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I blanked out the emotions after each of my SEVEN abortions

The NAACP and Black Abortions: How is it that black leaders so aggressively support the accelerated abortion of the black population?

Girl, 16, says mother forced her to have abortion, Galena Park police search for fetus

Moral order is easy to tear down, hard to build - David Warren

Timeline of Injustice - Time is running out on the statute of limitations for charges brought against Planned Parenthood of Overland Park, Kansas

Canadian Tory MP Anders forced to remove 'pro-life' from East Block window

The Legacy of Jerome Lejeune and the Resurgence of Down Syndrome Research

Shake it Baby! Arms, Legs, and Movement - Amazing videos of pre-born


Barack Obama isn't just conducting a political campaign; he's launching his very own religious cult
by Michael Medved

Anti-Obama Bloggers Question Why Google Froze Their Accounts,2933,382452,00.html

An Open Letter to Prof. Doug Kmiec regarding his support for Obama from Deal Hudson

Catholics For Obama: Poverty As Important As Abortion

The Catholic Left for Obama Meets in Philadelphia

Botch an abortion? Obama would let baby die By Jill Stanek

Will evangelicals return Obama's affections?

McCain assailed for opposing adoptions by gays

Presidential hopeful John McCain's self-admitted tech illiteracy makes me nervous.,2817,2325664,00.asp


Wild cheers for biggest youth mass in Australian history,22049,24027043-5007132,00.html

Catholic Archbishop of Sydney has called on Australia to populate or perish and declared himself a climate change sceptic

Economist condemns Pell's push for more babies

Australian Politicians' Attendance at Final World Youth Day Mass Raises Communion Questions

The sorry sport of Pope bashing

Spin control: the Pope, and the Lambeth Conference

St. Louis Archdiocese responds to several errors, sloppy reporting by dissident National Catholic Register

Wiccans, Druids and Catholics - San Francisco archdiocese and Jesuit University of San Francisco offer facilities for meeting of North American Interfaith Network

Catholic Citizens of Illinois Calls on Cardinal George to Remove Rev. Pfleger Immediately

Bush Vows to Push China to Honor Religious Freedom

Silence over 'honor killing' stuns Islam critic


California hotels subject of homosexual boycott

North Carolina 'anti-bullying' bill masks homosexual agenda

Homosexual Honesty

Christian conference message mobilizes gay-rights groups

Catholic School Principal Caught In Gay Tryst

Exodus Offers 'A New Day' for Hundreds Impacted by Homosexuality

Massachusetts Senate repeals "1913 Law" using voice vote. Members too cowardly to go on record. Complete cave-in to homosexual lobby by elected body.


Public Opinion and the Embryo Debates - Easily the most unusual and outstanding characteristic of public views on the stem cell and embryo research issues is a self-reported lack of familiarity with the facts.

Babies — tiny, toxic babies — are quietly killing us by adding to global warming

Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future

Turning Beijing into a quasi militarised zone for the Olympics

Internet Providers Join Effort to Purge Child Pornography

A Brooklyn man was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Tuesday for sending spam e-mails to more than 1.2 million subscribers of America Online. Had 22 prior convictions and had also helped run an online prostitution ring on the Web site

State troopers confront group of students for singing patriotic songs without permit in state capitol rotunda

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