Monday, July 14, 2008


Have you ever read the papal encyclical on contraception Humanae Vitae?

Most of its critics haven't.
The Church celebrates the 40th anniversary of this encyclical on Friday, July 25th, and our parish invites you to take the Humanae Vitae challenge and read its wisdom:

Here are a few of the challenging and counter-cultural ideas that you will find in this encyclical:

*The Church has a vision of marital love that is sublime, biblical, inspirational, and complete (n. 8-9 of the encyclical);

*The Church preaches generosity in childbearing but does not tell couples to have as many children as they can physically have; its vision of "responsible parenthood" surpasses all secular ideas of parental responsibility (n. 10);

*The Church explains the difference between contraception and natural methods of birth regulation (n. 15-16);

*The encyclical's author, Pope Paul VI, predicted four drastic consequences of contraception being accepted in a society—and they are all happening now (n. 17).

Experience the transcendent beauty of the Church's vision of marriage, family and human life! To read the text of the encyclical, please see or

Or, for a copy of this or any other papal encyclical,
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