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“When a society accepts abortion it is preparing to eliminate freedom” Says Spanish Family Forum

By Gudrun Schultz

CACERES, Spain, March 30, 2007 ( - “Abortion implicates denying the existence of the life of a human person,” concluded the first international congress on “Women and Abortion”, held in Caceres, Spain, March 8 to 10.

Organized by the Spanish Family Forum, the congress issued a report on the conclusions arrived at during the two-day session, reported by Fides News Agency.

While abortion denies the existence of “a life which must develop and become complete in autonomy,” the report stated, abortion also denies the life of the unborn child’s parents. The document warned that women must be informed of the real dangers of abortion, particularly the likelihood of developing post-abortion syndrome. As well, the physical dangers of chemical abortions caused by taking drugs such as RU-486 or the “morning after pill” must be made known to women, the report stated.

The public must be alerted to the interests fueling promotion of abortion, including economic, political and social planning initiatives, which the report calls “a chorus which invades the media” and needs to be countered by the presence of pro-life activists.

The congress Conclusions reiterates the humanity of human embryos and emphasizes the immorality of human embryonic research--the report outlines promising alternatives to the use of embryonic stems cells, including cells found in the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid.

The document calls for conscientious objection to immoral research and practices, stating, “When a society accepts abortion it is preparing to eliminate freedom.” Participants in the congress resolved to build a social network the fight the plague of abortion and to support effective family policies.

(with files from Fides News Agency)

“Conclusions” in Spanish:

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Applause from hell

If we think of hell, we might imagine screams coming out of the flames, or the sinister laughter of the devil. But the sound I recently heard coming from there was that of applause.

What I heard was an audiotape of Dr. Martin Haskell giving a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation Conference in 1992 in San Diego. It was a gathering of abortionists -- men and women who make their living by killing babies. Haskell was describing to his audience how to do a partial-birth abortion. Listen to his words about how this procedure takes place:

"The surgeon then introduces large grasping forceps ... through the vaginal and cervical canal ... He moves the tip of the instrument carefully towards the fetal lower extremities -- and pulls the extremity into the vagina ... The surgeon then uses his fingers to deliver the opposite lower extremity, then the torso, the shoulders, and the upper extremities. The skull lodges in the internal os. The fetus is oriented ... spine up ... The surgeon then takes a pair of blunt curved Metzenbaum scissors in the right hand. ... the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull--spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening. The surgeon--surgeon then introduces a suction catheter into this hole and evacuates the skull contents."

Haskell, having described these brutal details, shows his audience a video of himself doing one of these procedures. And at the end of the video, after the sound of the suction machine taking the brains out of the baby's head, the audience applauds.

That, my friends, is applause from hell.

We often speak about "the fires of hell." It is also true, however, to say that hell is very cold. It is the absence of all conscience, of all pity, of all love. That kind of hell is reflected on earth when a group of human beings can sit around a video machine, watch someone deliberately kill a baby, and then applaud. That's the heart and soul of the abortion industry. That's the heart and soul of "pro-choice."

It's the same chilling attitude of which Dr. Bernard Nathanson repented. He writes about how he felt after he killed his own child by abortion. "I swear to you that I had no feelings aside from the sense of accomplishment, the pride of expertise. On inspecting the contents of the bag I felt only the satisfaction of knowing that I had done a thorough job" (The Hand of God, p.60).

I am convinced that the first and overall most effective way to fight abortion is to expose it. People need to hear descriptions of the procedure, see what it looks like, and get a glimpse into the utter corruption of the abortion industry. Saint Paul tells the Ephesians, "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" (Eph. 5:11). Let's put Paul's words into practice and spread the information in this column!


Fr. Frank Pavone, M.E.V.

National Director, Priests for Life NewsBytes

California "Elder Suicide Rates Sound Alarm" - By Wesley J. Smith

House Dems Pushing for Largest Tax Increase in History - Pro-family experts say tax hike would devastate families

Values Voters to Gather in Washington

Suit against US faith-based federal grant recipient dismissed

Gore ignores real 'planetary emergency'

Moral Decline, the Media, and Natural Law

Study on Day Care Hits Close to Home

Parents Warned to Keep Kids Home from School on Gay 'Day of Silence''Day%20of%20Silence'

The American Psychological Association has issued a report about the dangers of sexualizing girls

Britain's sex slavery dilemma

European bishops leave Pope to argue alone

Pro-'Gay' Bullies Pick Up the Pace

LA Times Admits It 'Oversimplified' Views of Planned Parenthood Founder

Pro-abortion forces in Brazil criticize doctors for helping anencephalic baby

Peter Singer invited to address Polish Catholic conference

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

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Pope John Paul II:
"If a person's right to life is violated at the moment in which he is first conceived in his mother's womb, an indirect blow is struck also at the whole of the moral order, which serves to ensure the inviolable goods of man. Among those goods, life occupies the first place. The Church defends the right to life, not only in regard to the majesty of the Creator, who is the first giver of life, but also in respect of the essential good of the human person"

Thomas More Law Center Successfully Defends Pro-Life Advocate

Roses have always been a Pro-Life Sign

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, successfully defended Gene Forro, a pro-life advocate in Flint, Michigan. Forro has been active in the pro-life movement for twenty years and regularly engages in pro-life advocacy outside the Feminine Health Care Clinic, a Flint abortion facility.

This past January, without Forro’s knowledge, the director of the clinic obtained a personal protection order against Forro, claiming he was harassing her. According to the terms of the order, Forro was no longer permitted to appear at the clinic to engage in his pro-life ministry, which includes sidewalk counseling and praying for the end of abortion.

As soon as Forro learned about the personal protection order, he contacted the Thomas More Law Center, which agreed to represent him. Edward L. White III, trial counsel with the Law Center, appeared at three hearings on Forro’s behalf. On March 19, 2007, the court entered an order terminating the personal protection order. Forro is now again permitted to engage in his peaceful pro-life ministry outside the clinic.

According to Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel for the Thomas More Law Center, “People in the abortion industry often use the court system to intimidate and silence pro-life advocates. Here, we are pleased we had the opportunity to successfully represent Mr. Forro and at no charge to him.”

Forro commented, “I am glad I can continue my pro-life ministry.”

The Thomas More Law Center defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation, and related activities. It does not charge for its services. The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization. You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at

Vatican to UN: "First Right of Children is that of Being Born"

By John-Henry Westen

GENEVA, March 27, 2007 ( - "The first right of children is that of being born and educated in a welcoming and secure family environment where their physical, psychological and spiritual growth is guaranteed, their potential is developed and where the awareness of personal dignity becomes the base for relating to others and for confronting the future." The statement was made during a March 23 address by Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi C.S., Holy See (Vatican) permanent observer to the United Nations at Geneva, who spoke during the 4th session of the Human Rights Council.

Archbishop Tomasi recalled that "the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child attributes to the child the fundamental rights of a person; it recognizes the child to have the same equality and dignity as any adult person."

"In many cases," he went on, "due to lack of will and of resources, good legal provisions and public policies are not implemented, with grave consequences for children. They often become the first victims of famines and wars."

"To many children the right to life is denied; prenatal selection eliminates both babies suspected of having disabilities and female children simply because of their sex, and thus denies the equal and intrinsic value of disabled persons and of girls for their families and for society."

State and society, said the permanent observer, must "concretely support and enable the family to carry out its task. ... The Catholic Church's over 300,000 social, caring and educational institutions work daily to ensure both a peace-oriented and creative education for children, and the development of their talents, and to provide the reintegration of abused and neglected children into their families, if possible, and into society."

"Children are both weakness and hope. To pursue the defence of their rights and the elimination of all forms of violence against them remains an institutional challenge for the international community. Success will be reached if priority is given to the natural role of the family and to the public culture that recognizes that children too are full human persons."

(with files from Vatican Information Service)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 NewsBytes

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Texas Bill would pay women to pick adoption, not abortion

Scientists create a sheep that's 15% human

Bishops urge Nicaraguan Supreme Court to maintain pro-life laws

Russian Orthodox priest subsidizes women for not having abortion

Jesus, the woman, and the family

South Carolina Bill Requires Women See Ultrasound Before Abortion

Homosexual Practice Trumps Religious Belief

Reaction to general illustrates culture war

What about the Morality of Homosexual Behavior?

Clinics Recruit Surrogates to Provide Kids for Gay Couples

Polish public split on pro-life amendment, poll finds

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

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Breaking News: Tiller Resolution Introduced And Passed In KS House Committee

Topeka, KS - A resolution that would compel Attorney General Paul Morrison to file charges against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller was introduced today in the Kansas House, and has already passed the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

"We are gratified that the House leaders are taking action to restore the rule of law in Kansas. We pray that the full House will act quickly to pass the resolution," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "Innocent babies that should have the protection of law continue to illegally die at Tiller's Wichita abortion mill. It is our hope that a vigorous prosecution will put an end to this needless and tragic bloodshed once and for all."

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The Medieval Church

a) St. Augustine

i) According to St. Augustine, because God is the Creator of all men, all men are good "inasmuch as they are the work of God" (De nuptiis et concupiscentia, ii, 35 (ch. 20), P.L., xliv, p. 456).

ii) Even those conceived of adultery, or defective children have been formed by God and have a destiny only He knows: "For he is born feebleminded by an accidental defect, but he is created as a man by the work of God" )Operus imperfecti contra Julianum, iii, 160-61; P.O., xiv, 1313-1315).

iii) Augustine believed that God forms the person in the uterus by divine intervention. "A fetus is conceived and is born by a divine work, not a human one" (Contra Julianum, v. 34 (ch. 8), P.L., xliv, 804-05).

iv) He also believed that man is born in the uterus before he is born outside of the mother (Erarratio in Psalmum, lxii, P.O., xxxvi, 678).

v) He argues that the fetus is not part of the mother (Contra Julianum, vi, 43 (ch. 14); P.L., xliv, 847).

b) St. Aquinas

i) Aquinas is representative of Christian thought on abortion in his time. He argued that (1) the unborn, as soon as it has a soul, is wholly distinct from its mother, and (2) there is no spiritual soul in the "unformed" embryo.

ii) He also believed that the unborn "live with" God and are sanctified by Him.

iii) Whether "formed" or not, abortion is a serious sin (Summa Theologiae, iii, qu. 68, art. 22).
[to be continued]


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas legislator has proposed that pregnant women considering abortion be offered $500 not to end their pregnancies.

Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick, who also is a conservative radio talk show host, said on Friday the money might convince the women to go ahead and have babies, then give them up for adoption.

Here's the link to this amazing story . . .

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(click here for CDs on Early Church)

a) From the time the Christian Church emerged in the Mediterranean world in the first century A.D., opposition to abortion had been one of its moral tenets. A First Century catechism, The Twelve Apostles, placed those who are "killers of the child, who abort the mold of God," between murderers and adulterers, all embarked on "the Way of Darkness." The easily Christian Epistle of Barnabas 19:5, see Doctrina duodecom apostolorum; Barnabae epistual, Ed. Theodor Klauser (Bonn, 1940).

b) In the Didache, a second century document dealing with early Christian practices, we find this instruction: "You shall not kill. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not give yourself over to corruption/destruction of boys, nor to fornication (sexual wantonness), nor to theft, nor to making magic, nor to making potions. You shall not kill the child by corruption/destruction, nor kill at birth. You shall not covet . . ." (Didache, ii.2). The corruption/destruction by which killing a child is forbidden evidently refers to abortion, since infanticide is specifically mentioned next. The making of magic and potions included abortifacient drugs and sterilization practices. (Barnabas and the Didache, translated by Robert A. Kraft. Vol 3, The Apostolic Fathers, edited by Robert M. Grant, (New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1965), pp. 143.45).

c) The Didache, written in the second century, contains this instruction to Christians: "Loving what is worthless, pursuing payment, merciless to the poor, not caring for the deprived, forgetful of Him who made them, murderers of children, corrupter/destroyers of what God has formed, refusers of the needy, oppressors of the afflicted, defenders of the rich, wicked judges of those who have not; sinners without faith and law! My children, keep far from all that!" (Didache, v.2).

d) Among the early church writers, Caesarius of Arles wrote, "No woman should take any drug to procure an abortion, because we will be placed before the judgment seat of Christ, whether she has killed an already born child or a conceived one" (Sermons i, 12).

e) "Thou shalt not procure abortion, thou shalt not commit infanticide" (Epistle of Barnabus, xix, 5).

Tertullian's Apology, written in his orthodox period, says: "for us, since homicide is forbidden, it is not even permitted while the blood is being formed into a man to dissolve the conception in the uterus. For to prevent its being born is an acceleration of homicide, and there is no difference whether one snuffs out a life already born or disturbs one that is in the process of being born. For he also is a man who is about to be one, just as every fruit already exists in the seed" (ix. 8).

g) Basil the Great, one of the greatest eastern Christian Fathers, writes: "Whoever purposely destroys a fetus incurs the penalty of murder. we do not ask precisely whether it is formed or not formed. For here not only that which have been born is vindicated, but also the woman herself who prepared her own destruction since oftentime women die in such attempts. But to this the fetus destroyed adds another killing" (Ep. 138; P.G., xxxii, 672, 677).

h) The second century Pedagogus, by Clement of Alexandria, teaches: "But our whole life would proceed in keeping with nature, if we would but control our desires at the outset and refrain from taking away by oils and vicious techniques the human progeny born by the providence of God. For those women who conceal sexual wantonness by taking stimulating drugs to bring on an abortion wholly lose their own humanity along with the fetus" (Pedagogus, ii. 10:95-96).
[To be continued]

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Hannity Lessons Learned

It is clearly time to get beyond the Sean Hannity controversy, but in doing so I also recognize that my March 9th interview with him tapped into a few currents of righteous indignation about issues relevant to our Catholic identity such as birth control and public dissenters, the silence of the clergy on fundamental matters and our deep love for the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. I want to point out a few lessons learned from the Hannity interview:

First, faithful Catholics love the priesthood. They defended me personally against the aggressive attack-dog irrationality of Mr. Hannity, but they also defended, out of a profound respect, Christ's sacramental priesthood. No one can erase from the hearts of the faithful the intuitive love the Church has for those who bring Christ to them in the most tangible way possible, and when attacked, the faithful stand up and defend the priesthood.

Secondly, faithful Catholics love when people speak up unequivocally for the truth, and as a priest, that is what I am ordained to do! The expressions of gratitude for my standing up for the Church were just overwhelming perhaps because a vigorous defense of Church teaching from the ranks of the clergy is, shall we say, rare these days. However, the faithful are also called to this defense, and now I am convinced more than ever that there are many who are well-equipped for the task. I have always said that only the laity and the clergy working together will be a formula for positive change inside or outside of the Church.

One final lesson learned. There are literally millions of Catholics out there who, like Mr. Hannity, haven't the slightest idea about Church doctrine on critical issues and are living in a de facto state of contradiction concerning their own religious faith. I believe they fell through the cracks in the post-Vatican II malaise of religious education. These need to be reached. As the discussions on these issues continue, especially in the blogs and talk radio, the Church gets more opportunity to explain her teaching on contraception and its consequences - something Mr. Hannity did not give me a chance to do! I do think we now have what Fr. Richard John Neuhaus would call a "Catholic Moment," that is, a chance to seize the opportunity of public interest on these issues and run with them.

To aid this effort, in the next few weeks I will send out a series of brief video email presentations on certain aspects of the contraception issue in order to give you some tools to help others understand the issue more clearly. Send them to family and friends just to get the message out more widely. Below I attach the upcoming schedule, and I look forward to assisting you in the evangelization of our whole society:

  • March 30: Does birth control really prevent abortion? (video email)
  • April 6: Holy Thursday - the Gift of the Priesthood (regular written Spirit and Life format)
  • April 13: NFP: Is this Catholic birth control? (video email)
  • April 20: Is the world overpopulated? (video email)
  • April 27: Why should we deny Communion to dissenters on Church doctrine? (video email)

God bless you and thank you for being a faithful member of the Church Militant!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International

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Restraining Order Gives Disabled Child Emilio 19 More Days of Life at Catholic Hospital

Little Emilio and his family need our prayers! May God grant them all the graces they need in this delicate time of trial!
Deacon John

By Hilary White

AUSTIN, March 22, 2007 ( - Emilio Gonzales has been given a reprieve by a restraining order to prevent a Catholic hospital from removing his respirator in ten days, as planned. Officials at the hospital have agreed to continue his care until at least April 10.

The hospital's decision came after Emilio's mother, Catarina Gonzales filed a restraining order to require the hospital to continue her infant son's treatment, which consists of a respirator and feeding tube. She hopes the extra time will be sufficient to find another hospital willing to continue Emilio's care but so far facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, California and New York have all turned down her requests.

Gonzales was told by the Brackenridge Children's Hospital of Austin, March 12, that she had ten days to find another care facility or they would turn off Emilio's respirator. Brackenridge is part of the Seton Catholic health care system.

Doctors have said that that Emilio's treatment is "medically inappropriate" although they have admitted that without the assisted breathing and nutrition and hydration, the child, who was born blind and deaf and suffers from Leigh's Disease, would die within days.

"This care is medically inappropriate," said committee member Michael Regier. "The aggressive care that this infant is receiving is causing suffering, harm to the infant and without clinical benefit, and that should be discontinued."

Texas is one of two states with a "futile care" law that allows physicians to discontinue life-saving treatment without the consent of patients. Texas legislators are currently considering changing the law to require medical facilities to maintain such treatment until families can find alternate care arrangements.

Leigh's disease is an incurable neurometabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system leading to loss of motor control and frequently to eventual respiratory, kidney and heart failure. Sufferers can live as long as may live to be 6 or 7 years of age. Some have survived to their mid-teenage years. Emilio is now 16 months old.

"I'm scared, because I don't want to lose my son, because I know he's moving," said Catarina. "I wish people could see him."

"My biggest concern is the lack of time, which has always been my concern with this particular statute, because 10 days is simply not enough time in a situation like this to find another transfer," said Catarina's attorney, Jerri Ward told KXAN, a local NBC news affiliate.

If the hospital does not grant an extension, the next step is a court hearing Wednesday.

Read previous coverage: Mother Given 10 Days to Find New Hospital For Sick Child or Hospital Will Remove Respirator


Here's a News Clip that caught my eye. Well, guess what! Abortion kills the baby 100% of the time, unless it is botched! When are we going to stop murdering babies and killing their mother's too?

Deacon John


Abortion is dangerous, mortal for many African women

Rome (Agenzia Fides) -

In Africa 4.2 million dangerous abortions are carried out every year and in 30,000 cases the mother dies. Abortion can kill when it is performed by non qualified personnel and/or in non hygienic conditions. Moreover it can often leave the mother infertile.In South Africa, according to the national health department every year about 50,000 South African women undergo legal abortion. Health services vary from province to province, depending on levels of development and poverty. All these centres need to be better equipped with personnel and means. In many of the poorest rural areas of South Africa sexual questions and problems are not even discussed.

(AP) (21/3/2007 Agenzia Fides; Righe:17; Parole:184)

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Morre NewsBytes 2 - March 21, 2007

LifeSiteNews NewsBytes 2

The Achilles' Heel of Condoms - Chastity and Fidelity Proving More Effective

Pope: Church and Society Need the Handicapped

French euthanasia doctor convicted, but avoids jail

Mexican lawmakers debate legal abortion

The Church Will Not Be Hannitized

'Heroes' who kill unborn babies

Why high pensions mean low birth rates

Keeping children safe online

NBC's 'Andy Barker, P.I.' Attacks Christians, Implies Americans Reactionary, Racist

The Achilles' Heel of Condoms

Book puts clergy abuse scandal in broader context

Donate to at

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

Mother Given 10 Days to Find New Hospital For Sick Child or Hospital Will Remove Respirator

Hospital Ethics Committee decides that keeping child alive is an "assault" on his human dignity

By Meg Jalsevac

AUSTIN, TX, March 21, 2007 ( – A hospital ethics committee at Brackenridge Children's Hospital of Austin, TX, a Catholic run hospital in the Seton Healthcare System, yesterday notified Catarina Gonzales, a young mother of a very sick child that, unless she can arrange to have her child transferred to another medical facility within 10 days, they will remove the respirator that the child relies on to breath.

Emilio Gonzales was born 16 months ago blind and deaf. Though very difficult to definitively diagnose, doctors have said that Emilio also suffers from Leigh's Disease, an incurable neurometabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system leading to loss of motor control and frequently to eventual respiratory, kidney and heart failure. Victims of the disease in its severest form usually have a life expectancy of a few years although some individuals have lived to early teens.

Emilio has been hospitalized for the past three months on a feeding tube and respirator. His mother, a single mother, has kept a vigil by his bedside – quitting her job and dropping out of school to be with him. Catarina believes in miracles but is aware that Leigh's Disease will probably eventually take the life of her little child. She disagrees that the hospital should be allowed to decide when that will be.

She says, "He is my only one and I cannot afford to lose him. I know he's going to die because of Leigh's Disease. I accept that. But to take him, that's mainly playing God because you are saying who lives and who dies."

Catarina says that Emilio responds to her while doctors claim that he is comatose and near death with no hope of recovery. Catarina said, "It's really hard because you see your son moving, and you see him opening his eyes." She has vowed to do everything in her power to find an alternate healthcare facility – even if it means moving the sick child out of state.

Under the "Futile Care Law", Texas being one of only two states to have such a law, medical personnel may decide to withdraw vital medical treatment from a terminally ill patient regardless of the patient's wishes. Not Dead Yet, a group dedicated to fighting euthanasia and protecting disabled individuals from laws such as the above mentioned Texas law says, "Essentially, futile care policies provide that a physician may overrule a patient or their authorized decision-maker in denying wanted life-sustaining treatment. Futile care policies do not generally require that the treatment be objectively futile, but allow doctors to use subjective criteria such as quality of life judgments and even economic factors as grounds for denying treatment."

Emilio is on Medicaid and many critics have asserted that individuals like him are more likely to be euthanized in order to prevent them from being a drain on the system. Diane Coleman, President of Not Dead Yet, has written to ask Texas Governor Rick Perry to order a "stay of execution" for little Emilio saying, "If you need reasons other than simple humanity, here's one that might help: Since Emilio is a Medicaid recipient, he falls under the protections afforded by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Removal of his ventilator - against the express wishes of his mother - violates his civil rights underSection 504." Coleman complained that should the hospital be allowed to withdraw the respirator from Emilio, he will have received fewer protections from the state of Texas than a death row inmate.

Emilio's doctors, members of the Pediatric Physicians Alliance of Central Texas, and Catarina have disagreed numerous times regarding Emilio's treatment. They assert that she continually changes her mind regarding her son's treatment while she has accused the doctors of withdrawing treatment without her consent and not adequately explaining their decisions about her son. An ethics committee meeting in February reviewed Emilio's case and doctors agreed to continue treating Emilio until Catarina could find another hospital to transfer him to or until he was strong enough to return home.

A second ethics committee meeting last Friday reevaluated the case and determined, "The current aggressive treatment plan for Emilio amounts to a nearly constant assault on Emilio's fundamental human dignity, and with little, if any, corresponding benefit to Emilio."

The same ethics committee that determined that Emilio's life was not worth living also recommended that spiritual and pastoral care be provided to help his mother and family cope with their grief.

The "Futile Care Law" is currently under review in the Texas legislature.

Emails and updates are swirling across the country to garner support for little Emilio Gonzales and to voice encouragement to act to anyone who might have the opportunity or authority to sway the hospital's decision. Advocate groups for the disabled and pro-life groups have also joined forces to campaign for Emilio's right to life.

To respectfully contact:

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
Bishop of Austin
Contact: Rick Bologna
Location: Chancery
P.O Box 13327 1600 N. Congress
Austin, TX 78701

Children's Hospital of Austin
One Children's Place
1400 North IH 35
Austin, TX 78701

Austin Mayor's Committee for People with Disability
(512) 974-2292

Office of the Governor – Rick Perry
P.O. Box 12428,
Austin, Texas 78711
Phone: (512) 463-2000
Citizen's Opinion Hotline: 1-800-252-9600

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae" NewsBytes Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Polish public split on pro-life amendment, poll finds

Earlier Primaries Might Limit Debate - Family issues would get less attention, pundits say

South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Ultrasounds Before Abortions

Catholics Descend on Tiller's Abortion Mill for 72 Hours of Prayer

'Anti-Catholic' Pelosi Accused of Promoting 'Culture of Death'

Vatican instructs German bishops to cut ties with abortion counseling group

Cardinal O'Malley urges 4,000 women to stand up for life, family

Directors of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) endorse bill forcing taxpayers to pay for research requiring the killing of human embryos

Abort gay babies?

A Political Plot to Undermine DOJ Obscenity Prosecutions

Pornography's Death Grip

Greatest disappointment with US Bishops "Married Love" document on NFP is that it fails to convey any sense of urgency

CWA on Women Jumping Off the Career Track

Faith and Major League Baseball featured in new film

Christian ideas gone mad - time to take closer look at Enlightenment values which underpin much of modern thinking

Author Philip Jenkins discusses the demographic trends and religious movements that the elite don't notice.

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Catholic Colorado Governor Signs Bill Mandating Catholic Hospitals Provide Abortion Drug

Governor Ritter, a Roman Catholic, ran as a pro-life candidate in last fall's election.

By Gudrun Schultz

DENVER, Colorado, March 16, 2007 ( - Colorado Catholic hospitals must offer abortifacient drugs to victims of rape under a controversial new law signed by Gov. Bill Ritter Thursday, the Denver Post reported earlier today.

Although Senate Bill 60 contains an exception allowing physicians or medical practitioners who object to the drug on religious or moral grounds to opt out of recommending it, all hospitals, including Catholic, are required to retain staff that will offer information on so-called "emergency contraception."

Colorado Right to Life opposed the law, saying the drug is falsely marketed as contraception when in fact it can cause early-stage abortion. Pro-life groups had successfully lobbied against previous versions of the bill, under the administration of former Republican Gov. Bill Owens.

"We reject the claim that it is emergency contraception because we know that in many cases…it prevents implantation of a newly created embryo, and that's a human life," said Leslie Hanks with Right to Life.

Additionally, opponents of the bill said the measure should have included a clause requiring that parents be informed before the information was given to minor girls.

"The problem is circumventing the parents in giving this very important information," said Rep. Marsha Looper. "You don't know what type of religious implications there may be by educating the young lady. I think it's always helpful to have the parents or guardian there," the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput challenged Ritter in January to ensure his actions as governor reflected his professed Roman Catholic faith. Ritter ran as a pro-life candidate in last fall's election.

"Mr. Ritter's stated commitment to 'restore eligibility requirements for state funding for pregnancy prevention and family planning programs' is seriously flawed public policy," wrote Archbishop Chaput in his column in this week's Denver Catholic Register.

"It's hard to have a future 'for our children and our children's children' without children, and in practice, Planned Parenthood specializes in the business of preventing them," the archbishop stated, referring to Ritter's pledge to create a better future for coming generations, in his State of the State address last week.

To contact Gov. Bill Ritter:
Bill Ritter, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792
Phone (303) 866-2471
See related LifeSiteNews coverage:

Denver Archbishop Challenges Governor Over Proposed Funding to Abortion Clinics

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

Sunday, March 18, 2007


* Why is it . . . when three people die from E.coli poisoning, spinach is immediately pulled off the shelf in every corner of the world, but when eight women die from RU-486, the at-home abortion pill, no one even raises an eyebrow?
* Why is it . . . after 34 years of legalization, abortion is still the best-kept secret in America? A recent study showed that less than 3 in 10 people realize that abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever.
* Why is it . . . that abortion, the number-one cause of death in the US annually, is so badly misunderstood? 50 million dead and counting.
* Why is it . . . that the average American will be an eyewitness to murder and mayhem, in every conceivable form, thousands of times a year, on both television and movies, but the media feels that it is inappropriate to provide the general public with a factual description of even a first trimester abortion, let alone a partial-birth abortion?
* Why is it . . . that on one floor of many US hospitals they will abort babies left and right, but on another floor, they'll spend tons of money to save a child born at the same gestational age as the children being aborted floors below?
* Why is it . . . that when a woman is happy about her pregnancy, it's a "baby"? She's asked questions like "when is your baby due?" or "How far along is your baby?" But when she wants an abortion . . . it's suddenly a blob of tissue or a product of conception?
* Why is it . . . that you can kill an unborn baby anytime you want to, for any reason under the sun, but if you destroy a turtle egg on a Florida beach, you go to jail? There have been fines of $4,000 for killing cats, $1,300 fine and 60 days in jail for torturing and killing rabbits, and a $10,000 fine for killing a historic tree.
* Why is it . . . when a woman goes into an abortion clinic, the champions of "choice" only offer the choice of abortion?
* Why is it . . . if abortion is supposed to be available to give a woman a "choice," that illegal coercion is the number-one cause of abortion in America today? The number-one cause of death among pregnant women is murder.
* Why is it . . . that many do not see the handwriting on the wall . . . that abortion is a catalyst to infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, human cloning, tampering with human genetics, cross-breeding humans and animals, only to name a few contemporary assaults on the sanctity of human life?
* Why is it . . . that more people don't understand if we lose the abortion debate, none of us are safe?
* Why is it . . . that the major Fortune 500 companies will proudly support Planned Parenthood, the number one provider of abortion services on the planet, but pro-life companies are scared to death to openly support the unborn, the fear of retribution in the marketplace?
* Why is it . . . that Planned Parenthood has a budget of over $800 million a year, while pro-life organizations are forced to eke out projects and programs on a shoestring budget?
* Why is it . . . that church leaders and whole Christian denominations would take a position in support of abortion, even evoking the name of God and the Bible to support their position? More importantly, why isn't there any outcry from the membership of those denominations?
* Why is it . . . a lot of pro-lifers, including pastors, insist on declaring that abortion is a political issue and therefore has no place in the church? It is a spiritual and moral issue that has political ramifications. It is a violation of the Sixth Commandment.
* Why is it . . . that in every election cycle, God-fearing citizens cast their vote for politicians who support abortion?
* Why is it . . . that when looking at candidates for public office, a position on the economy is of greater importance than a position on the value of human life?
* Why is it . . . that we consider our government to be "by the people and for the people," but only few show up to vote?
* Why is it . . . most of our shepherds can give a sermon on any subject under the sun, but hardly ever on abortion?
* Why is it . . . mothers who have 2 or 3 children, who fully understand that life begins at conception, will opt for an abortion? Why do some mothers have multiple abortions?
* Why is it . . . most pro-lifers continue to do business with known supporters of Planned Parenthood, even though they realize that hey are being complicit in funding PP?
* Why is it . . . many pro-lifers seem to be "closet pro-lifers." No one knows that they are pro-life, not even their closest friends or family, because "mums" the word?
* Why is it . . . so few pro-lifers come out to the killing centers, where we have the last encounter with mothers, minutes away from killing their own flesh and blood?
* Why is it . . . most Christians don't make the connection between contraception and abortion?
* Why is it . . . one never sees the word "abortion" on the buildings or signs at abortion clinics? If abortion is such a good "choice," why hide what it is they really do?
* Why is it . . . most pro-lifers fail to write letters to local and national elected officials who push the abortion agenda? To remain silent, is to allow the pro-aborts to speak for us.
* Why is it . . . most Christians fail to accept the fact that we were created for "such a time as this." This is our battle for which we will have to give an account!
[From Christian Action News, March 2007]

Saturday, March 17, 2007


AMERICA/MEXICO - 25 March Day for Life: say yes loud and clear to the gift of life, celebrating life and serving life in the mission entrusted by God

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - "Manipulation of human embryos, are we faced with a new holocaust?" is the theme of 3rd international Pro Life Conference to be held 23 - 25 March 2007, in Mexico City to give a global response to a battle for life which is already global. Organisers hope the event will draw even more participation than the first two conferences held in Lima in 2005 and Madrid in 2003 (see Fides 18/11/2005).

The Conference will open with Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, presided by Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family. The Cardinal will later give a talk on "Building a Culture of Life". Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera archbishop of Mexico will give a talk on " genetic manipulation in the light of the truth of the human person" and other papers by experts from Mexico, Spain, United States, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina e Nicaragua, will speak on "the status of the human embryo"; " Manipulation of human embryos: scientific progress or retrocession?"; "Manipulation of human embryos: who stands to gain?"; "contraception and abortion as methods of extermination"; "induced abortion betrays medicine"; "the importance of words when opting for life"; "no more silence" (post abortion testimonial); "emergency abortion pill and RU486"; "women guardians of the culture of life"; "Abortion violation of human rights"; "defending life the, hope of humanity".

In a message for pro life day with the title 'Saying yes to life' Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez of the diocese of Tehuacan (Mexico) head of the Mexican Bishops' Commission for the Family urged Mexicans to join God the Father, Jesus Christ and Most Holy Mary and say yes to life and to entrust the gift of every life to Jesus Christ, particularly today in the presence of a culture of death promoting abortion and euthanasia. The Bishop recalls that life begins at the moment of conception and that this new human person must be loved and nurtured and brought in to the world and enabled to offer all his or her potential for the good of others.

(RG) (Agenzia Fides 15/3/2007; righe 32, parole 439)


"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"

Operation Rescue Pledges Financial GIft To Support Hi-Tech Mobile CPC

New York City, NY - March 17th, 2007- Operation Rescue announces that it is making a financial contribution to Expectant Mother Care, for the support of their ground-breaking hi-tech mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center that will be operated outside New York area abortion mills, including twice per week visits to the troubled New Jersey mill, Metropolitan Medical Associates, if it is ever allowed to reopen.

Operated by veteran pro-lifer Chris Slattery, the 32-foot long mobile office will offer free 4-D ultrasounds to women in climate controlled comfort just steps away from the abortion clinic doors. Slattery says that the motor home costs about $300 per day to operate. Expenses include gas, insurance, parking, and wages for an ultra-sound technician and counselor.

Slattery runs 15 more traditional crisis pregnancy offices in the New York area and has estimated that his ministry has saved about 17,000 babies, mostly through the use of ultrasound imaging.

"Chris has been a pioneer in using the latest methods and technology to spare the lives of innocent children. He now brings his expertise to the street where women can get the help they need where they need it most, outside the door of the abortion clinics," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "This effort is worthy of our support. We urge others to support this life-saving endeavor as well."

To make an online donation to support the New York area mobile crisis pregnancy center, click here.

Operation Rescue
Troy Newman
Operation Rescue
Cheryl Sullenger
Outreach & Media Coordinator

LifeSiteNews NewsBytes - March 17, 2007

Mexican bishops call abortion and infanticide abominable crimes

Polish bishops back tougher abortion law,Polish_bishops_back_tougher_abortion_law,id,264568.htm

'Sinister' federal government speech plan to track Americans - Bill would list ordinary citizens as lobbyists, disclose all contacts with politicians

Why high pensions mean low birth rates

Oregon Bill Threatens Pro-Life Centers

US television media predictably gang up on General Pace for remarks about homosexuality

The Crime of Conviction — General Pace and Morality

Liberal media pushing for Gen. Pace's forced resignation

Retired Italian cardinal Martini breaks ranks on civil unions

That day in Manila when Al Qaeda wanted to kill the Pope

China Consultative Conference: "The government must end the one-child rule"

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Thursday, March 15, 2007 NewsBytes

Rush Limbaugh, referenced on his radio show March 14

Mother shares joys, blessings of raising a son with Down syndrome

How Giuliani's marriages could annul his '08 bid

Pope Benedict XVI On Natural Law

Vatican paper decries abuses at Italy gay-rights rally

Gay Catholic meeting to obey archbishop's communion ban

Scottish Pro-life Project Marks 10 Years - Initiative Has Helped Over 2,000 Women

Discipline confirmed for liberation theologian

Abortion 'right to know' bill rejected in UK

Portuguese bishops: new abortion law 'unfair'

California Assemblyman withdraws bill to mandate HPV vaccine for schoolgirls

Texas House votes to halt mandatory HPV vaccination program for girls in school

Exhibit shows eugenics' deadly history

Harris in LA Times: Millions of Christians Working to Turn US into 'Totalitarian Theocracy'

The Benefits of Dozens of Cousins

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An Open Letter To Fox Analyst Father Jonathan Morris[Fr. Morris’ letter to Sean Hannity is reprinted below this “Open Letter.”]
Dear Father Jonathan,
Your letter to Sean Hannity indicates that you did not know that I asked to speak to him in private about this matter in 2004 otherwise you may have tempered your remarks about my supposed lack of charity in dealing with a high profile Catholic who dissents from clearly-defined and reiterated Church teachings.
You also seemed to be unaware of the fact that Sean was the one who invited me on his program and who then promptly “[threw] civility to the wind,” refused to display “cultivated intelligence” on the issues and jeopardized another person’s “reputation and dignity.” May I also point out that you did not employ with me the same standard of “fraternal correction” that you expected me to employ with Mr. Hannity. I at least made the attempt to speak to him about this issue in private without success; you, in contrast, went immediately to the internet to take me to task. I do not intend to understand your motives; I can only evaluate what I see in your actions.
The question that comes to mind is an obvious one: if you are a Fox analyst on Catholic matters, wouldn’t you have been the one to have had those “private conversations” on birth control with Mr. Hannity? How about discussions on his abortion exceptions? When you told Sean “in person” that you “disagreed with him,” was it on the issue of birth control? If you had done that, I applaud you, but your powers of persuasion may need a little honing—Sean has only gotten more vocal on this issue over time. If you did not speak to him about his public dissent, then I ask you, “Why?” While we are on the subject, have you also analyzed and disagreed with Bill O’Reilly’s perfectly horrible disdain for the Holy Father and the Church that you represent?
The church sex abuse scandal was not just about homosexual and predatory priests. It was about clerical negligence and silence on issues that not only affect people’s souls but also ruin people’s lives. It is highly unusual that you or anyone else would want a priest to be silent on issues that affect the salvation of souls. We used to recognize “admonishing the sinner” as one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, and I consider my admonishment of Mr. Hannity to have been done in that spirit. I might also add that in doing so I have fulfilled my duty as a priest which is a requirement for my salvation.
As a seminary rector, I would sincerely hope that you are not teaching by word or example the young men in your charge to be politically correct sissies who are afraid to roll up their sleeves and defend the Church in private and in public. We have tons of those types in the clergy already. I would advise you to drink deeply of the wisdom of the Number Two man at our Headquarters who has in no uncertain terms told all of us that high profile dissenters are a scourge and a danger to souls. [See item: “Bertone: Dissident Catholics More Worrying Than Atheists.”]
I wish you fraternal blessings for your priestly work.
Sincerely, Rev. Thomas J. EuteneuerPresident Human Life International
Fr. Morris’ Letter to Sean Hannity
Dear Sean,
As I watched a fellow Catholic priest spar with you on the March 9 edition of Hannity and Colmes, I hung my head in shame and sadness. My colleague in religion (whom I've never met) used the public airways and Internet to call you a heretic and hypocrite. Because he chose to do this in a public forum, I want you and your viewers to know, publicly, that as an analyst of this television network, I believe this good priest, who does great work, exercised, on this occasion, shockingly poor judgment. I consider his willingness to give his personal opinion about your status within the Church inappropriate and ill-considered, to say the least.
Regardless of the issue and arguments at hand, brandishing law without palpable love almost always repels. I must assume he just made an honest mistake.
The unfortunate event reminded me of the bigger question of the fast-eroding credibility among religious leaders in our nation and its causes.
I should start, or rather continue, at home with the Catholic Church, your church and mine. As you rightly stated in the same television segment, the systematic cover-up of sexual abuse within some sectors of Catholic Church leadership was a monstrous scandal and its affects will be long-lasting. Even those priests who were not involved in the mess, as I am sure is the case with the priest in question, can never forget that those of us who wear a clerical collar still conger up painful memories in many people's minds. The strange looks and rash judgments to which we are at times subjected is not the people's fault; it's ours, in as much as we are members of a very guilty family.
In this light, before we clergy members speak out publicly against public offenses, as sometimes we must do, we should ask ourselves and God why we are doing what we are doing, and what the best way to do it is, according to the circumstances, and always with palpable love. The question is not only if what we have to say is correct, but where, when, and how we should say it. I, for one, would have communicated my beliefs in a different way on more than one occasion if I had followed this advice.
I would be remiss if I were to suggest that the loss of religious credibility begins and ends with Catholic leaders. When we hear television evangelists wonder out loud whether Ariel Sharon's stroke might be God's judgment on him for making territorial concessions to the Palestinians, we lose trust. When, year after year, we listen to self-proclaimed prophets predict the day and the hour of the “end-times,” we lose trust. When we turn on the television and hear preachers promise heaven on earth if we give, give, give to the Church — their church — we lose trust. When we hear mainline Protestant pastors and their associations throw Biblical tradition to the wind and make wishy-washy statements about faith and morality, we lose trust.
The non-Christian religions are in even worse shape regarding leadership credibility. Is there a single Muslim imam who stands out today for his national leadership toward peace? What Muslim scholar can we trust to speak with scholarly proficiency and universal authority about the alleged peaceful nature of Islam?
The Jewish community in America is so splintered and disjointed on themes of dogma and religious tradition, it is difficult to find anyone who speaks for the majority, or even for the masses.
Here's my point:
When we believe we have discovered truth and, therefore, we believe others are wrong — a sign of cultivated intelligence, not pride — we must reject the temptation to throw civility to the wind. Being right always didn't ever inspire Jesus to jeopardize people's reputation or dignity. It went against his very nature, and it should go against ours too. Sometimes he spoke harshly, but he always spoke in love, and he made sure people knew it.
Sean, I don't always agree with you and Alan, as I have told both of you in person, but I think you are both honest, and both have the humility and courage to accept truth when you stumble across it, even when it comes in bits and pieces. I think it's precisely this three-pronged attitude of honesty, humility and courage that best prepares us, with all of our imperfections, for heaven.
God bless,
Father Jonathan