejecting the injection of the cells.

The Food and Drug Administration has initially placed the trial on hold but Geron indicated today that the agency is now allowing it to proceed with an early stage trial on an stem cell therapy for acute spinal cord injury.

The FDA placed a hold on the trial last August, when evidence showed Geron's GRNOPC1 encountered safety issues when used in animal studies. Geron's own data showed higher frequency of small cysts within the injury site in the spinal cord of animals injected with the embryonic cells.

We are pleased with the FDA s decision to allow our planned clinical trial of GRNOPC1 in spinal cord injury to proceed, said Thomas B. Okarma, Geron's president.

Dr. John A. Kessler, chairman of neurology and director of the stem cell institute at Northwestern University, said the first application from Geron for the embryonic stem cell trial was flawed.

We really want the best trial to be done for this first trial, and this might not be it, he said at the time. Full story at

Medical Board Pursues Case Against Practitioner in Botched Abortion Death
Sacramento, CA ( -- The Medical Board of California this week amended its complaint against abortion practitioner Andrew Rutland to include the charge of homicide in connection with the death of an Asian woman who died from a botched abortion he performed at his facility.

The action from the medical board follows on the heels of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office reclassifying Ying Chen's death as a homicide.

Now, the medical board as scheduled a February 2011 hearing to consider whether or not to revoke Rutland's medical license.

Rutland killed Chen by administering anesthesia to her and not knowing the proper dosage after she visited his San Gabriel facility last July for a second-trimester abortion.

Rutland injected lidocaine, a local anesthetic, in her cervix and the woman began to have an immediate reaction. The abortion practitioner began to perform CPR but the board documents say there was a "significant delay" in him calling 911 for emergency medical help for the woman.

Ying was in cardiac arrest when the ambulance arrived and was taken to a hospital, where she died six days later. An autopsy revealed Rutland gave the woman the wrong dosage of the anesthesia. Full story at

Florida Poll Has Pro-Abortion Crist Leading Pro-Life Rubio in Key Senate Race
Tallahassee, FL ( -- A new poll out of Florida has pro-abortion Governor Charlie Crist leading pro-life former state House Speaker Marco Rubio in the marquee Senate matchup this November. The new Quinnipiac University survey released today says Crist is benefiting from a positive approval rating from Florida voters.

Some 37 percent of Florida voters now support Crist in his independent bid for the Senate seat while 32 percent of Floridians back Rubio.

Another 17 percent back pro-abortion Democratic candidate Jeff Greene and 14 percent are undecided.

Should pro-abortion congressman Kendrick Meek win the Democratic primary next month over Greene, the Quinnipiac University poll shows Crist at 39 percent, Rubio at 33 percent, meek with 13 percent and 17 percent undecided.

In the Democratic primary matchup, Greene leads Meek by 10 percent and 35 percent of Democratic voters are still undecided.

The new survey indicates that Crist, who upset pro-life advocates by vetoing a bill that would have helped women by allowing them to see an ultrasound of their unborn baby before an abortion, is helped by getting the support of half of independent voters, 20 percent of Republicans and 40 percent of Democratic voters in the possible November matchups. Full story at

Democrats' DISCLOSE Act Furthers, Not Stops, Political Culture of Corruption
by Ralph Reed
Tuesday, Democrats in the Senate failed in their effort to invoke cloture (that is, end debate) on the DISCLOSE Act, perhaps the most Orwellian-named piece of legislation in recent memory.

The bill would have subjected donors of grassroots organizations to public scrutiny and regulatory harassment whether their contribution was used for the broadcast of an ad advocating the election or defeat of a candidate or not.

So, for example, if someone wrote a large contribution to an organization opposing higher taxes, even if other funds were used to broadcast an express advocacy communication, the donor would be reported to the Federal Election Commission. It is an attempt by the Democrats in the Senate to regulate and restrict speech, silence critics of their extremist policies, and intimidate opponents of the administration and the Democratic majority.

It tramples on the First Amendment and the freedom of association. Unless, that is, you are a labor union---groups funded with membership dues are largely exempt. What a surprise! As is the Sierra Club. And the National Rifle Association, which vowed to score a vote for the DISCLOSE Act as a vote against gun rights. Democrats knew that would defeat the bill so they carved out a safe harbor for the NRA. This is not equal protection under the law; it is Chicago-style thuggery.

A broad, bipartisan coalition opposes the DISCLOSE Act . The American Civil Liberties Union opposes the bill because it violates the First Amendment. So does just about every conservative organization in the country. Full story at

Hip Hope Helps Hares Hop: Adult Stem Cells Regrow Joints for Rabbits
by David Prentice
In a proof-of-concept study using a rabbit model, researchers have successfully regenerated a functioning limb joint grown naturally using the host s own adult stem cells. Prof. Jeremy J. Mao and his team at Columbia University Medical Center, along with colleagues from the University of Missouri and Clemson University, published their report online in The Lancet.

They fabricated an anatomically correct 3-dimensional bioscaffold infused with the protein growth factor TGFß3, and implanted the scaffolds into rabbits that had their forelimb thigh joint removed. Other rabbits had scaffolds implanted without the added protein, or no bioscaffold at all. Four weeks later, rabbits that received the protein-laden scaffolds were able to resume normal movements, like rabbits with normal functional joints.

The treated rabbits had grown their own joint using their own adult stem cells. The authors said their findings showed regeneration without cell transplantation. The rabbits own adult stem cells were attracted to the scaffold joint site by the protein growth factor, homed to the location of the missing joint, and regenerated cartilage and bone in two separate layers.

The published results actually show two new findings: regenerating a limb joint for the first time, with the animals resuming normal function with the new joint, and also the regenerated limb joint being created from the animal s own endogenous stem cells, not stem cells that are harvested and manipulated outside the host s body. Full story at

House Republican Leader Praises new Bill to Codify Hyde Amendment Plus

Washington, DC ( -- House Republican Leader John Boehner is praising Rep. Chris Smith and the Republicans and Democrats who introduced critical legislation that will codify the pro-life Hyde amendment and bar Congress from using taxpayer funds for abortion or abortion coverage.

I m proud to be an original cosponsor to Rep. Smith s bill, which would protect life, codify the pro-life Hyde amendment and bar Congress from using taxpayer funds for abortion or abortion coverage," he said. Full story at

Michigan Primary August 3rd, Numerous Crucial Races to be Decided

Lansing, MI ( -- On August 3rd, Michigan voters will cast their votes and decide a number of crucial primary races. Getting out the pro-life vote in the primary election is crucial because only approximately 20% of registered voters will vote in primary.

This primary season the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) made 386 endorsements, ranging from governor to county commission. There are 38 state senators and 110 state representatives to be elected in November, but the August 3 primary election will in many cases be the determining election. Full story at

Pennsylvania Poll Shows Pro-Life Pat Toomey Holding Small Lead Over Sestak

Harrisburg, PA ( -- Pat Toomey, the pro-life candidate, continues to hold a small lead over pro-abortion Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania s U.S. Senate race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state shows Toomey earning 45% support, while Sestak picks up 39% of the vote. Six percent (6%) prefer another candidate in the race, and 10% are undecided. That s little changed from two weeks ago.

Washington Pro-Abortion Senator Patty Murray Leads Pro-Life Challengers

Olympia, WA ( -- Democratic Senator Patty Murray, who is an abortion advocate, leads all three of her pro-life potential challengers in potential November election matchups.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Washington State voters shows Murray earns support from 49% of likely voters in a matchup with pro-life candidate Dino Rossi, who picks up 47% support.

Missouri Pro-Life Candidate Blunt Opens Bigger Lead on Carnahan for Senate

Jefferson City, MO ( -- Republican Congressman Roy Blunt has opened a slightly wider lead over Democrat Robin Carnahan in Missouri s race for the U.S. Senate.
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state shows Blunt earning 49% support, his best showing since March, while Carnahan picks up 43% of the vote. Four percent (4%) like another candidate in the race, and four percent (4%) more are undecided.

Full stories at

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Fired Catholic Professor Vindicated, Will be Allowed to Teach at University of Illinois

Champaign, IL ( -- The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana confirmed to Alliance Defense Fund attorneys Thursday that it will once again allow popular professor Dr. Kenneth Howell to teach on Catholicism after recently firing him for explaining the Roman Catholic Church s position on human sexual behavior to members of his class.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life Backs Jeff Perry for 10th Congressional District

Boston, MA ( -- The Massachusetts Citizens for Life Federal PAC, the political arm of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, has endorsed Jeff Perry for Congress in the Tenth Congressional District.

Full stories at

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Greetings from (

Dear Friends for Life,

Good News: Fewer mothers die in Nicaragua. In 2006, Nicaragua tightened its pro-life law making abortion completely illegal. It reaffirmed that prohibition in 2007. The results are in. There were 50 maternal deaths in 2006 and only 21 in 2007. The infant mortality rate which had been 52 per thousand births in 1990 dropped to 28 per thousand births in 2006. So making abortion illegal saved not only unborn babies' lives but also many mothers' lives.

Chile's record is also outstanding. Abortion in Chile was legal from 1931 through 1988 and then forbidden in 1989. The result was? Maternal deaths from all causes decreased 94% from 1960 to 2007. Maternal deaths from abortion decreased 98% during this same period. Maternal mortality from all causes declined 44% after abortion was forbidden with maternal deaths due to abortion declining at an additional 10% during that time.

World-wide drop in maternal deaths puts pro-abortionist on the defensive. Studies published in the Lancet (Britain) documents a significant reduction of 35% in the world-wide maternal mortality rate. This study of 181 countries (1980-2008) flies in the face of continuing claims by pro-abortionists that abortion must be legalized to stop these deaths. The rate which had remained fairly steady at about one-half million dropped to 343,000. This calculates out to an average drop of 1 and 1/2% per year since 1980.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(Quote) Chastity does not mean abstention from sexual wrong. It means something flaming, like Joan of Arc. -G.K. Chesterton

********** NEWSLETTER #485

August 1, 2010



1. Kids and Online Pornography

2. HIV cases double in over 50s

3. Study supports behavioural change as key to fight HIV

4. If Only Just a Billion Were Hungry

5. South Korea Looks at Legalizing Abortion

6. UN Committee Attacks Motherhood, Demands New "Rights" for Women

7. The Baby Business

8. The Blessings of a Large Family

9. Iran to pay for new babies to boost population

10. Stigma, Depression, Isolation Common Among People With HIV Or AIDS

11. World Population Report: 'Aging Populations; Fewer Workers; Decline of Developed Countries'

12. FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns


(Focus on Asia): "Green Revolution Has Little to Offer New Hungry Mouths" - As it took root in the rice fields across Asia, it was hailed as the solution to the hunger afflicting millions of people in the region. But four decades on, the much vaunted Green Revolution appears to have reached its limits, unable to meet new demands, to feed new mouths.


ITEM #1. Kids and Online Pornography

Since our culture isn't willing to take measures against sexual obesity, Christians need to be especially mindful of what their kids are consuming online. Just as you wouldn't feed your children deep-fried Twinkies for dinner, you shouldn't give them unlimited and unfiltered access to the internet. A little diligence can make a big difference - the kind of difference you won't get from reading a nutrition label.

View full article at Catholic Exchange:


ITEM #2. HIV cases double in over 50s

New figures have shown that rates of HIV cases in people over the age of 50 have doubled in the last seven years.

View full article at Nursing Times:


ITEM #3. Study supports behavioural change as key to fight HIV

"Within the United Nations, there is more and more attention to focusing on abstinence and the reduction of the number of sexual partners as well as the strategy of promoting condoms," US Msgr. Robert Vitillo, special adviser to Caritas Internationalis on HIV and AIDS, told Catholic News Service. "This is a validation of what we've done."

View full article at CN:


ITEM #4. If Only Just a Billion Were Hungry

The bad news is that 1.02 billion people are going hungry in today's world of plentiful supplies. The even worse news is that this figure only tells part of the global food insecurity story.

View full article at IPS:


ITEM #5. South Korea Looks at Legalizing Abortion

However, the government has for decades turned a blind eye to the flourishing illegal abortion trade, with the result that South Korea already has one of the highest abortion rates in the world.

View full article at


ITEM #6. UN Committee Attacks Motherhood, Demands New "Rights" for Women

A United Nations (UN) treaty committee notorious for its promotion of abortion and ideological positions not supported by UN treaties, concludes its session this week after launching attacks on motherhood and traditional gender roles, while calling for an ever-expanded array of new sexual and reproductive "rights". The session was especially notable for the statement by the Russian Federation, which reported that decreasing abortion rates were helping to decrease the overall maternal mortality rates in that country.

View full article at C-FAM:


ITEM #7. The Baby Business

Large-hearted Westerners - eager to fill out their families while helping a child in need-have adopted tens of thousands of children from these and other poor countries. Very few are aware of this heartbreaking underside of international adoption - and many have trouble believing it when they do hear such stories. But the fact is that for decades, international adoption has been a Wild West, all but free of meaningful law, regulation, or oversight. In the past ten years, upward of 20,000 Western families each year have adopted internationally. Tens of thousands more are on waiting lists for years.

Western adoption agencies, seeking to satisfy demand, have poured millions of dollars of adoption fees into underdeveloped countries. Those dollars and Euros have, too often, induced the unscrupulous to take children away from families that loved and would have raised them to adulthood. Corruption skips from one unprepared country to another - until that country gets wise, changes its laws, and corrupt adoptions shift to the next unprepared nation.

Article is located at Democracy Journal:


ITEM #8. The Blessings of a Large Family

It is time that we recognize that the continued existence of human persons on this planet or anywhere is possible only if there are children being born in sufficient numbers to provide adequately for the well-being of their elders and to develop new and creative ways for producing food, fuel, electricity and all needed goods for civilization today. As John Paul II so frequently said, "The future of civilization passes through the family."

Article can be found at


ITEM #9. Iran to pay for new babies to boost population

The new government initiative will pay families for every new child and deposit money into the newborn's bank account until they reach 18, effectively rolling back years of efforts to boost the economy by reducing the country's once runaway population growth.

View entire two files at AP:


ITEM #10. Stigma, Depression, Isolation Common Among People With HIV Or AIDS

Nearly half of all the respondents said they had encountered someone who was afraid to have casual contact with them because of their infection with HIV or AIDS, and 1 in 4 reported that someone would not kiss them or share food or drink with them. These reactions to people with HIV/AIDS reflect still relatively widespread beliefs in many countries that HIV or AIDS is easily transmitted through everyday activities, and that people with HIV or AIDS should be avoided, researchers noted.

View entire text at Medscape Today:


ITEM #11. World Population Report: 'Aging Populations; Fewer Workers; Decline of Developed Countries'

The 2010 World Population Data Sheet says that a shrinking pool of working-age populations is jeopardizing social support and long-term health care programs for the elderly.

View entire text at


ITEM #12. FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns

The Obama administration has approved the bid by cloning company Geron to undertake the first trial involving the use of embryonic stem cells in humans. They have never been used before in people because the cells cause tumors and have immune system rejection issues when tried in animals.

Scientists and pro-life advocates say human embryonic stem cells are not ready for trial because problems associated with the cells in animals haven't been solved. The embryonic stem cells still cause tumors and have issues with the immune system rejecting the injection of the cells.

View entire text at



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SBA List Praises Smith-Lipinski Government-Wide Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Blasts 'Pro-Life' Democrats Missing from Bill

Susan B. Anthony List Commends Reps. Smith and Lipinski on Bipartisan Bill Introducing Government-Wide Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

WASHINGTON, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser commended Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL) on their introduction of the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" which establishes a government-wide ban on taxpayer-funding of abortion, and rebuked "pro-life" Democrats in support of the pro-abortion federal health care bill, saying: 

"Representatives like Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03), Joe Donnelly (IN-02) and Brad Ellsworth (IN-08) who voted in favor of the federal health care bill but co-sponsored this bill have publicly admitted that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows for the taxpayer-funding of abortion, that the Presidential Executive Order is insufficient and that a more permanent fix is necessary. 

"The Smith-Lipinski bill will consolidate and make permanent a string of policies that have attempted to prevent taxpayer-funded abortion despite a pro-abortion agenda being imposed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and America's most pro-abortion president in history," Dannenfelser continued. 

During the drafting of the federal health care bill, pro-life Members of Congress expressed concern over an accounting gimmick allowing for federal subsidization of abortion that was eventually written into the bill. After the bill's passage, President Obama attempted to placate the pro-life movement by issuing an executive order on abortion funding abortion that did little to address its abortion provisions. And, as states began implementing high risk pool programs several months later, some tried to include taxpayer-funding of abortion. Only after vigorous opposition by pro-life groups did the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issue a regulation promising that there would be no taxpayer-funding of abortion within these programs. But, in response, the White House stated that the regulation "Is not a precedent for other programs or policies given the unique, temporary nature of the program..." 

"In other words, the White House is leaving the door open for abortion funding elsewhere in the health care bill. Because the executive order doesn't fix the accounting gimmick, doesn't address other abortion concerns within the bill and, at the end of the day, won't hold up in court, only a more permanent and universal fix will prevent taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions," Dannenfelser said. 

SBA List's fight against abortion-funding provisions in the federal health care bill has been a top priority since late last year, an effort continuing into the mid-term election cycle through its $1.6 million Votes Have Consequences project. In August, the SBA List will be visiting districts of "pro-life" Democrats who voted in favor of the health care bill to educate voters about their Representatives' vote in favor of pro-abortion bill. 

"Not surprisingly, other 'pro-life' Democrats who voted in favor of the health care bill like Reps. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Steve Driehaus (OH-01), Bart Stupak (MI-01), Baron Hill (IN-09) and Alan Mollohan (WV-01) have not co-sponsored the Smith-Lipinski bill," Dannenfelser said. "Poll after poll confirms that the pro-abortion votes of these Congressmen and women do not represent the views of their constituents. In November, these Representatives will see that their votes have consequences." 

"Members of Congress now have the opportunity to repeal abortion provisions within the health care bill. The Smith-Lipinski bipartisan effort eliminates all need for a patchwork of policies and every pro-life Member of Congress must co-sponsor it," Dannenfelser said. 

The Susan B. Anthony List plans to spend $6 million on voter education in the midterm elections, including $3 million on key Senate races. The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of over 280,000 Americans, residing in all 50 states, dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics. Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process. 

For further information, please contact Kerry Brown at (703) 470-1926 or

Pedophilia: A Crime that Still Goes Unnoticed:

View Video here:

Pedophilia is a crime that kills children but one that is still generally treated with indifference. This is the strongly held view of Fr. Fortunato Di Noto, founder of the association 'Meter', which has been fighting for over 20 years to protect children from pedophilia, child pornography and sexual exploitation. 

Meter's aim is not only to reduce the amount of crime, but to prevent and educate through its 15 branches and 300 workers in Italy who work for child protection. It also exerts worldwide influence through the constant monitoring of the internet, in cooperation with law enforcement. 

Pedophilia is a crime, yes, but it is also a money-making machine. The figures are alarming: over 13 billion euro per year, involving over  200,000 abused children, including an increasing number of babies aged between a few days and two years. 

Yet Fr. Di Noto points out that most of the scandals in the press concern only pedophile priests, and don't seem to address the phenomenon itself which is of far greater proportions. 

Fr. Fortunato Di Noto: 
"The most striking thing is that while we have talked about pedophilia in the clergy, the global phenomenon of pedophilia has not been discussed. And the global phenomenon of sexual abuse is before the eyes of all. What impresses me, and what in essence makes the difference, is that the newspapers, probably influenced much by communication,  lobbyists, have spoken more of this than of the gravity of pedophilia itself, more than the seriousness of sexual exploitation of children, the seriousness of the sex tourism of children, the gravity of selling children and of the rape of children. This is a blatant and visible demonstration of how certain press, moved by certain types of lobbying mentalities, sometimes communicate false, unverifiable, or exploitive information."

For the founder of Meter, the growing prevalence of pedophilia through major social networks means parents must show greater responsibility and vigilance.

Fr. Fortunato Di Noto: 
"The question is: why are there 180 000 children in Italy under the age of 13 who are enrolled on Facebook without authorization? And this means that there are 180,000 families who do not monitor the actions of these children. [...] 

"Because if you put a great communication tool such as the Internet into the hands of children, you must likewise impose, on one hand, the idea of safety, which is not only concerned with giving information, but is also education. On the other hand, you must also deal with the larger field of communication, which should invest more by way of filters and educational means to reach children."

So the question is: how to transform the Internet into an effective tool for communicating the Gospel to children "born in the digital age."

Fr. Fortunato Di Noto: "
Basically we have to discover once again a new language to reach children. So I ask myself: while we are speaking, there are children who are surfing, using the Net .. how can the message of Jesus reach  those children who surf the Net and are on Facebook?"

Haiti Update:

Tribulation Times

July 30, 2010 


(Luk 6:38) Give: and it shall be given to you: good measure and pressed down and shaken together and running over shall they give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you shall mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.

St. Matthew parishioner Mark Creasser: "The problem with Haiti is once you know, you can't look away. You can't forget about it. It's hard – you can be shaving in the morning and you'll see a flash. Once you know, you know. You can't look away."

U.S. Nun Creates Impromptu Oasis To Heal Haitian Bodies And Souls

HELP FOR HAITI: Six months after the earthquake, some Haitians still are clinging to a Band-Aid life. Makeshift dwellings still smother the landscape. There are so many tents in Haiti that in some places entire neighborhoods are fashioned out of blue and white tarpaulins. Some Haitians live inside corrugated metal walls covered by tarps and fastened together with ripped sheets and shredded clothing. Others dwell in massive igloo-style white tents donated by aid organizations. In narrow lines on empty bulldozed lots, those tent neighborhoods look clean and sterile.

Jean Marc Brissau, president of the Rotary Club chapter in Léogâne, said the tents hardly are a quick fix, especially with hurricane season here. "When it's raining, people stay the whole night standing, because water is flowing under their feet and they have nothing to lie on," he said.  Still others eat and live out of their houses but won't sleep inside because they fear another earthquake.

And while many Haitians lost limbs in the earthquake, few amputees are seen in public. Amputees are afraid to leave their homes because of the stigma of their injuries, and many simply have not had follow-up medical care after their surgeries, said Evans Cheridor, a nursing student in Léogâne. Some have not learned how to get around outside their homes, he said.

Dr. Hanks of Advantage Haiti hopes that will change. She believes it is possible to use the earthquake as an "opportunity to change the mindset of Haitian people" toward those with disabilities. "Because at no other point in time would there be so many people who had an acquired disability due to a natural disaster," she said.

In Haiti, there simply is no escaping what happened on Jan. 12.

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES: Progress in Haiti as of May 31

    * Distributed food to nearly 900,000 people. Currently providing food to more than 90,000 students in over 270 schools, and monthly food rations to more than 100 orphanages and child-care centers in Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes, benefiting nearly 10,000 children.
    * Provided emergency shelter materials to more than 114,000 people.
    * CRS health care team performed over 960 emergency operations and conducted 62,000 outpatient consultations.
    * Supported hundreds of thousands of people with food, water, sanitation, shelter materials and protection, including at two of the largest camps for the displaced. Established five "child-friendly spaces" for unaccompanied children at camps, regularly attended by more than 1,500 children.
    * Installed over 600 latrines and hand-washing stations, as well as potable water tanks and inflatable water bladders, in Port-au-Prince and environs, providing an estimated 375,000 gallons of water per month.
    * Provided assistance to numerous local and international partners in Haiti, including 164 Church partners.

VOICE OF AMERICA: Long Recovery Predicted for Earthquake-Devastated Haiti

VATICAN RADIO: Catholic Organizations Continue Aid to Haiti


Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 26- "On discernment of thoughts, passions, and virtues"
84. There is a demon avarice which often apes humility; and there is a demon of vainglory, and one of sensuality too, which both urge to almsgiving. However, if we are clear of them both, we should not stint our deeds of mercy wherever we are.       

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California Abortionist Accused of Homicide in Patient Death

Rutland blames Operation Rescue/local activists for his troubles while failing to take responsibility for his own negligence

SAN DIEGO, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Medical Board of California amended a complaint on Wednesday against troubled abortionist Andrew Rutland to include the charge of homicide in the death of Ying Chen. The action came after the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office reclassified Chen's death as a homicide in June. 

A revocation hearing before the Medical Board is scheduled for February, 2011. 

Rutland had committed a second trimester abortion on Ying Chen at a dirty, unlicensed acupuncture clinic in San Gabriel, California, during which he administered an overdose of lidocaine. He failed to recognize the symptoms of the overdose and the patient went into cardiac arrest. He and his staff were untrained and unequipped to handle the medical emergency. After a "significant delay" in contacting 911, the woman was transported to a local hospital where she died six days later. Chen's death was originally classified as accidental. 

Rutland has a long history of Board discipline and other problems. His medical license was revoked in 2003 for severing a baby's spinal column during a forceps delivery, then lying to the parents by telling them that their baby suffered a stroke. The baby later died. His license was reinstated in 2007 and Rutland was placed on 5 years probation with the restriction that he operate only under the supervision of another physician. 

Last October, Operation Rescue reported that 
Rutland was violating his probation by engaging in the solo practice of medicine at an abortion clinic in Chula Vista. We asked our supporters to contact the California Medical Board and demand that his medical license be revoked. 

On November 3, 2009, an Inspector from the California Medical Board attempted to inspect Rutland's stock of drugs and his records at his Chula Vista clinic, but was refused access by Rutland's staff. 

In January, the Medical Board asked for an 
emergency suspension of Rutland's license until the Board could work through the lengthy process to finalize revocation. During that hearing, a judge blocked Rutland from doing abortions, but allowed him to continue office consultations. 

Operation Rescue learned in February that 
Rutland was continuing to administer the abortion pill and contacted the Board with the evidence. Judge James Ahler later amended his order to allow Rutland to continue to the chemical abortions, as long as he did not engage in surgical abortions. 

In response the reclassification of Chen's death as a homicide, Rutland sent an angry letter to a list of elected officials and others, including Oprah Winfrey, demanding an investigation into "clandestine collaborations of national antiabortion group organizations and local antiabortion activists with the Medical Board of California." Rutland singles out Operation Rescue and complains that we used "clandestine political collaborations" to force several abortionists out of business. He opines that everyone from the Medical Examiner, to the hospital, to the police officer who investigated Chen's death were all involved in some plot against him. 

"Rutland has proven himself to be a dishonest man who presents an ongoing danger to the public. It was his own negligence and attitude that he is above the law that has landed him in repeated trouble with the Medical Board," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. 

"Rutland complains his problems are somehow the result of an anti-abortion plot. He is upset that authorities would hold him accountable to the law, but what he really wants is to be treated as if no laws apply to him. People are dying due to his shoddy work and Operation Rescue is proud of any small part we may have played in bringing him to justice." 

Read Amended Complaint
Read Rutland's Letter (courtesy of

About Operation Rescue® 
Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.

No More Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

WASHINGTON, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday Congressman Christopher H. Smith, who represents the 4th District of New Jersey, officially filed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (the Act). According to Congressman Smith, the policies codified in the Act ensure that the "American taxpayer is not involved in funding the destruction of innocent human life through abortion on demand." 

If the Act becomes law it will protect life because it 1) establishes a government-wide statutory prohibition of taxpayer-funded abortion; 2) reduces the need for separate abortion funding policies; and 3) ensures that no federal program or federal agency is exempt. The Act is drafted so that abortion funding polices will no longer be debated on an "as-needed" basis. Instead the Act establishes as permanent the policies that prevent the destruction of innocent human life. Policies that currently rely on re-approval by Congress, just to name a few, are the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits funding for elective abortion coverage funded through the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Act, and the Helms Amendment, which prohibits funding for abortion as a method of family planning overseas. 

Another important provision in the Act is the conscience clause, which codifies the Hyde-Weldon conscience clause contained within the Hyde Amendment. The conscience clause ensures that recipients of federal funding do not discriminate against healthcare providers because they do not provide, fund, or refer for abortion. Healthcare providers protected by the conscience clause include doctors, nurses and hospitals. 

"We congratulate Congressman Smith for authoring a commonsense measure that protects the unborn," states Dana Cody, President and Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. "Should this Act become law, Congressman Smith and those who cosponsored the bill will have taken one step toward restoring respect for human life in America." 

Life Legal Defense Foundation was established in 1989, and is a non-profit organization composed of attorneys and other concerned citizens, committed to the sanctity of human life. For more information, call Dana Cody at (707) 337-6889.

Spirit & Life Newsletter:

Orthographic projection map of Kenya highlight...

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Critical Days Ahead: Urgent Prayer for Kenya Needed

Dear Friends of Life,
HLI once again asks your prayers and fasting this week before the final vote in Kenya on a new constitution which would legalize abortion on demand in that previously abortion-free country. 
The vote will be next Wednesday, August 4th, and we will report next week on the outcome of the vote. Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Christopher Smith (R-NJ) we have now found out that the Obama Administration has spent at least $23 million in the effort to influence the outcome of another country's referendum. This type of political influence, since much of it has been given to openly pro-abortion groups, is prohibited by U.S. law. 
Kindly pray for the babies of Kenya before the Blessed Sacrament this week if you are able. Even if you only remember Kenya in your private intentions at the Sunday Mass this weekend you will do a great deal to help the efforts to stop this wickedness that is knocking at Kenya's door. 
Pray also to the Guardian Angel of Kenya. It is a strong tradition in angelology that countries, ethnicities and natural communities of persons (even families) have guardian angels just like individuals have. I have found that prayers to guardian angels of whole countries are powerful if enough people raise their voices in intercession for their protection. This clear and present danger merits angelic protection if ever there was a need. 
If you are able to offer some sacrifice or fast from food this week for the cause of Kenya that would add a special potency to our prayer. The Lord Himself said that some demons are only driven out by "prayer and fasting," so we must trust very much in this powerful spiritual force of protection against such a demonic evil as abortion.
Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more
St. Paul said that grace actually flourishes when great sinfulness shows its ugly face. We know that one of the immediate fruits of this fight in Kenya (even before the vote) has been to shine the light of truth on the evil of abortion and to cause the reaffirmation of the basic culture of life of the Kenyan people. We pray that grace will continue to abound in this fight for the preservation of all that is sacred, not only for the Kenyan people but for the African continent which still remains largely free of abortion. 
Thank you and God bless you for your charity in defending life - all around the world. 


Fr. Tom Signature

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International

HLI Lifelines VideoThe Reason for the Administration's Assault on Kenya

Population Control - pure and simple. Learn more about this devastating policy and a little bit about its history in this HLI LIfeLines video featuring Raymond de Souza. See the video here...

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'Temporary' Ban on Abortion Funding Proves Need for Permanent Ban

Logo of Concerned Women for America.

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White House admits its fix is temporary, provides reason to pass "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act"

WASHINGTON, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- The White House announced a temporary regulation to fix loopholes discovered in ObamaCare that would allow federal funding for elective abortions. However, White House official Nancy-Ann DeParle emphasized that the ban, which applies to a program which itself is temporary, "is not a precedent for other programs or policies." 

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), said, "The Obama administration is trying to play both sides. It tried to sneak funding for abortion in one program. Then, when caught, they announced a 'ban,' but at the same time declared the ban as 'temporary' and 'not a precedent' for what it will do in other programs. This leads to one obvious conclusion: temporary fixes don't work. Congress needs to pass a permanent ban on abortion funding." 

"Every year a myriad of amendments have to be reauthorized to protect taxpayers from funding abortion. This week, Representatives Chris Smith (R-New Jersey) and Dan Lipinski (D-Illinois) offered a bi-partisan solution. The 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' solidifies existing, annual bans, including the Hyde amendment, conscience protections for health care providers, and bars taxpayer funding of abortions in other countries. 

"In announcing the temporary ban, the White House affirmed that the 'President is committed to neither expanding nor scaling back current restrictions on federal funding for abortion.' This new bill fits that promise, as it will uphold current laws, making permanent what has been for too long temporary." 

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.

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