Thursday, July 10, 2008

Young People Plan to Appeal to Obama on Abortion Issue This Weekend

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Members of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will be gathering outside of Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach during a fundraising event this Sunday, July 13th at 1:00PM to appeal to Barack Obama to repent of his radical abortion policies.

The young people of Survivors are teaming with Reverend Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and other pro-life groups in appealing to Obama through demonstrations, rallies and protests at his public appearances. The pro-life groups will be praying and calling for Barack Obama to adopt a true Christian position and help end the tragic war against America's children which has resulted in over 50,000,000 abortions.

Cheryl Conrad, Director of Survivors states, "Mr. Barack Obama claims to be a practicing Christian. What we are doing is calling on him as fellow believers. We are calling on Mr. Obama to come to grips with the fact that you cannot be pro-choice without undermining what it means to be a Christian. A Christian can no more be pro-choice about killing children before they are born than he can be pro- choice about killing a two year old. To endorse or even be neutral about killing innocent children created in God's image is unthinkable in Scriptures and should be unthinkable to Christians today."

Gingi Edmonds, member of Survivors, adds, "We will be peacefully protesting the views of Obama on abortion. History condemns politicians who defended slavery because it was unpopular to oppose it. We do not want history to condemn Obama for defending what all will someday recognize to have been the killing of innocent children. True Christians do not endorse whatever society claims to be acceptable. They go to the Scriptures to see what God says, and they follow God's word, even if it's unpopular."

Amanda Lord, member of Survivors, "As a Christian, I find it troubling that Mr. Obama embraces what God clearly states is murder and an abomination. Obama professes Christ, yet supports the barbaric procedure of Partial-Birth abortion and wants to expand abortion rights through the Freedom of Choice Act. We are appealing to Obama in the hopes that he will assume a Christian stance on protecting the unborn and see all life as deserving of love, dignity and respect."

Survivors is a Christian, pro-life activism organization dedicated to educating young adults on the issue of abortion in America. The Survivors are committed to taking a stand on behalf of the 50,000,000 lives lost to abortion since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973.