Sunday, November 5, 2017

From CMMB: A Special Message for You from Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom Catena in the operating theater in Sudan.
Dear Friends,
Just yesterday, we were in touch with Dr. Tom Catena, a medical volunteer who has dedicated his life to serving the people in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. He sent us an important reminder that we wanted to share with you.
"I just came out of surgery where we operated on a young woman with severe abdominal pain. All of our equipment in the operating room, all the drugs, and all the supplies are here because of donors. Our anesthetist was trained through donations. The operation was a success only because of the contributions of many people. Most are unknown to me, and are certainly unknown to this patient, but they are the reason I can save lives."
"Ongoing empathy is very difficult when you are detached from people who are truly suffering. It's much different when you live with people who are suffering and see the difference that someone's contribution has made. We have the privilege of seeing the direct results of someone else's generosity. It's something personal and real and not abstract."- Dr. Tom Catena.
Thank you for your empathy. We’re grateful to Dr. Tom for reminding us that together, we are saving lives, every day. Your gift is what makes that possible. 
In faith and friendship,

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide
*Photos courtesy of The Heart of Nuba

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