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WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 30: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R...

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The amendments by Sen. Orrin Hatch that would ban abortion funding in the health care bill and ensure conscience rights protections for health care workers were defeated today by a margin of 13-10. Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed its implications:


The Democrats are on a collision course with the nation's bishops, and the Catholic faithful in general. They cannot expect Catholics to pay for child abuse in the womb without reprisal. Nor can they expect Catholics to sit back and watch while Catholic doctors and nurses are punished for failing to cooperate in evil.

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 30:  Sen. Orrin Hatch (...

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More than any group in America, Catholic bishops have been at the forefront of the movement for universal health care. But they never signed on to a health care reform package that made them violate their professed beliefs. Nor will they.


President Obama has said he will not support a bill that provides funding for abortion or denies conscience rights for health care employees. If he is honest, then he should issue a public statement condemning what happened today. If he makes no attempt to change the outcome, then the only logical conclusion for Catholics to draw is that they have been lied to. One thing we know for sure: If all along Obama had shown a fraction of the interest on this issue that he is currently showing about winning over the Olympic Committee in bringing the games to Chicago, the Hatch amendment would have passed today.

Two Emergency Transports from Planned Parenthood Raise Questions About Clinic's Safety

ORANGE, Calif., Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- On September 16, 2009, pro- life sidewalk counselors observed and photographed an ambulance responding to a medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, located at 700 Tustin Dr. in Orange, California. Ten days later a different group of pro-life supporters observed and photographed another emergency transport by ambulance from that same abortion clinic.

"Two ambulances in ten days shows that there is something terribly wrong going on inside that abortion clinic," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "Abortion clinics only call ambulances when there are very serious medical emergencies. When ambulances start showing up with this kind of frequency, it is time for the authorities to start investigating. This clinic is not safe and women should be warned."

During both incidents, sidewalk counselors reported that a Planned Parenthood security person came out of the clinic and began to photograph the pro-lifers in an attempt to intimidate them.

Operation Rescue is protecting the identities of the witnesses because of intimidation tactics and threats they received from clinic security on several occasions.

During the September 16 incident, an ambulance and fire truck arrived at the Planned Parenthood office at approximately 11:00 AM. They loaded a woman on a gurney into the ambulance and sped away.

Ten days later, another ambulance arrived at approximately 11:10 AM, leaving about ten minutes later bearing a Planned Parenthood patient to a nearby hospital.

During that incident on September 26, sidewalk counselors report observing abortionist David M. Speiser arriving at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in his Lexis automobile with both the front and back license plates covered with paper.

It is unknown what abortionist was on duty during the September 16 incident, but sidewalk counselors have identified Merle Robboy and Jonathan Dunn as abortionists who frequent that facility.

"It is our opinion that abortionists Speiser, Robboy, and Dunn each should be investigated for potentially illegal practices and violations of the standard of care," said Newman. "These women could have died for all we know. We've seen it happen before. Someone in authority should care enough about them to look into this. We will be working with local pro-life activists to investigate further and will report any wrong-doing we discover to the appropriate authorities."


About Operation Rescue®
Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre- born in obedience to biblical mandates.

New Video: Telling the Truth with Humor:

Dear John,

I can't think of a more formative experience in my life than working with Congressman Henry Hyde to protect human life.  As the first Staff Director of the House Pro-life Caucus, it was part of my job description to do so.  To watch him in every debate go toe-to-toe with the most vehement proponents of the Culture of Death in American politics – with civility and intellectual depth – was a lesson in political integrity and statesmanship 

 Henry Hyde fought hard, with passion – and his opponents respected him.   He had everything we are searching for in our elected officials today.  He was an authentic human being and Member of Congress – witnessing fearless humility in defense of life.  If there was ever a "Godfather" of the pro-life movement, it was Henry Hyde.

One of his legacies is the Hyde Amendment, made into law in the face of intense opposition, which has prevented any Medicaid funding of elective abortions for thirty three years.

Now, many supporters of the current health care legislation designed to bring about the greatest increase in abortions since Roe v. Wade dare to claim that they are innocent of the federal funding of abortion because of the Hyde Amendment.

Sometimes, laughter dispels doubts better than any other method.  And Henry Hyde had a great sense of humor!

That is why the SBA List created this video.

We need the truth to get out there.  They say that humor can carry a message far.  Encourage your friends and family to watch this video.  We cannot allow our opponents to muddy the waters.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Letter From Terri's Brother

Week of September 28, 2009

Dear Friends,

You might have recently heard of the news that my father,
Not yet availableRobert Schindler, passed away on August 29, 2009.

Since his death, my family has been receiving countless phone calls, emails and cards from people all over the world expressing their sympathy. This, along with the many touching articles paying tribute to my dad, has been so helpful and heartwarming for our family. I wish we could personally thank you all. We cannot possibly express how much these words of love have helped us during this very sad and difficult time.

More Alarming News: Study Finds Increasing Evidence of "PVS" Misdiagnosis!

another story regarding the misdiagnosis of the Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) diagnosis. In addition to this new report, there has now been a finding that PVS patients may in fact be able to learn! This new report again validates just how subjective and unscientific the PVS diagnosis is for persons with profound brain injuries.

You will remember that Terri's court ordered death issued by Judge George Greer was based on the criteria that Terri was PVS. It is also repeatedly being used by our mainstream media as justification for Terri's dehydration death. Just as alarming is that the PVS diagnosis is being used on a daily basis as criteria to end the lives of those with similar cognitive brain injuries.

This finding questions the legitimacy of the PVS diagnosis and supports the 40 medical professionals that submitted affidavits to Judge Greer and the dozens of accounts from Terri's family and friends that Terri was not PVS.

Not only is the term "vegetative" offensive and dehumanizing to a person, but it illustrates just how widely misunderstood and confused most of our general public is when it comes to persons with profound brain injuries. Not to mention how dangerous this diagnosis can be when it is being used to end the life of our cognitively disabled and is why the PVS term needs to be abolished, or at the very least, immediately stopped being used as a criteria to impose death on those with these types of brain injuries.


The debate over a government controlled health care is certainly making most of the current news. Fortunately, the dangers of Obamacare have been increasingly exposed for its threat to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

Please take time to read the stories we have included in the Newsletter that will explain these risks and why your support for Terri's Foundation and others advocating for the equality of all is so critically important.

Your Help is Vital!

Please continue to support our efforts to stop the evil of euthanasia and imposed death. And if you could also keep in mind that Terri's Foundation depends 100% on the generosity of friends and supporters like you who share our belief in the value and dignity of human life.

As we said, we are committed to not only helping families, but to exposing the dangers of a very aggressive death mentality permeating our nation today! We will continue to help keep you informed about what you can do to not just protect yourself, but your family as well.

In loving memory of both Terri and our wonderful and courageous dad, I sincerely hope that you will help us build a Culture of Life!

Bobby Schindler

STOPP’s Special Report on Planned Parenthood Clinical Trials

September 30, 2009

A Review of Planned Parenthood Clinical Trials

Prepared by Jim Sedlak, Vice President, American Life League

Last year, we brought you the story of how Planned Parenthood has been getting involved in clinical trials as a way to increase its professional identity and as a way to increase its income. We have recently completed a review of the government database on clinical trials and found 33 of them that involved Planned Parenthood.

Presented below is a great deal of detail on the various trials involving Planned Parenthood. We do not expect you to be interested in all this detail, but are presenting it to you so that…

...You will get a sense of the scope of Planned Parenthood's involvement.

...You will have the data to understand that Planned Parenthood is not just another organization doing abortions and other procedures, but it is intimately involved in creating and evaluating techniques and finding ever more "efficient" ways of killing babies.

...You will understand how much of Planned Parenthood's efforts involve underage girls and how much its activities in this area are funded by our own government agencies.

...You will be able to talk to your elected officials and make them understand just how much federal agencies are involved with Planned Parenthood and how shutting off Planned Parenthood's taxpayer money is much more than stopping Title X funds.

A total of 28 Planned Parenthood affiliates were involved in these trials — many of the affiliates were involved in more than one trial.

Trials on Underage Girls

Of particular interest were the 10 trials (30 percent) that involved girls under the age of 18. Of those trials, one was on girls as young as 13; three more involved girls as young as 14; another five are on girls as young as 15; and the tenth trial involves girls as young as 16.

As you read the information below, please remember that, in most states, minor girls being involved in sexual activity is considered sexual abuse and is illegal.

The Planned Parenthood affiliates doing the clinical trials with minor children include Planned Parenthood of Georgia, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Planned Parenthood of Shasta-Diablo, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, Virginia League of Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood of New York City, and Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas.

These trials involve a number of different programs and products. Here are the details of the 10 trials on underage girls:

1. Two of the trials are specifically aimed at getting these minor girls to take their birth control more consistently by sending them text messages reminding them to take their pills. 

a. One of those trials is sponsored by Columbia University and is aimed at New York City girls as young as 15. 

b. The second one is sponsored by "an anonymous foundation" and has the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts determining whether there is increased oral contraceptive pill adherence in girls as young as 14, receiving daily text-messaging reminders to take their OCP.

2. Emory University is a sponsor of three of the clinical trials, all involving underage African-American girls:

a. Emory and pharmaceutical company Merck are conducting a trial with Planned Parenthood of Georgia to increase the use of its Gardasil shot among 13- to 17-year-old African-American girls. 

b. Emory and the National Institutes of Health are conducting a trial with Planned Parenthood of Georgia to develop and test a culturally and gender-appropriate (African-American girls) sexual health education program designed to promote long-term maintenance of HIV preventive sexual behaviors over a long follow-up period. Girls as young as 14 are participating in this trial.

c. Emory and the National Institutes of Health are also conducting another trial with Planned Parenthood of Georgia to study the efficacy of a multi-session HIV prevention program (HORIZONS HIV) for African-American female teens. This completed trial accepted girls as young as 15.

3. Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in California and Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina are involved in clinical trials to increase the use of emergency contraception among sexually active girls aged 14- to 24-years-old. The trials are being sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

4. Planned Parenthood in Maryland is involved in a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development clinical trial to study the risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea in children as young as 15.

5. Two Planned Parenthood California affiliates (Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo and Planned Parenthood Golden Gate) are conducting trials sponsored by the University of California at San Francisco and the National Institutes of Health. The purpose of these trials is to examine "such things as the relationship between partnerships, parental and peer influences, and contraceptive choice; factors associated with long term continuation of contraceptive methods; attributes of new hormonal contraceptive associated with user satisfaction and long-term continuation; and the extent to which high-risk women who use these methods are also condom users and determine the characteristics of these users." These trials are accepting girls as young as 15.

6. The Virginia League of Planned Parenthood is involved in a clinical trial to get girls as young as 15 to use a "quick start" method of using the NuvaRing in adolescents. The trial is sponsored by Bayer, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

7. Planned Parenthood of Houston, Texas, is one of 120 various locations where KV Pharmaceutical is conducting clinical trials of a new vaginal infection drug. The trial includes girls as young as 16.

Trials involving medical abortion techniques

Planned Parenthood, operator of the nation's largest abortion chain, is involved in some trials involving medical abortion techniques.

1. Planned Parenthood of Waco is involved in a trial, paid for by Gynuity Health Projects, on changing the way misoprostol is given to a woman after she has been given methotrexate to start a medical abortion. The FDA-approved procedure is that misoprostol should be given vaginally in the office. At Planned Parenthood today, women are routinely told to take it orally at home. This trial is to test giving it to women buccally (a drug delivery method where the drug is administered in the mouth, not by swallowing but by absorption through the skin of the cheek; often by placing between the top gum and the inside of the lip). 

2. Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and Society for Family Planning are involved in a trial on the effectiveness of buccally administered misoprostol instead of a Dilapan-S rod placed three to four hours before a dilation and evacuation abortion.

3. Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Planned Parenthood of New York City are both involved in a trial funded by Gynuity Health Projects and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to "investigate the possibility that medical abortion using mifepristone and misoprostol can be administered in a manner that is simpler and less costly than that routinely employed [no sonogram and only one visit] in the United States."

Trials involving birth control techniques

Planned Parenthood distributes birth control at over 800 facilities across the country. It is involved in a number of clinical trials concerning emergency contraception and the delivery of birth control shots.

1. Planned Parenthood in Utah is conducting a trial funded by the University of Utah and an anonymous foundation. The stated purpose of the trial is "to see if women presenting for emergency contraception are willing to accept the copper intrauterine device." This will be accomplished by offering all women who present for EC at participating Planned Parenthood Utah clinics during the study period the option of having the copper IUD or Plan B. Women who agree to the study will be followed for six months.

2. Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is running two trials:

a. The first is funded by Pfizer, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The purpose of the trial is to train women to self-administer Depo-Provera shots at home.

b. The second is also funded by Pfizer. The purpose of this study is to see if it is feasible to have women receive their second and third birth control injection (with Depo-Provera) at a pharmacy compared with receiving it at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Trials on Pain Reduction

It appears clear that if you are a Planned Parenthood insider and you want to send would-be trials on pain management to one of your affiliates, there is only one natural choice: Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Williamette in Portland, Oregon. This affiliate is involved in more clinical trials (six) than any other Planned Parenthood affiliate. Five of the six are about pain. The six trials are

1. Reducing pain during a first trimester abortion through an intrauterine lidocaine (a numbing medication) infusion. The trial was sponsored by the Oregon Health and Science University. This trial was completed in 2004.

2. Another clinical trial sponsored by Oregon Health and Science University examines the effect of lidocaine inside the uterus on patient pain during an early abortion, compared to the paracervical block (lidocaine injected on either side of the cervix). This began in 2007.

3. In 2008, a trial studied the analgesic effects of combined ketorolac and lidocaine in a paracervical block during an abortion. This trial was sponsored by Johns Hopkins. The trial is also being conducted at Planned Parenthood of Maryland's Baltimore clinic.

4. Another trial on the use of lidocaine to reduce pain began in 2007. This one was directed at the pain subjects experience during and after Essure transcervical tubal sterilization. Again, the sponsor of this trial was the Oregon Health and Science University.

5. Reducing pain of IUD insertion by using misoprostol (a medication that softens the cervix) before placing an IUD. The trial is sponsored by the Oregon Health and Science University.

6. To assess the safety and efficacy of a new emergency contraceptive called Ella. Ella is designed to "prevent pregnancy" when taken three to five days after unprotected sexual intercourse. The trial is sponsored by HRA Pharma and is also being done at 15 other Planned Parenthood clinics. HRA Pharma reportedly expects to launch Ella in 2009.

In addition to these trials at Planned Parenthood in Oregon,

1. The Planned Parenthood affiliate in San Diego completed a trial in 2008 that examined how best to control the pain of a first trimester suction curettage abortion. That trial was sponsored by the University of California at San Diego.

2. The Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts conducted a clinical trial sponsored by an anonymous foundation "to determine the equivalency of oral conscious sedation and intravenous conscious sedation for first trimester surgical abortion." The clinical trial system indicates this trial was terminated prior to completion.

HIV/AIDS-related trials

In addition to the two studies mentioned above on underage African-American girls, Planned Parenthood was involved in other HIV/AIDS-related trials. While reading the descriptions below, it is important to remember that Planned Parenthood's biggest product is birth control pills. It has been known for decades that women on the pill are more susceptible to AIDS/HIV than those not on the pill. If Planned Parenthood was really interested in preventing AIDS, it would get all its customers off the pill.

1. Planned Parenthood of El Paso, Texas, was where to go to when you wanted to conduct research on Hispanic men and women with HIV. (The affiliate went out of business in June 2009.) This affiliate was

a. Conducting a trial sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals to give the investigational drug Tipranavir for HIV-infected adult patients with no other treatment options.

b. Involved with a trial sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb to study the treatment of HIV infections. Specifically, it sought to "find out the frequency of the I50L substitution among patients experiencing treatment failure on an atazanavir-containing regimen."

c. Conducting a trial sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how to teach HIV prevention techniques to Hispanic men.

2. Planned Parenthood of New York City is participating in a trial sponsored by the New York Academy of Medicine to determine "what programmatic approaches effectively address two of the most difficult hurdles in HIV health services delivery: (1) getting people who would benefit from health care to use it and (2) getting people who do use health care to do so more consistently and effectively."


As Planned Parenthood continues to spread its tentacles throughout our country's health care establishment, it is imperative that they be met with resistance at every turn. We encourage everyone who lives in the areas serviced by the Planned Parenthood affiliates mentioned in this report to launch educational campaigns against Planned Parenthood.

We, at American Life League's STOPP project, stand ready to assist you in all phases of your efforts against Planned Parenthood. Feel free to contact us by mail at STOPP, P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555; by phone at 540-659-4171 or by e-mail at Pro-Life News Report 10/1/09 Pro-Life News Report

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Current Headlines

• Senate Rejects Amdt to Cut Abortion Funding From Baucus Health Care Bill
• Pro-Life Groups: Votes on Amdt Confirm Abortion in All Health Care Bills

• Senate Panel Defeats Amdt to Protect Pro-Life Medical Workers on Abortion
• Letter From 183 Members Urges Pelosi to Allow Vote to Cut Abortion Funding

• Senate Finance Cmte Reinstates $50 Million in Abstinence Education Funding
• Planned Parenthood Says Pro-Lifers Winning, Misleads on Insurance, Abortion
• Poll: Americans Want Government to Promote Traditional, Pro-Life Values
• Report Highlights History of Pregnancy Centers Helping Women on Abortion
California Planned Parenthood Allegedly Injures Women in Botched Abortions
Virginia Pro-Life Governor Candidate Bob McDonnell Leads Deeds in New Polls
• Arizona Courts Don't Deal Full Blow to Pro-Life Laws Limiting Abortions
• Kansas Pro-Life Group Wants Attorney General to Monitor Underage Abortions
• Oklahoma Law to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions, Help Women Faces Lawsuit

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Senate Panel Rejects Amdt to Cut Abortion Funding From Baucus Health Care Bill
Washington, DC ( -- A Senate committee today voted against a critical amendment that would remove the massive abortion subsidies present in the Baucus health care bill. On a 13-10 vote, the Senate Finance Committee rejected amendments from Sen. Orrin Hatch that would have the bill conform to current federal law prohibiting direct abortion funding. Hatch amendment 355 would make it so the Baucus bill "prohibits authorized or appropriated federal funds under this Mark from being used for elective abortions and plans that cover such abortions."
The otherwise party-line vote saw pro-abortion Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe side with Democrats against it and Sen. Kent Conrad of Noth Dakota join Republicans in supporting it. "All I'm asking -- my gosh -- is for specific language in the bill that prohibits federal dollars from being used to fund abortions," Hatch said. However, the Baucus bill opens the door to massive abortion funding. According to National Right to Life legislative director Douglas Johnson, "The bill contains provisions that would send massive federal subsidies directly to both private insurance plans and government-chartered cooperatives that pay for elective abortion." Full story at

ACTION: Contact members of the Senate Finance Committee and express your disappointment that the Hatch amendments were defeated. You can find members of the panel here.

Pro-Life Groups: Votes on Baucus Amdts Confirm Abortion in All Health Care Bills
Washington, DC ( -- With a Senate committee rejecting yet another pro-life amendment to make sure the health care bills in Congress don't include abortion funding, pro-life groups say there is one conclusion. That is that every one of the health care bills under consideration contains abortion funding. The Senate Finance Committee this morning rejected the Hatch amendment to make it clear that the Baucus health care bill would not fund abortions. "This action leaves no doubt that the health care bill that will come to the Senate floor in a few weeks will contain provisions that would result in massive subsidies for abortion coverage," Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee said. Johnson told after the vote the battles to stop abortion funding are not over as "the full Senate will have to vote on the pro-abortion subsidies, and other pro-abortion components as well." The pro-life legislative guru also noted that the near unanimous opposition to the anti-abortion funding limits by members of President Barack Obama's party "is one more proof that President Obama's public statements that he does not want federal dollars used for abortion are completely phony -- part of an ongoing political hoax." Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life, agrees. She told that the defeat of these important amendments illustrates the gap between rhetoric and reality on the Hill over abortion in health care reform. Full story at

Senate Panel Defeats Amendment to Protect Pro-Life Medical Workers on Abortion

Washington, DC ( -- Shortly after the Senate Finance Committee voted against an amendment to remove the massive abortion subsidies from the Baucus health care bill, they rejected a second pro-life amendment. It would have offered protection for medical workers who don't want to participate in or refer for abortions. Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, offered the abortion funding limitation and Hatch also offered his conscience protection amendment, number 354, which mirrors the Hyde-Weldon appropriations language. Hyde-Weldon is a federal law that President George W. Bush signed into law in December 2004 that protects hospitals, health insurance companies and medical professionals who don't want to pay for or perform abortions. The Hatch nondiscrimination amendment failed by a vote of 13-10 with pro-abortion Sen. Olympia Snow, a Maine Republican, siding with Democrats on the panel to oppose the measure. Sen. Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, joined Republicans in supporting the amendment. Without the Hatch amendment, the Baucus bill contains no conscience protections on abortions for employees who don't want to be involved in them or refer for them.
Full story at

Letter From 183 House Members Urges Pelosi to Allow Vote to Cut Abortion Funding
Washington, DC ( -- A bipartisan group of 183 members of Congress sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter on Monday urging her to allow a vote on an amendment to cut the massive abortion funding and subsidies from the main health care "reform" bill in the chamber. HR 3200 currently allows for both abortion subsidies and mandates and pro-life Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan wants the opportunity to propose an amendment to remove the funding from the bill. "We urge you to allow members of the House to vote their consciences with regard to abortion and health care reform by allowing consideration of an amendment to prohibit government funding of abortion," the letter says. The lawmakers say HR 3200 "radically departs from current federal government policy of not paying for elective abortion or subsidizing plans that cover abortion." Full story at

Medical professionals are on the frontlines of battle in life issues. From abortion to assisted suicide and euthanasia and all issues in between we are challenged in the workplace to defend our beliefs and risk our employment. The National Association of Pro-life Nurses has been here for nurses since the beginning of this battle. Join with us in our efforts to protect those voices at

Senate Finance Committee Reinstates $50 Million in Abstinence Education Funding
Washington, DC ( -- In a late Tuesday vote, members of the Senate Finance Committee narrowly approved an amendment to restore some of the abstinence education funds President Barack Obama and abortion advocates in Congress have removed from budget bills. Sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, the amendment reinstates $50 million a year in abstinence funding through Title V state block grant programs. Traditionally, abstinence education funding was extended along with funding for the Transitional Medical Assistance program, which extends Medicaid to families struggling to leave welfare, but President Obama zeroed it out in his budget proposal to Congress. Hatch hailed the vote, which saw members of the panel vote 12-11 for his amendment. "Abstinence education works," Hatch said in a statement received. "My amendment restores a vital funding stream so that teens and parents have the option to participate in programs that have demonstrated success in reducing teen sexual activity and, consequently, teen pregnancies."
Full story at

Planned Parenthood Says Pro-Lifers Winning, Misleads on Insurance, Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- With a Senate committee voting today against an amendment to cut off taxpayer funding of abortions, the president of Planned Parenthood should have been giddy with excitement. Instead, she attacked pro-life advocates, said they are generating more calls to Congress, and then misled about insurance an abortion. In an email this afternoon to her group's supporters, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards complained that pro-life groups are doing more to generate calls and emails to Congress than her group. "Opponents of health care reform — and especially those fighting against women's health — have been well-funded, loud, and aggressive," she claims. "That's what we've all witnessed, but what really worries me is what's been going on behind the scenes." "Make no mistake — Planned Parenthood has been working with legislators day and night," she continues. "But when it comes to hearing from regular people, the contact with voters that matters most to members of Congress, we're getting out-hustled, outnumbered, and just plain drowned out." Full story at can change discussion from Defense to Offense
A woman's right to choose has succeeded in in forcing us to defend the right to life. Accusing Choice of being a killer TURNS THE TABLES and forces our opponents to defend against the reality that Choice facilitates abortion. Not an easy task.

Poll Shows Americans Want Government to Promote Traditional, Pro-Life Values
Washington, DC ( -- A new Gallup poll shows Americans returning to their historic stance that the government should promote traditional values, which includes a pro-life stance on abortion. Since 1993, with the exception of last year, a strong majority of Americans have consistently taken such a stance. In this year's annual Gallup Governance poll, 53% of Americans say the government should promote traditional values, while 42% disagree. Last year, Americans were divided with 48 percent taking each position, but the election of pro-abortion President Barack Obama appeared to have awaken Americans' sensitivity to values issues like abortion. The poll does not define what the term "traditional values" means; thus, respondents answer in light of their understanding of the term, but Gallup's analysis confirms abortion has always been one of the issues voters consider as a values concern. Full story at

Report Highlights History of Crisis Pregnancy Centers Helping Women on Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- A coalition of national pregnancy center networks and pro-life groups released their report today on the status of the pregnancy center movement. The new report, A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life, is the first-ever national analysis of the centers that provide women with abortion alternatives. The report shares the tremendous contributions of pregnancy resource centers since the inception of the movement over forty years ago. It presents in detail, through statistical summaries, case studies and client stories, the extraordinary social service contributions made by pregnancy resource centers, detailing how centers are meeting the needs of women, youth and families. Care Net, a participant in today's press conference unveiling the new report, tells, says it aims to "communicate the work of pregnancy centers to a broader audience, in particular to state legislators, public health officials, and other key leaders, all who may be surprised to learn of pregnancy centers' vast community impact and rootedness."
"In so doing, we hope to grow the number of people who, regardless of their position on abortion, recognize that pregnancy centers play a critical role in our nation's communities," Care Net says. Full story at

California Planned Parenthood Allegedly Injures Women in Botched Abortions
Orange, CA ( -- Local pro-life advocates in southern California say that a Planned Parenthood abortion business there may have injured women on two separate occasions in botched abortions. They have photographed ambulances taking women from the abortion facility twice in the last month. On September 16, 2009, pro-life observed and photographed an ambulance responding to a medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion center at 700 Tustin Dr. in Orange, California. Ten days later, a different group of pro-life supporters observed and photographed another emergency transport by ambulance from the same abortion facility. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman informed of the incidents. "Two ambulances in ten days shows that there is something terribly wrong going on inside that abortion clinic," he said. Full story at

Virginia Pro-Life Governor Candidate Bob McDonnell Leads Deeds in New Polls
Richmond, VA ( -- Three new polls show pro-life Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell with a lead over his pro-abortion opponent, Democrat Creigh Deeds. One survey shows McDonnell is faring better with pro-life Virginia residents than Deeds is with state voters who back abortion. A new Rasmussen poll out today shows McDonnell has bounced back to a nine-point lead over Deeds.
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Virginia voters finds McDonnell attracting 51% of the vote while Deeds picks up 42%. Over the past two weeks, McDonnell's support has gone up three percentage points while Deeds has lost four points in the Rasmussen numbers. "After closing to essentially a toss-up in mid-September, the race is back to where it was in early September, when the GOP hopeful held a nine-point advantage," Rasmussen explains. "McDonnell's lead at this time is essentially the same with and without leaners." Full story at

Arizona Courts Don't Deal Full Blow to Pro-Life Laws Limiting Abortions
Phoenix, AZ ( -- Arizona courts could have dealt a more severe blow to a new omnibus abortion law that protects medical workers and women considering abortions. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys made gains in federal and state court Tuesday against groups seeking to block the enforcement of new legislation. The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona issued an order denying the Tucson Women's Center abortion business' request for a preliminary injunction to stop an act passed this year to ensure that women have enough time and information before having an abortion.
Meanwhile, even though the Arizona Superior Court for Maricopa County granted Planned Parenthood's preliminary injunction through an order keeping new state laws restricting abortion from taking effect today, ADF attorneys made headway in the first round of litigation. Full story at

Kansas Pro-Life Group Wants Attorney General to Monitor Underage Abortions
Topeka, KS ( -- A statewide pro-life group is calling on Kansas Attorney general David Six to monitor abortions on girls who are minors. Kansans for Life says it is worried that abortions are occurring on girls who are not legally able to consent for sex -- making it so the man who got her pregnant is guilty of statutory rape. The issue of abortions being used as a means of covering up cases of statutory rape is not new, and pro-life advocates have spent years trying to highlight the problem. Kathy Ostrowski, the legislative director of Kansans for Life, talked with about the issues in her state.
Full story at

Oklahoma Law to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions, Help Women Faces Lawsuit
Oklahoma City, OK ( -- A new Oklahoma law that would have gone into effect in November to ban sex-selection abortions and help women by making sure abortion centers follow certain health and safety requirements may be delayed. That is because it faces a new lawsuit by abortion advocates who oppose it. Yesterday, the Center for Reproductive Rights, a New York-based pro-abortion law firm, filed suit against the law that the state legislature approved by a wide bipartisan majority and signed by Governor Brad Henry in May.
"It is absurd, bordering on incredible, that an organization that says it cares about 'women's rights' would challenge a law that seeks to help women and their children," National Right to Life state legislative director Mary Spaulding Balch told Full story at

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The Fight Is On for Title V Abstinence Programs

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- An amendment introduced in the Senate this week by Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) to reinstate funding for Title V abstinence programs which had expired on June 30, 2009. The amendment passed 12-11 with Democratic Senators Blanche Lincoln (AR) and Kent Conrad (ND) joining Republicans on the Committee in favor. This amendment would direct $50 million a year through FY 2014 for the extension of the Title V abstinence- only programs. Please call your Senators on the Senate Finance Committee to thank them for their effort to reinstate a valuable p
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rogram for the youth of our states. 

However, the amendment has a long way to go and many enemy lines to traverse. Advocates of contraceptive sex education, which has never been proven to be effective, are scared that the states are fighting for their kids and want abstinence funding. Groups like SIECUS and Advocates for Youth are lobbying hard to kill this amendment in the Senate. 

A majority of states accept Title V funds for abstinence and many states have reintroduced Title V funding after previously passing on the funds. Title V and CBAE programs are a visible threat to the contraceptive cartel and the culture of perversion they promote. 

"This amendment puts abstinence on the offense, we need to make sure we take the time to call our Senators to encourage them to fight for a healthy lifestyle for our kids, their future constituents," said Leslee Unruh, President of the Abstinence Clearinghouse. "Groups like SIECUS, Advocates for Youth and Planned Parenthood need a wake up call from the Abstinence Community that we will not take their efforts to brainwash our children with smut," Unruh continued.

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Is Chicago Trying to Kill the Free Speech of Pro-Life Advocates

CHICAGO, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Members of the Pro-Life Action League and attorneys from the Thomas More Society will attend the Human Relations Committee meeting of the Chicago City Council TODAY at 9:00 AM (Central) Wednesday, Sept. 30. The Committee is considering an amendment to the Municipal Code to prohibit picketing within 50 feet of any medical clinic.

These organizations strongly suspect this amendment is aimed at preventing pro-life people from praying and reaching out to clients of abortion facilities with information on alternatives to abortion.

Pro-life activists routinely stand on the public sidewalk at the entrances to abortion clinics in Chicago to offer information to anyone seeking services at the abortion clinics. The groups know of no incidents of intimidation, harassment or threats as referred to in the amendment introduced on Sept. 9 by Alderman Vi Daley (43rd Ward).

A copy of the proposed amendment to the Chicago Municipal Code is available upon request. Please call or email Tom Ciesielka at 312-422-1333,


Ann Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League - 312-965-1030 (cell)

Peter Breen, Thomas More Society - 630-544-4455 (cell)

Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations - 312-422-1333

Protecting Access for Poor Patients, CMA Physicians Support Conscience Provisions in Alternative Healthcare Bill

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 16,000-member Christian Medical Association (CMA,, the nation's largest association of faith-based physicians, today voiced support for the conscience-protecting provisions in the "Empowering Patients First Act," a bill introduced by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA 6th). CMA contended that the protections are needed to avoid a potentially catastrophic loss of faith-based healthcare on which millions of poor patients depend.

In a letter sent to Rep. Price today regarding the bill (HR 3400), CMA CEO Dr. David Stevens noted, "The Christian Medical Association is very concerned that some in Congress and the White House appear to be pursuing a conscience-hostile approach to healthcare legislation, opposing amendment after amendment that would provide solid--not rhetorically deceptive-- conscience protections.

"Lawmakers must realize that threatening or minimizing conscience protections holds the potential to create a catastrophic shortage of healthcare access, especially for poor patients. Our national polling (available online at reveals that 95 percent of faith-based physicians are prepared to leave medicine altogether rather than violate their conscientiously held ethical convictions."

Dr. Stevens wrote, "As you know, President Obama has announced plans to rescind the relatively new federal provider conscience regulation, which also provides for such a reporting mechanism. It is imperative, therefore, to enact legislation that protects conscience rights from the whims of any administration that might minimize the opportunity to address civil rights violations related to conscience."

Dr. Stevens thanked Rep. Price for recognizing the need for strong, true and broad conscience protections.

"The bill [Sec. 106 Part (d) of HR 3400] also provides a critical component of conscience protections. Many healthcare professionals encounter pressure to violate ethical codes on many issues besides abortion. HR 3400 addresses this reality by offering appropriately broad conscientious protection 'to accommodate the conscientious objection of a purchaser or an individual or institutional health care provider when a procedure is contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of such purchaser or provider.'"

In his letter, Dr. Stevens also noted the benefit of designating the Office of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a reporting outlet for healthcare professionals experiencing discrimination for their conscientious stance on ethical issues.

"Besides protecting any individual or institutional health care entity from discrimination 'on the basis that the health care entity does not provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions,' the bill also provides the crucial implementation avenue needed to make such protection effective."

Historic In-Depth Pregnancy Resource Report Spotlights Contributions of Heartbeat Affiliates

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Heartbeat International is proud to partner with Family Research Council and other life-affirming pregnancy center networks in the release of the groundbreaking joint services report, A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life.

"This report shines a light on the positive contributions of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and pregnancy help medical clinics," said Heartbeat International President Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D. "These faith-based community organizations, 40,000 volunteers strong, brighten a woman's future with the support she needs to bring new life into the world. This is one of the greatest volunteer service movements in the history of our country."

"We are pleased that this report spotlights ten Heartbeat International affiliates through stories that demonstrate sacrificial acts of love and service. These frontline lifesavers are strengthening their communities one heart at a time," said Hartshorn.
This combined services report, available at, traces the history of concern and care for pregnant women in this country. It presents in detail, through statistical summaries, case studies and client stories, the extraordinary social service contributions made by pregnancy resource centers, detailing how centers are meeting the needs of women, youth and families.

Executive director of one of the spotlighted Heartbeat affiliates, Vivian Koob said, "The clients served by Elizabeth's New Life Center are overwhelmingly young, unmarried, impoverished, under educated, and minority. Elizabeth's New Life Center offers emotional support, medical information, spiritual direction, educational classes, material assistance, prenatal care, and mentoring at no cost to the client."

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A former client whose poignant story in the report showcases one of Heartbeat's Oklahoma affiliates, Kendra Howerton said, "If it weren't for Stillwater Life Services, I honestly do not know where I would be today. The staff, board, and volunteers at this pregnancy center invested a great deal into my and my family's lives. The results of their investments are priceless."

The report also includes endorsements from public figures such as U.S. Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) who said: "The success rates and national expansion of these pregnancy care centers are a testament to their invaluable work in the lives of communities and individuals over the years. These networks provide services that are often unavailable elsewhere to expectant mothers."

According to Hartshorn, "The pregnancy resource movement is dedicated to empowering women with life-affirming alternatives so abortion is unwanted now and unthinkable for future generations."

Parents' Rights Amendment Reaches 120 Co-Sponsors

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Constitutional Amendment to protect the parent-child relationship introduced by U.S. Rep. 

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 18:  U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekst...

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Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland, has reached 120 co-sponsors in the House. 

"Grassroots constituents came to Capitol Hill and voiced their concerns about the threat from government and foreign interference into the parent- child relationship," Hoekstra said. "I encourage supporters of the amendment to keep up the momentum because Congress is clearly listening." 

The Parents' Rights Amendment (H.J.Res.42) would state explicitly in the U.S. Constitution that parents have a fundamental right to raise their children as they see fit, while protecting children against abuse and neglect. Threats to the parent-child relationship include potential Senate ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and the erosion of fundamental parents' rights in federal courts. 

"This milestone demonstrates that the American people are serious when they say that they want the government to stay out of those areas that rightly belong to the family," said Michael Farris, J.D., president of "The people will continue to speak until two-thirds of the members of both chambers of Congress are on board." 

More information on the Parents' Rights Amendment can be viewed at and

Judie Brown: "Forsythe's dilemma: legal positivism"


Judie Brown

Judie Brown
September 30, 2009

The recent commentary by Clarke Forsythe, senior legal counsel at Americans United for Life, presents a challenge that must be met. Entitled "The Blackmun Myth" for theNational Review Online "Pro-Lifers Must be Realistic About How, When Roe Abortion Case Can be Reversed" for LifeNews.com the article goes to great pains to rebut the fundamental arguments supporting the quest for state human personhood efforts. The fact that it never gets there is the point of this commentary.

To read the full article, click here: